Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Goals 2017

Happy New Year, y'all!  It's going to take me a while to get used to typing/writing 2017, but I'm sure it will quickly become the new norm.  We had a fun weekend getaway to celebrate NYE with some friends and I will share about that later this week, but today is all about goals!

A new year means a new start and just like in years past, I wanted to share my goals for this new year. Before I do that though, I thought it might be fun to revisit the goals from last year to see how I did.

My 2016 Goals 
1.  Organize.  I am a very organized person, but at times I feel like my life is in complete disorganization. I feel like I'm going a million miles an hour and in a million different directions.  Things pile up, stuff gets tossed in closets and forgotten about and my time because used in ways that are not productive.  So my big goal for this year is to organize.

Organization at Home - We've been in our house for 18 months now and it's about this time that parts of the house are starting to get unorganized. I've learned this about myself, but if things are left out, piled on counters or not in their places, it causes me so much stress and anxiety. I plan to go room by room, closet by closet, and cabinet by cabinet.  I will clean out, donate old and unwanted things, organize the stuff that is staying and most importantly, encourage my family to put things where they belong!  This also includes organizing the garage and basement...two areas I dread doing, but I know will feel so good once it is done.

I was really good about getting parts of our home organized, but of course, this is something that is a never-ending project.  After the holidays with new things to find homes for, I especially need to clean out a bit more, but I feel like I made a great effort regarding this goal last year.  

Organizing My Time - As far as organizing my time goes, I just want to be very cognizant of how I spend my time.  I always have a long to-do list of things that are important, but somehow things don't get done when I would like for them to because I'm busy working on other things that just don't matter.  I want to make better use of my time when my kids are at school so that when they are home I am able to focus on them.  Once they are home from school I really don't have any time do the other stuff because I'm helping with homework, driving them from different practices and lessons, cooking dinner and getting everyone to bed.  I volunteer at their schools a lot, but sometimes I end up being at the school 3-4 times a week. I love being there and being able to help out, but I need to schedule the times I will be there more thoughtfully so that I have time for the other things I need to accomplish as well.

I was very successful at organizing my time better last year.  I worked hard to get things done during the day while the kids were at school so that I could spend my afternoons with them.  Really they need all of my attention when they are home (between helping with homework and driving them to practices, etc.).  I also have become more intentional about the days/times I volunteer at their school so that has been a huge help, too! 

2.  Take Care of Myself.  I am quick to do things for other people and often put myself on the back burner. This year I want to make sure I am also taking care of myself.  That includes making some doctor's appointments I have been putting off, making good food choices, taking time to exercise like I should and making sure I'm getting enough sleep!

I'm happy to say that of all the things I did last year, this was one of my priorities. I started working out regularly, eating better, sleeping more and just taking care of myself the way I should have been all along!  You might remember my Mommy Maintenance series that I began a while back and that will be continuing into the new year as I share ways I'm taking care of myself.  

My Goals for 2017

1. Complete little house projects.  There are several house projects that I want to complete that are little things hanging out on my to-do list.  A few are painting projects of some furniture I want to refinish and it is just about me finding time to squeeze it in. I'm hoping to work on those in the next couple of weeks and get them done so I can share with all of you!  

2. Complete BIG house projects.  We are planning and preparing to do some BIG house projects at home and the Mr. and I are super excited about them.  One includes finishing our basement and another will be a big yard project.  We're still in the planning stages, but hoping to get the ball rolling on these things soon so I know this will be a big focus for 2017. I can't wait to share the progress with all of you!  

3. Read more.  I love to read, but I just don't make time for it.  Even if it is just a chapter or two a day from a fun book. I want to do less social media scrolling and more real reading.  

4. Host friends/family for dinner at our house.  I love entertaining and we always talk about doing it, but we get busy with the kids sports and other family activities and don't have people over the way I would like to.  There are a lot of families that I think we could be closer with if we would just extend the invitation, so my goal this year is to invite friends over for dinner once a month.  

5. Create meaningful moments with my kids.  It absolutely blows my mind that my oldest is going to be turning 10 this year.  10 years old!  And, I can hardly believe that Boo-Boo, the baby of the bunch, will be starting Kindergarten this year. I just feel like time is flying and I am trying to dig in my heels as much as I can to make time slow down. I feel selfish and I feel like I am not ready for them to grow up. I would turn back the clock to the day Little Mama was born and do it all over again if I could.  But, I can't. So instead I'm going to really try to create meaningful moments with my kids.  Whether that is one-on-one time with them or fun family outings that we can all do together. I just want to soak up every second and not take one day for granted.

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