Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY No Sew Pocket Tee

So now we are in the final days leading up to Little Cute's first birthday. Sniff, sniff. 

One of the last items on my party planning checklist was to find a super cute themed outfit for Little Cute to wear on her big day. I went to Carrie Beth for help with the project and my super talented and crafty bestie came up with this...

Did she deliver or what? Isn't it adorable?!? It was even more adorable than I had envisioned and matches her theme perfectly! It encompasses everything I's monogrammed, it's ruffled, and it it has a touch of Lilly. To say I was excited was an understatement. Thank you Carrie Beth, you are perfection!!

I was also excited to learn how much fabric I had left over because, me being me, I couldn't miss an opportunity to coordinate with her some how. 

I thought of a few different ideas, but decided to keep it simple and found a fun pocket tee tutorial on Pinterest. Even better it didn't involve actual sewing and promised that it could be done in ten minutes. Being a busy mom, this was perfect!

First, I gathered the suggested supplies...
-A piece of cardboard
-Fabric glue
-A 5x5 section of fabric
-Fabric scissors
-A post-it (optional)
-T-shirt (I wanted an inexpensive plain white shirt and ended up purchasing this one from Target.)
-The free pocket pattern printed on card stock paper.

Then I followed the super easy instructions.  

1. I printed the free pattern and then cut along the outside edge and then put that aside until I was ready for it.

2. I tried on my t-shirt and then used my handy post-it to use as my guide later for exactly where I want to place my pocket. 

3. I ironed both my fabric and the t-shirt to make sure it was nice and smooth for the project.

4. I took the pattern I cut out earlier and used a pen to trace along the outside edge directly onto my fabric. I made sure to trace along the backside of the pattern just in case there happened to be any errant ink marks. 

5. I cut along the edge of the transferred pattern, and now had a cute little pocket shape. 

6. I then followed the instructions to cut out the smaller pocket pattern and used that to fold and iron the edges of the cut fabric around.

7. Once I was assured that I had ironed a nice folded edge, I removed the pattern and began to fabric glue down the hem I had created. Once all edges were glued down, I let this dry for about thirty minutes. (I also followed the suggestion of placing a book on top of the pocket while it was drying to ensure it dried flat and sets the hem crisply.) 

8.  Once I confirmed the pocket was dry, I removed my post-it and placed my pocket on my t-shirt. I double checked placement was exactly where I wanted it and then I used my fabric glue to attach the pocket to the shirt. 

I placed the piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt before gluing to make sure that the glue didn't seep through one layer and adhere itself to the the other. 

I let this sit for about an hour and then was done! 

So simple and super cute! I LOVE that Little Cute and I will now coordinate for her first birthday bash. 

I am thrilled that I found this tutorial and am definitely planning to make some more pocket tees in the future because of how simple it was. 

Now I am headed to check off another party detail off the list...cupcake making. Yum!
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