Friday, October 10, 2014

Ramblings {and a WINNER!}

This past week fall arrived! And so did winter and then summer again. Last weekend we had one chilly morning on the soccer field. With that little taste of cold, the moment it warmed back up we took our little crews outside to enjoy the all of the warm sunshine we could! We met at a local park for a picnic this week and everyone had a blast! The boys enjoyed playing football and racing cars down the slides, Little Cute ate her snacks and chased after Walker, and Carrie Beth spent her time entertaining strangers  drawn to her newest addition. It was a good time by all!

Side note...if you are single or want to make a lot of new friends, borrow a cute puppy and visit a local park. It will get you A LOT of attention. :)

Notice I said Little Cute was chasing around Walker? Yup, she's walking! Last week we met Carrie Beth and Boo-Boo for lunch, and while the boys were burning off some energy on the playground, a blur of orange caught our eye. That blur was Little Cute taking her first steps. And those first steps...right to a stranger. Multiple tries. Multiple trips back to same stranger. It was cracking us up. This week she has made it her mission to walk everywhere, and while still a little cautious she is doing great. One more little piece of the baby stage leaving. :(

While most Friday night plans consist of Mexi dinner with the family and unwinding with the Hubs on the couch, last week I changed it up a bit. My sweet neighbor girlfriend planned a fun girls night out for our little group and it was a blast. We attended the Home By Dark concert series at Chukkar Farms. It was a fun atmosphere and a beautiful setting (think rustic barn with beautiful chandeliers). You were able to reserve a table and bring your own dinner and cocktails to enjoy while listening to the wonderful music. There are a few more dates left on their calendar for the year, and I would definitely check it out if you can.

I experienced a new milestone in this crazy adventure we call mommyhood this week. I volunteered to be mystery reader for Cute's class. I was way more excited about it than one person should be, and was so thrilled to see his little face light up when he saw that it was me who walked through their classroom door. He was so excited to show me everything in his classroom, and introduce me to all of his friends. It was so much fun! And I am pretty sure the kids loved my interpretation of the story. Donuts and juice will win every time! 

That is all that has been going on in my little world, and now it is time to announce a winner to our statement necklace contest!

It was so fun all week hearing everyone get excited about this. My friend H sent me a text in excitement saying that she found the necklaces, loved them, and was even more excited to find the ones priced at $5. Wait, what?? I did not see those. Maybe that is a good thing. ;)

One of my best friends L also made a trip to Walmart to check them out, and sent me this pic of what landed in her cart. Gorgeous!

And we are super excited to say that now this winner gets to strut around in her gorgeous statement necklace too!

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Congratulations!! Contact us at with your shipping info, and we will send you your prize! Thank you to all who participated!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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