Friday, January 30, 2015

Random Ramblings

Happy Friday!!! I'm so happy today is Friday and I'm super excited about the weekend ahead.  What's not to love about Friday?!?!  Today I have a lot of random ramblings for y'all.  Just a little of this, a little of that, and a lot of what's been going on with my life lately!

I got my Boo-Boo a new pair of shoes last week and according to him, they were the fastest shoes he's ever owned.  He then told me that I also had fast shoes and that we could be on the fast team together.  How sweet...I just love my little guy.

For Christmas I asked my Mother-in-law for an ice cream maker. I've always thought it would be fun to have one and she gave us THIS wooden bucket 4 quart one.  I bought all of the ingredients and we attempted our first batch after church a a few weeks ago.  Needless to say the results were amazing and there is something about that homemade ice cream that brought me back to my childhood. My mom used to always make it and I so vividly remember summers on the porch eating it when I was little.  I'm excited to try some new recipes and different flavors, although the vanilla was pretty darn good.  My kids ate it up and said it was WAY better than ice cream from the store!

Jen and I met at Chick-fil-a last Thursday for lunch and to let the boys play on the playground.  Then we decided to pop in Old Navy real quick to check out their compression leggings for running/working out.  Jen blogged about them last week HERE and ever since I've been wanting to try them.  Well, just as we were looking at them I turned around and saw this:

I was cracking up and had to snap a quick picture.  It doesn't matter where we are...these two little boys turn anywhere into a playground or a game a of hide-and-seek.  After this Jen and I quickly grabbed a pair of THESE compression leggings and made a mad dash for the checkout line before the boys caused any real damage in the store.

Later that day my family left for a little weekend getaway and while on our long drive I was checking out Facebook and came across this graphic.  It made my heart stop and was the perfect reminder to savor every single day with little ones.

We made the rounds in FL over the weekend on our trip, but ended up in Orlando visiting some of our wonderful friends there.

Kathy and I taught together many years ago and had an instant bond.  We've stayed super close and our families always get together at least twice a year!

This year when we visited them we joined in with some of their friends to go to Monster Jam...the Monster Truck show.  Oh my goodness! It was so much fun and I enjoyed even more than I thought I would.  I really didn't know what to expect, but it was loud, exciting and very entertaining.

The girls loved it, but Hudson had the most fun of all.  He officially declared it the best night ever!!!

 We got home on Sunday evening and were very excited to see our puppy, Walker. He was obviously happy to see us, too and was happy sticking close by our sides the rest of the night.

I hope every has a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend ahead!!!  
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  1. That photo with the grey background and black silhouettes, I made that four years ago! I posted it to Reddit at the time, and now I'm seeing it everywhere. Could you credit me please? Here's the link to my post:

    1. Hi Karissa! I will certainly link to your post as the source. I saw it shared on Facebook originally and was unable to find the source at the time. Thanks for creating such a great graphic!