Tuesday, March 31, 2015

10 Favorite Children's Easter Books

This weekend we sat down and compiled The Cute's Easter book favorites to add to their previous holiday selections. I love how Cute get so excited about this "job". 

Little Cute has all but abandoned her participation in this series. It doesn't involve food or climbing so she's out. 

As usual, I love hearing Cute's take on why he loves certain books. We have a ton of Easter books but he was able to narrow it down to his absolute favorites. 


Oh my, I cannot tell you how many times I have read this book over the last few years. This was our first introduction into the Duck & Goose series and my son LOVED it. We read it over and over way past Easter, even now at four, he thinks it's funny to see where Duck and Goose should hide from the Easter bunny. It is a great board book for little ones!

2: Llama Llama Easter Egg by Anna Dewdney
This is a super simple and sweet book that Little Cute loves. Little readers follow Llama Llama and friends as they find fun Easter treats and surprises. The text rhymes and is short so Little Cute's attention span isn't exhausted. It's definitely one of her go-to's lately. 

3: Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure by Kimberly & James Dean
Pete the Cat books are always a favorite and this story is so fun. Pete has been enlisted by the Easter bunny to make sure Easter still happens. He leaves Pete a note stating to find eggs, decorate them, and deliver them. Once Pete completes his task the bunny returns and congratulates him on saving Easter. The book also includes a poster, stickers, and fun greeting cards kids can give to their friends for treats. Cute loved that he was able to pass out his own special cards with Pete on them. 

From one cat to the next. :) Splat is also a big hit and the Cute's think this lift the flap book is so fun. They follow Splat as he tries to find where the Easter bunny might be hiding so he can tell him exactly what he wants for Easter. He never finds that sneaky bunny and when Easter rolls around he is a little nervous until he finds the Easter bunny knew just what to get him. 

5: It's Not Easy Being a Bunny by Marilyn Sadler
This isn't a typical Easter story, but it is super funny and kind of sends a fun message of "love who you are." The Cute's think it's hilarious to follow P.J. Funnybunny on a journey to become different animals after he decides he doesn't want to be a bunny anymore. Each animal he becomes just doesn't feel right and in the end he realizes being a bunny is what he is meant to be. The kids will laugh seeing the bunny try to become other animals. 

6: The Littlest Bunny in Georgia by Lily Jacobs
We shared on Instagram a few weeks ago that we had found this hometown story. The Cute's have instantly taken to it and just as we have said for past holidays, we love finding a story that includes a little home town love. There are other state and city versions as well.

7: Mater and the Easter Buggy by Disney Book Group
Cute received this book last year and it is a huge favorite. Like most little boys his age he LOVES anything with Lightning McQueen and Mater. In this story, Mater is trying to get a peek at the Easter Buggy and McQueen thinks he doesn't exist so he keeps trying do little things to help not disappoint Mater. In the end they both get a little Easter Buggy surprise. 

This book was recommended to us for children who read chapter books. The story follows AJ as he and his friends attend a large Easter egg hunt at the mayor's mansion. The mayor tells everyone the golden egg contains $1000 and the egg hunt gets taken to a wacky new level. The mom who suggested this warned though there might be some allusions to the fact the Easter bunny might not exist. She also loves the fact the book contains some puzzles and extras in addition to reading. 

This is another chapter book recommendation we found from a friend. You follow Junie B. as she gets invited to an exclusive egg hunt at a classmates mansion but somehow in the process gets coerced into wearing a bunny suit. A bunny suit with big feet that she keeps tripping over. She wants to win the prize, but can't seem to do that wearing the suit. The second grader who recommended this story informed me Junie B. is her absolute favorite. :) 

10: Stories of Easter
Here are a few of our favorite stories about Easter because it's most
 definitely not all about the bunny. :) These are by the same author, but span a few
different ages. 

This is the perfect little introduction to the origin of Easter for toddlers. It is a board book with easy text and colorful pictures. The message of Easter is relayed without overwhelming such young minds. 

This is also an easy book, and perfect for young minds who have shorter attention spans. It tells the beautiful story of Easter with a sentence or two per page. Perfect pre-kindergaten aged readers as well as early readers. 

That wraps up the Easter favorite list! Hope you and your little ones enjoy reading them together!

The Cute's previous holiday book favorites:

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  1. I love all of these books! Many of them we have, but I may need to add one or two more to our colllection! :)