Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sleep Easy with The Baby Sleep Site

Today let's talk about sleep. Or for most parents of little ones - the lack there of. 

Way back in the days when being a mommy was just a blissful thought and dream, I thought I pictured life with the most perfect little newborn peacefully sleeping in my arms all days, and dreaming gracefully all night. All night. 

Fast forward a bit, and a after becoming a few years older and wiser, my pregnant self knew when I became a parent that I would no longer be able to sleep in on weekends, and for a few short weeks I might have to get up one, maybe twice, through the night to feed my hungry, cuddly newborn. 

Now fast forward many more years, not to mention many more children, and my current self is laughing at my former naive, albeit well rested, self. 

While I give birth to some awesomely cute, and incredibly laid back babies, sleepers they are not. Cute gave me a run for my money in the sleep department, and at age five he still occasionally decides to partake in an all night party.

L.C. was my dream baby in the sleep department. She slept out the gate, and until this past Spring was a champion sleeper. Then she decided why sleep when your brother down the hall is obviously having an awesome time down the hall at 2a.m.? She also decided napping was for babies and she wasn't about to do anything of the sort. 

"Wait, you want me to sleep? What about all the fun things that happen at 2:45a.m.? I can't be the only one missing out!"
Baby Cute seemed like your typical baby, and surprised me when right around two months she began sleeping through the night. Personally, I considered this a major win considering the other two were still waking up. Right around four months of age she went through the dreaded "4 Month Sleep Regression". Oh my. Right around the time we went on our beach vacation she learned to roll over in her sleep, army crawl, and began teething to the point she stopped sucking her fingers/using a paci. Throw sleeping in a new place for the majority of the summer and it has been the recipe for sleeping disaster. 

This mommy has been worn out. Getting up somewhere between 3-6 times on average a night has taken its toll. I knew something needed to change - and fast - so when I was approached by The Baby Sleep Site, I jumped at the chance to get some expert advice. 

The Baby Sleep Site is the brain child of mother of two, Nicole Johnson. After being up all night with her own children, she created a wonderful resource of information for parents to go to obtain sleep advice. From chats, to parents stories, to e-books, and a plethora of other wonderful resources, The Baby Sleep Site is such a useful tool in helping you learn and get advice on how to get your household back to sleep. 

After looking up some information on the site for myself (including this great article on 4 Month Sleep Regression), I decided to check out some of their advice services. After browsing the different sleep plans available, it was determined that the Custom Express Sleep Plan was my best option. I needed something tailored to my own situation as well as something that gave me the independence to implement on my own. I also love that the option to get more extensive one on one consulting would still be available if I needed it. 

I signed up, and after filling out a detailed sleep assessment, I able to obtain the advice I needed. I customized my plan to Baby Cute since I felt like she was the one most thrown off lately. The assessment took was very thorough on asking questions regarding her sleep situation, lifestyle, and habits, as well as taking into account the others in the household. 

Overall the assessment took less than 10 minutes to fill out. I was able to list both my concerns as well as my goals for her sleep situation, and felt confident the experts were going to give me advice tailored to my sleep needs. My number one short term goal is to get Baby Cute to sleep on her own. 

After completing the sleep assessment, I received a customized sleep plan. Immediately, I went over the suggestions. While some were things I had been trying, other portions of the plan were things I hadn't thought of yet. It is filled with great advice as well as suggestions on schedules - fitting within our lifestyle needs. 

For the last few weeks, I've implemented the advice and tried to adhere as much as possible to the schedule. It's been tough with back to school throwing things off, but we've started to get our routine down.

One of my favorite suggestions for Baby Cute was introducing a lovey blanket to her sleep routine so that she could learn to self soothe more. She is really starting to get attached to it and looks so sweet snuggling it.

Already we've made some good progress, and Baby Cute is able to sleep in her room for naps, and somewhat get herself to sleep on her own at night in our own room. I know its a continuous process, but I am very excited that we seem to be on the right path. 

I've also tried to utilize The Baby Sleep Site for tips and techniques for the rest of the house, and many of the suggestions I've found have been working wonders. The Baby Sleep Site Facebook page has been a great source of help, and a fun way to interact with both experts as well as other parents experiencing some of the same issues.

Sleep deprived and desperate for a restful change, The Baby Sleep Site has become a wonderful source of support. I am looking forward to continuing our sleep plan, and for our house to be resting much easier in the future ahead. 

