Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Orlando - Day 2 {Braves Spring Training}

If you missed reading about the first day of our trip, you can check it out HERE.  This week I'm sharing all about a fun trip our family took a little over a week ago and today I'm sharing day 2!

On Friday morning we all slept in, which was much needed after such a busy first day.  The Mr. decided to go exercise while the kids and I met up with our friends for an amazing breakfast buffet. I was a little worried about my VERY picky Boo-Boo finding something he would like, but then I spotted the Krispy Kreme doughnuts and knew I didn't have anything to worry about!  After breakfast we let the swim for about an hour before we needed to get ready for one of the real reasons we were in Orlando...Braves Spring Training.  

We were there as part of a group with the Braves and we were treated to an amazing experience with them.  Just before lunch we loaded up on the shuttle bus to take us over to Champion Stadium which is part of the ESPN Wild World of Sports.

It was a hot and sunny day, but being in the ballpark was a blast.  Donald Duck threw out the first pitch, which was so cute.  

The kids ate popcorn, did the tomahawk chop, and cheered for our team.  

 After the game we came back to the resort to rest.  The kids really wanted to swim again, but I knew it would serve everyone well to have a little downtime so that is just what we did.  Two out of the three kids fell asleep.  Then it was time to wake up and get ready for the party that evening.  It was a dinner and welcome celebration for all of the people involved with the trip.

When we showed up we were greeted with what Boo-Boo called a really tall man.  :-)  He couldn't figure out how he was that big!

The tables were set with these adorable centerpieces perfect for the baseball themed event...

And we were all amazed by the carved watermelon, too! 

There were tons of activities for the kids including nail painting and sand art, but their favorite by far was the DJ!  Little Mama definitely takes after me because I couldn't get her off the dance floor. (P.S.  Anyone that knows Jen and I in real life knows we LOVE to dance!)

Boo-Boo had a fun time running around and doing is fancy dance moves, too. 

It was a really fun way to end the second day of our trip.  Thankfully, everyone was still worn out and went to bed right away so that we could get up early and be ready for DISNEY in the morning!  Check back tomorrow to read all about it! 
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