Monday, February 13, 2017

Super Bowl Weekend {Part 1}

Happy Monday, friends!  The Mr. and I were lucky enough to be able to attend the Super Bowl again this year and it was an even more exciting trip because our hometown team, Atlanta Falcons, were playing in the Super Bowl!  The week leading up to the big game was so much fun.  Everyone around town had Falcon's fever and the schools were doing a lot of fun things to celebrate, too!  Everywhere you looked there were Rise Up signs and everyone was showing their team spirit...even our church!  

I was really excited about this Super Bowl being in Houston, TX, because I had never been to Texas before!  We took a super early flight on Friday morning (my alarm went off at 3:45 AM...seriously the earliest I have ever gotten up in my entire life), but arriving in Houston before 8 AM was nice because it meant we had at the entire day! 

We stayed at the Magnolia hotel.  Don't you just love the name?! I couldn't have planned that better myself if I tired.  It was located right in town where we could walk just about everywhere.  The building once served as the headquarters for Shell Oil Company and later became home to the town's newspapers, The Houston Post-Dispatch. 

Bud Light takes over an entire hotel for Super Bowl weekend. The entire hotel has special touches added for the Super Bowl and were so fun! 

After checking out the hotel and getting our bags stored, we took off for a tour at the Budweiser Brewery in town.  

It was so interesting to see all of the different steps and processes to make the beer.  We were all bundled because some of the areas are kept very, very cold! 

I don't even really care for beer (I've never drank a full beer in my life)...I'm more of a wine or cocktail kind of girl, but I tasted day old beer straight from the finishing tanks.  

Side note...the booties in the above picture are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.  I walked in them ALL day long and my feet were still happy by evening.  They are definitely my new favorite shoes. Right after I bought them I wore them three days in a row and Blondie pointed out that I wear them every day now, but it is true!  The height of the heel is low and there is a great cushion in the shoes to keep my feet feeling comfy.  Plus, I love the way they are cut at the top! 

After the tour we got to taste several different varieties and I was obsessed with this counter top make from beer bottle glass. 

After the tour wrapped up we ate a quick lunch and then went back to our rooms to rest a bit.  We were so tired and we knew we had a fun night ahead of us, so we wanted to make the most of it.  

I bought a few new things to wear for this trip, and wanted to share some of my favorites.  I already told you about my new booties and the outfit I wore on Friday night just goes to show you don't have to spend a ton of money to look cute. ;-)  

Before the trip I knew I wanted to find a leather moto jacket to wear at night because it looked cuter than any other coat I had and some of our events were outdoors.  I found a few here and here, but really wanted to just find something that I could try on and make sure I liked. I went to my favorite TJ Maxx and spotted this one right away!  It was just what I was looking for and it was only $25!  Is it real leather? No, but I don't care! It kept me warm and looked cute, so it did the job.  Plus, while I was there I saw this blush pink top in the juniors section.  I loved the criss-cross in the front and even better was that it cost less than $10!  I wore them with my favorite black skinny jeans and black booties and LOVED my outfit that night.  

When we arrived at the party that night the Clydesdale horses were out front!  They are huge and it was so cool to see the entire hitch.  

This party was hosted by Budweiser and it had a country/western theme.  It was set up in a huge open air barn and all of the food, decor, and little touches made this event my favorite of the entire weekend. 

As we arrived we were given leather koozies and there were people there to personalize them on-site.  It as so cool to watch and I love having my monogram on it!  Side note, yes, I'm drinking another beer.  I drank more beer that day (which wasn't that much) than I had in my entire life, but when you are attending a Budweiser party and that is all they are serving, that is what you drink. 

There was BBQ, yummy sides, and salads in mason jars.  I could have just ended the trip right there.  A monogrammed koozie and salad in a mason jar.  


Outdoors they had a big field with games like corn hole, giant Jenga, and horse shoes set up.  It was really cold this night, but people were still having a ton of fun and there was a great DJ playing music. 

Just a little later Thomas Rhett performed and he put on a great show.  I love so many of his songs and we had fun dancing the night away.  

We left just before the fireworks started because we were all freezing, but we got to see them from the warmth of the bus on the way back to our hotel.  Then we crashed!  We had been up for close to 20 hours and I was so excited to sleep.  Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'll be sharing more of the fun we had in Houston.  

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  1. Your trip looked ahhhhmazing! And from a girl who actually enjoys a draft beer (hehe), I was envious of that part! :)

    1. Funny story...I ended up working out with him right behind me in the gym the next day. I was totally to embarrassed/shy to say anything, but just kept wondering how in the world it was happening. So crazy!