Thursday, August 4, 2016

Kitchen Confessions: The Tastes of Tessemae's

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Since life lately has been nothing short of chaotic, our eating routines have been way off. We normally try to eat as healthy as possible, but between hospital visits and back-to-school prep our little family began to eat for convenience rather than what was best. Now that we aren't spending most of our days in the hospital cafeteria, and school is underway, I've made a conscious effort to get back to our healthier ways - and trust me it makes a world of difference in both the way we feel and our moods.

Mr. Cute was a little reluctant at first because apparently the jalapeno poppers in the hospital cafeteria are on point, and healthier usually means he's about to get hit with my nine hundred ways to make baked chicken. Little did he know I was about to blow his foodie mind.

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Tessemae's All Natural line of dressings and marinades. Let me just sum up my official taste test for you in one word: YUM!

How I had missed this deliciousness on one of my many hundreds of trips a week to Whole Foods or Publix is beyond me. Especially with the super cute anchor themed packaging. The nautical theme should have been a given to just jump in my cart.

If the nautically cute packaging  and all natural goodness didn't seal the deal, then the inspiration behind the brand surely did. I love that this is a homegrown family business inspired by their mom.

But now I know - never leave the condiment aisle without at least grabbing one of the 25 delicious flavors available. Honey Balsamic (as you will soon see) has become my new favorite go-to marinade.

While jumping back into our normal healthy eating routine did mean more baked chicken in our lives, at least it is baked chicken with a yummy flavor to it.

A few nights ago, I marinated chicken in the Honey Balsamic dressing and then did one of my favorite things - recreated a new meal the following day with the left overs. I was inspired by one of the many recipes listed on the Tessemae's website when I was looking for additional ideas for dinner. The Tessemae's recipe blog is amazing and packed full of yummy creations - several being Paleo and Whole30 approved.

This mango and chicken salad was delicious with the Tessemae's Balsamic Dressing sprinkled on top. I usually don't think of adding fruit to my salads, but when I saw a recipe adding mango I just had to try it. I sliced up my leftover chicken, and within minutes had a delicious lunch ready to go. It the right amount of light flavor for a summer lunch time!

I also used the Tessemae's Honey Balsamic as a marinade for pork chops. It was out of this world, and will definitely be a repeat in our house soon.

I am excited that we are getting back on our regular eating routine and hopefully from here forward if we have to be frequenting the hospital cafeteria for three meals a day, we can at least sneak in our own yummy dressings.

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Happy Eating!

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