Our lovely friends at The Baby Sleep Site want you to get back to sleep too. They are giving two lucky readers the chance to win a Baby Sleep Site package. The package includes: 
  • (1) Express Sleep Plan
  • A 2-Month Membership 
To enter simply answer the question in the comment section below. Enter the Rafflecopter for additional entries. Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Tuesday, August 30th. 

What sleeping tips or tricks do you have for parents of little ones? What areas of sleep do you wish your children would improve in?  

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  1. Would love to win this giveaway! My 18 month old still wakes up 2-3 times a night!

    1. Thank you so much for entering! I feel you! Definitely check out The Baby Sleep Site and their social media channels. They have great information available for FREE on their website as well!

  2. What sleeping tips or tricks do you have for parents of little ones? What areas of sleep do you wish your children would improve in?

    My first child, who is now 5, was sleep trained from 4.5 months (or 5, can't remember) and never looked back. On night three slept 7PM-7AM and never regressed. When she was 3, she started coming out of her room to delay sleep. Instead of humoring her, we were very firm and almost scary to nip the habit in the bud. That quickly took care of it! She also has a lovey she's had since she was a newborn (still carries it around).

    My almost 6 month old, on the other hand, has a lot of sleep issues. He needs a lot of sleep and can fall asleep on his own, but if we put him down too early or too late he has trouble falling asleep and we have to help him (ergo him for hours). Then it gets into this bad cycle of him relying on the ergo and if we let him try to fall asleep on own but he refuses, he tires himself out. We need an alternative to ergoing, a way to ensure him falling asleep for naps on his own. A schedule would be ideal but I'm not sure if he's ready for that.

    1. Thank you so much for entering! Isn't it amazing how one child can be so different from the next?!? They keep you guessing for sure!

      And I feel for you mama! You can't wear the Ergo all night - and you must be so tired! A schedule for the second one is sometimes so hard just because the oldest usually has school and activities, etc. Definitely check out The Sleep Site and look into some of their free resources. I found some great info on what schedules can look like with siblings added into the mix. My Express Sleep plan also took this into account. Good luck!

  3. 1. What sleeping tips or tricks do you have for parents of little ones?
    I would suggest introducing a lovey as soon as it is safe to do so and implementing a night time routine.

    2. What areas of sleep do you wish your children would improve in? I have a 12 month old and I wish he could learn to self settle. He was close to it a couple of months ago but then teething happened and now he is so close to walking. I wish I could stick to a night time routine but working part time and trying to fit in an evening exercise class for myself is hard to do. We still co-sleep so that my partner and I can get as much rested sleep as possible.

    1. Congrats! You are one of our winners! Check your email for details shortly!

  4. 1. Bedtime routine is important so your child knows what to expect when bedtime comes.

    2. I have a 8 month old and 19 month old in a 2 bedrooms house. Our 8 month old is in our room since I am afraid they will wake each other up. My 19 month old occasionally sleeps through the night but usually gets up 1-2 times a night. My 8 month old gets up 2-3 times a night. That's on a good night. I have been up some nights 8-9 times. I work full time so 5 hours of sleep some nights just aren't enough��

    1. Thank you for entering! Yes - this is my biggest fear moving my youngest. She has some lungs and I am nervous she will/would wake everyone up. So she is still in a pack and play in our room! And it is so hard working on just a few hours of sleep - especially trying to be productive at a full time job on time of your full time job as a mom. Big hugs mommy and let us know if you need any support.

  5. 1. Routine is key. I'm also a big fan of the zipadeezip transition swaddle. It's what got our little guy out of the rnp and into his crib.

    2. Just started sleeping better in his crib at 6 months so our big problem now is NAPS. They are horrible. Most of the time I end up holding him just so he gets some sleep and isn't grumpy. I would like to be able to have the first part of nighttime sleep go a little smoother too. My little guy wakes up a few times in the beginning of the night but then he sleeps through from 10p-5/6a.

    1. Thank you so much for entering! Oh - that is a new swaddle to us. We will have to check them out! And I agree, napping is so tough! If they don't get good day time sleep, night time sleep is so thrown off and it is a vicious cycle. Throw in you being tired as well. It sounds like he has a solid back half of the night stretch which is awesome!!! Be sure to check out The Baby Sleep Site in their DIY and free sections - they have some great tips on how to get them to sleep on their own and for getting longer than 20 minute naps or 45 minute naps during the day. Good luck sweet mommy!