Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby, Birthday, and Blogging

Can you tell I had a hard time coming up with a title for today's post?  It's a bit of randomness, but I do feel pretty proud that I strung it all together with my alliteration. :-)

Yesterday was such a fun day for me.  In the morning I got to go meet my brand new nephew who was not even 24 hours old at the time.  He wasn't expected to come for over a week, but his early arrival was an exciting surprise.  He is so tiny and so perfect!

While I was off getting my baby fix, Jen graciously offered to keep Boo-Boo for the morning.  The boys apparently had a blast together pretending to be ninjas and playing all sorts of boy stuff.

I met back up with Jen for a fun lunch and cupcakes to help her celebrate her birthday!  She might share more about her special day, but I had to at least write a little and say how much I love her and how I can't imagine my life without a best friend like her. :-)

Before I go, I want to direct everyone over to The Avenue where we are guest blogging today!  Check it out HERE.  And, don't forget that we are partnering with The Avenue to giveaway a $20 gift card to Books-A-Million.  All the details for entering this easy giveaway are HERE.

I'm off to chaperone a field trip today with lots of 2nd graders, which should keep me pretty busy and very entertained!  Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! (I'm on a roll with my alliteration.) 
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  1. Great article about Spring wardrobe, and it's reminding me that I need to go switch out everyone's clothes! I've been so distracted by the snow that I haven't realized it's Spring! haha!