Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Pinterest Worthy Wedding

Last weekend we made a family road trip to the North Carolina coast for my cousin's wedding.  The kids were excited and I had hoped that having our Elf on the Shelf in the car with us would help a bit, but they were just as whiny as ever.  Walker, on the other, was a good passenger and didn't complain one bit.  

We arrived right in time to change clothes and head to the rehearsal dinner.  The entire wedding weekend had a laid back and relaxed feel to it, which I loved.  With perfect weather we were able to spend tons of time outdoors. I didn't take one picture of the rehearsal dinner, but there was an oyster roast, chicken, tons of yummy food and a hot chocolate and donut bar for dessert.  The kids loved that and loved running around playing while the adults chatted and I got to catch up with family I don't see near often enough.  

The wedding on Saturday was at 4:00 and when we arrived at the location I knew immediately it would be a gorgeous wedding.  It was held at an old plantation and the grounds were just breathtaking.  

They got married in a gazebo off to one side of the plantation and it was lit up with Christmas lights and so pretty!  

After the ceremony we took some time to check out the other areas of the plantation and found so many amazing spots for taking pictures. I really wanted a family shot of us all dressed up and these authentic barn doors were the perfect backdrop.  

As we made our way over the reception area we were greeted with more twinkling lights on buildings and hanging from the trees.  It was so breathtaking.  Then I began to notice all of the little details.  The chalkboards everywhere, the mason jars, oyster shells, barns transformed into dining areas and burlap seriously had me swooning. Southern, farmhouse, coastal, rustic decor is my love language!   It was like something straight out of Pinterest and made me wish I could re-do my wedding and have all of these precious details. 

The beautiful bride had thought of everything.  She works with children so she had kept them in mind, too.  There was a craft table to help keep them entertained and a S'mores station (for everyone, but mostly for the kids) that I'm pretty sure my kids stayed at the entire time! Who needs dinner when you can have unlimited S'mores.  

As for the rest of us, we dined on delicious BBQ, fried chicken, hush puppies and all of the other southern fixins'.  For dessert she had the neatest display that I just loved.  She had a small wedding cake and then had asked family members to make a variety of other desserts that were all family recipes from loved ones that were no longer living. They were all displayed on different cake stands and each dessert was accompanied by the family members photograph and a mini-chalkboard label.  There were cakes, pies, cookies, and more!   

I mean, what an amazing and special way to honor a loved ones on your wedding day.  

There were gorgeous giant trees on the property and under this one was mistletoe for kissing!  <3  

Little Mama was fascinated by this tradition and the Mr. was super sweet to give her a smooch on the cheek.  

 Then it was mama's turn to step under the mistletoe.  :-) 

We did not stay until the very end because we had tired kids and a very long drive ahead of us the next day, but the bride and groom were sent off with sparklers, which I'm sure was such a lovely departure.

It was a really quick weekend for us, but a wonderful celebration with family and friends, so I'm so thankful we were able to attend and a be a part of their special day!

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