Monday, September 10, 2018

Master Bedroom Makeover

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Updating and organizing my house has been priority one since school has gone back into session. The few hours a week I get to myself, I've spent cleaning out closets, getting rid of unused home decor, and updating certain spaces. One of the spaces that needs an overhaul is our Master Bedroom. Luckily, I knew just where to go to get a little help! andThat! literally has everything, and now our bedroom is on it's way to being the glamorous space it should be.

Out With the Old (and drab!)

Our Master Bedroom is large, and a place where we spend a lot of time surprisingly. The kids have a built-in cabinet that contains toys in it to play with. Often they come into our room to play because of the vast amount of floor space. We have a built-in bookshelf, an entertainment center, and a seating area - it's a space that gets used a lot.

I have always tried to purchase great bedding, but I recognized otherwise it's pretty plain. So, I thought if we are spending so much time in here we can at least spruce it up a little bit. Make it less lackluster, and more like a cozy put together dreamy space.

The Wishlist 

Okay, so I knew I wanted to stay in a similar color palette that I already had going - creams, whites, and pale blues. With such dark, heavy furniture I want to keep everything else light.

I have a few things on my bedroom wishlist:

  • A rug
  • An end of bed bench
  • Table lamps
  • Artwork for either side of the dresser
  • New chairs for the seating area
  • Frames & Accessories 
  • Optional: Bedding (because I just can't resist)
Am I forgetting anything???

andThat! Makes Things Oh So Dreamy!

It's no secret that we love andThat!. It has a ton of departments filled to the brim with great items. I just knew I would be able to knock out a pretty large part of my wish list here (if not all of it!).

I tried to not get distracted by all of their adorable Fall decor (trust me, it was tough) and made my way straight back to their bedding section. They have a huge bedding section filled with everything you would need to outfit your bed - pillows, comforters, mattress covers, sheets, quilts and more!

I instantly fell in love with their Grainhouse line. It's an exclusive farmhouse-inspired line, and it is darling. The Grainhouse bedding is gorgeous and inexpensively priced. I'm not sure there are many places where you can find quality bedding for less than $30.

I had a hard time choosing which one I loved the most, but I couldn't resist grabbing this striped quilt set.

Just before I went on my shopping trip I had ordered new lamps for my bedroom. After seeing the huge selection andThat! has in stock, and all their dreamy options, I kind of wish I had waited. They had so many ones that coordinated with what I had in mind, and at a much better price than the ones I ordered.

I just loved this tall option. I might have to go back and get it. I loved the turned wood, and it comes in a variety of colors!

I had put a bench on my wish list, and I had no idea andThat! had such a great selection of those too! In my head, I wanted something quilted and plush, and when I turned the corner from the lighting department there she was!

As a bonus, this bench opens into storage too! Which is perfect for my throw pillow obsession. I grabbed the cream colored one and could have stopped there because my whole day was made.

But I was on a high, and ready to tackle accessories!

I mean, I might have blacked out for a moment when I saw all the cute finds I could get my hands on and bring home. The lanterns, candles, and frames are all just what I was looking for!

I love that andThat! carries most items in multiple sizes so you can layer your space, or grab the right size you might need but maintain the same look.

I stocked up my cart with various size frames, various candles and candle holders, a few fun signs, and a little surprise or two that wasn't on my list. It was the perfect place to get all my bedroom decor needs!

In With The New!

After I came home from my shopping trip I couldn't wait to put everything together in my bedroom! I still have a few things on my list I want to grab for the space, but for now, it looks a million times better!

The bench might be my favorite find of all. I love how it breaks up my dark furniture and it's come in handy to put on shoes, store extra pillows and sheets, and just to keep it real - the kids love jumping off of it onto our bed. It's a winner for the whole family!

I love that I was able to work off of what I already had and just add little special touches here and there! Starting from scratch would have gotten really expensive, and overwhelming. 

Considering andThat! is so budget friendly, I have a lot of wiggle room left over to find a rug and new seating without breaking the bank. I love how it turned out and can't wait to put all the final touches on it! Now to actually try to get some sleep in it...

Stay tuned for all the final details soon! In the meantime, you can check out #andThatshoppingchallenge on social media to get more inspiration for your home, and see what other andThat! fun finds are out there! 

What is one room in your house you wish you could re-do? Anything that you saw that you absolutely loved? Share with us! 


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