Friday, October 3, 2014

Random Ramblings

It's Friday!!!  I am celebrating today because I made it through our first week with our brand new puppy.

This little guy joined our family last weekend and quickly found his way into our hearts. "Walker" is an English Cream Golden Retriever and he is sweet as can be, pretty laid back, and super fluffy and cute.  However, he is a puppy and that means lots of chewing, pottying, and mischief.  We used to have a golden retriever as our family pet, but she died a few years ago, so we have all been anxiously awaiting the right time for our family to get another dog. I  knew getting a puppy would be a huge commitment on my part and I am gladly doing it.  

My girls' elementary school has a big fall festival as a fundraiser each year.  One parent from each class volunteers to decorate a pumpkin to be auctioned off in a silent auction.  Some people go ALL out and there is usually such a wide variety of ideas.  Being the room mom and the crafty one, I volunteered for Blondie's class and this is what I came up with: 

I totally got the idea for the witch legs from Pinterest a few years ago and have been wanting to do it ever since.  I'm happy with how they turned out and hope it will help raise some money for the school! 

Over the summer mine and Jen's families went to the beach together and while we were there Jen was sweet enough to drag along her camera and take some family shots of us.  The one she took a few years ago has been my favorite family picture to date and it is blown up huge in my house.  I finally got around to checking out the CD of our pictures from this year (that got misplaced for a while in Jen's stroller and then hidden under a stack of school work in my house).  This shot is one of my favorites and I can't wait to get it printed and framed for my photo wall.  

Yesterday I declared it a stay-at-home day.  I like to do those every once and a while. It means no errands, no carpool, no activities, nothing. It's rare for me to be able to do that, but yesterday was the perfect opportunity to catch up on lots of things around the house.  Important things to my family like cleaning and laundry and important things to me like finally switching from my mint green spring/summer bag to my pumpkin orange fall bag.  :-)  By the way, both of these bags were TJMaxx finds and I always get TONS of compliments on each of them.  

And, since my bag is now ready for fall I decided I needed to get my wardrobe ready for fall, too!  It's been in the mid-80's here which means I've still been rocking my shorts and flip-flops.  However, tomorrow the high is mid-60's and while I'm sad to see warmer weather go, I'm excited about all of the fall clothes I get to pull out.  I hopped on Pinterest really quick last night to pin some fall wardrobe ideas and might have gotten carried away. I came up with lots of cute options and a list of things I would love to add to my wardrobe for fall/winter, too.  I found so many great things that I'm planning to do an entire post on this topic next week!  But for now, I thought I would share just one of my favorites.  

How cute is this??? And, it's a super easy outfit to put together...just cuffed jeans, a plaid shirt, booties and a statement necklace.  It's casual, comfortable, and something I could actually wear as a busy mom and still look put together when I volunteer at the school or run errands.  

***Speaking of statement necklaces, did y'all see the necklace Jen posted on our Instagram account yesterday???  You will NEVER guess where she found it.  Be sure to check back on Monday to get the full scoop!  If you aren't already following us on Instagram, check us out ... we're TheMagnoliaMamas.***

Well, that just may have been the most random post ever. Everything from new puppies to fall booties.  All things I love, though. :-)  Happy Weekend!!! 

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