Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

In an effort to check off another item on our fall bucket list, the weekend agenda included picking out our pumpkins. For this year's pumpkin adventure, we decided to head west to Pettit Creek Farms in Cartersville, GA. 

I've been to the farm one time before, but not for their Pumpkin Fest. This was the Hubs first time visiting, and upon our entrance to the farm, I realized I should have prepped him a little more beforehand as to what he should expect. While the farm does have a pumpkin patch, I would not say that is its main attraction. 

Our first order of business was taking the obligatory farm hayride. It's not a complete pumpkin picking experience unless a hayride is involved. It's just not. 

Please ignore the kids lack of interest in smiling for you. They were a little distracted. There were animals everywhere with the promise of being able to feed and pet them. Apparently that is way more interesting than taking cute hayride photos.

The fun thing about the hayride is you can buy some special food and the animals will come up to the ride and eat right out of your hand. The kids were beyond excited, and squealed in delight as the animals started coming towards them to say hi.

Oh hi, there farm animal are you ready for some food?

Wait a minute...that's not a goat. Or a horse. Or a cow. Or any other typical farm animal.

Nope, that's a camel. :)

Pettit Creek Farms has kind of an eclectic mix of farm animals. A big highlight is their camels. They even have a super adorable baby camel right now. We saw it from afar but I was so excited to see it I forgot to take a photo.

The animals are also all mixed in together. So straight ahead you might see a camel, but look to your left you might see a goat, and look to your right and see an emu. On this particular go around the camels were sharing snacks with the zebras.

A little further along our ride, we stopped for a second time, and were able to feed some sheep and some pigs.

After the hayride, we decided to check out the rest of the farm before heading to the pumpkin patch. There was no shortage of entertainment for the kids. They had a blast running around, exploring the grounds, and participating in a variety of activities the farm offered.

Cute heard about this baby pig race and didn't want to miss it. It was funny to say the least.

Then he and Little Cute spotted the bounce house section and it was game on. Cute was nothing but a blonde blur for the next hour.

Once we felt he had successfully tested each inflatable enough to give a respectable five star review, we  ate a quick snack and made our way back towards the pumpkin patch area. We were way past nap time and knew the crash would come soon, but we definitely could have stayed and played for a few more hours. They had a corn maze, a camel ride, a feed the goats petting zoo section, face painting, and something called a Euro-Bungy that looked super fun.

As a tradition, each member of the family gets to pick out their own favorite pumpkin to take home. Cute surprisingly made a bee line for the for the section with the tiniest baby pumpkins. They were so adorable, and no matter what he wasn't leaving with out one.

Equally as surprising, Little Cute wanted nothing to do with the little ones and went straight for the biggest ones available. 

Cute tried to coerce her into a smaller choice, and was giving her many an argument about why she "needed" a smaller pumpkin, including my personal favorite "mommy likes us to match". 

She was not to be dissuaded though. And he must have accepted that they were going to be at a stalemate because the next thing we heard was, "Fine, come here you little cute because I need your lips." 

Be still my heart. Capturing this picture on the fly totally makes up for the un-cute attempt at a family photo on the hayride.

Seeing that sweet moment as our cue from God to end things on a high note, The Hubs quickly grabbed the biggest pumpkin with in reason he could carry, and Cute's mini choice, and high tailed it to the parking lot.

But not before a super friendly farm employee called out, "Be sure to come back in December...we have live reindeer!!!" The Hubs gave me an eye roll and a knowing smile. A smile that says he knows what little adventure just got added to our winter bucket list. Because if you are going to feed camels while picking out your pumpkins, then you most definitely have to pet a reindeer when picking out your Christmas tree. 

As for successfully crossing off a fun filled (with a twist of unique) day at the pumpkin patch from our fall bucket list, I think we nailed it.

Until next time, 
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