Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Superhero Costumes

Easy DIY Super Hero Costume tutorial. Super cute super hero costumes that are easy to make inexpensively yourself.

When the costume catalogs arrived at our house this year, Boo-Boo carried them with him everywhere he went.  He literally slept with them and was excited to show anyone that would look at it with him all of the superhero costumes.  After trying to persuade him into a few other ideas I just gave up and started working on the girls.  With the promise of tutus and sparkles, they were easily persuaded to be the girly version of superheroes and I'm in love with the outcome!

We visited a few costume shops to check out our options and I decided I could make something just as cute and maybe even a little more girly.  For the girls I ordered long-sleeve leotards to use as the base of their costumes and also made tutus to coordinate.  I found plain capes and masks at Tuesday Morning and planned to use felt and glitter glue to make the logos.  While searching for the felt I came across some glittery felt pieces and knew it would be perfect!

I also found felt glue (who knew there was such a thing) to affix everything.

Also on the felt aisle I found pre-cut red, white, and blue stars.  Score!  I was picturing having to trace and cut out stars so this was much easier.  I was even more excited when I realized that the stars were of the peel-and-stick variety.

Goldie is the girly version of Captain America.  She really loved the idea of a shield so that helped her decide on her costume.  A plain foam shield came along with one of the capes I bought so I just used sparkly felt to cover it in the Captain America pattern.

For Little Mama's Wonder Woman costume I also used a wide gold sequin elastic for her belt, arm bands, and headband and instead of trying to sew those I just hot glued it.  Super easy!

When trying to figure out boots for her I knew I didn't want to spend a lot and all of the red boots I found were pretty pricey.  I ended up cutting the legs off a pair of old red tights and just using the left-over gold sequin elastic to help hold them up.

Boo-Boo already had a Batman cape, mask, and power-cuffs.  I picked up his t-shirt and pants at Wal-Mart and was planning to be done with his costume.  Then, after inspecting a Bat-Man action figure earlier this week, Boo-Boo declared he needed a Bat-Man belt.

I used wide elastic and just covered it on the front and back with yellow duct tape.  I used black electrical tape to make the buckle and attached it together with velcro on the ends of the elastic.  It won't show since it is behind his cape.

As soon as the kids tried on their costumes they immediately started acting the part, pretending to fly and fighting off evil.  They didn't want to take them off, but I promised them Halloween would be here before they knew it!

What will your little one be this Halloween? 

Carrie Beth

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