Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fall Break: Part 1 {Falls Park - Greenville, SC}

Jen shared her fun filled fall break with y'all a few weeks ago and sadly our breaks did not happen at the same time this year.  We're thinking those metro-Atlanta counties need to all get together and make sure the schedules line up next year.  Don't they know we love to vacation together?!?

Instead of taking a week-long trip we ended doing a long weekend and then spending the rest of the time closer to home.

The kids had games on Saturday morning so after that we come home, loaded up, and made our way to Greenville, South Carolina for our first stop.  Our main purpose of this stop was to visit some of our friends that live here. The G family used to live in Atlanta and moved a few years ago. They are constantly coming to Atlanta to hang out and visit so we wanted to make a point to see them in their hometown.

We checked into our hotel for the night and were all fascinated by the Eiffel Tower replica that was in the lobby.  I never really understood why it was there, but still fun.  Little Mama mentioned that maybe one day we could all travel to Paris together to see the real Eiffel Tower.  Maybe just maybe.  First the kids need to figure out how to ride in the car beside each other for longer than 2 hours without pestering each other and us having to threaten to "turn this car around..."

We got settled in our room and met up with our friends for a night of fun.  They took us to downtown Greenville and specifically to Falls Park. This park is located in Greenville's Historic West End.

It is a 32 acre park that is just gorgeous!  There are many terraces, stone steps, gorgeous flowers and plants, trees offering shady spots to sit, and the constant sound of the moving Reedy River including the falls.

As we were walking around we immediately spotted this crazy cool tree with all of it's exposed roots and knew we had to get a closer look.  I have never seen anything like it!  After a little more research I learned that this tree has gained quite a following and is known as the root tree.

There is a pedestrian bridge that offers amazing views of both the falls and the green space below.  The kids had a blast walking on the trails, cartwheeling on the grass, and even dipping their toes in the water.

While I was taking in the beauty of it all I looked over and saw this little guy picking flowers.  Something I'm sure that is frowned upon, but he was so sweet to want to give his mama a flower that I let it slide.

We could have eaten at one of the great restaurants downtown, but decided that with the kids a quick drive to Tipsy Taco would be better suit for our crew.  They offered a HUGE selection of tacos and combinations that I have never heard of before.  My favorite was the Bang Bang Shrimp taco and it was delish!  As were the queso and margaritas.

Although our time in Greenville was short, we fell in love with the city and could easily see why the G family love it so much!  We would have loved to explore a little more, but we had other plans and were off to a fun filled family adventure at Great Wolf Lodge.  More on that tomorrow...

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