Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Girls Bedroom Makeovers + DIY Flower Mirror

We're coming at you with two home decor posts in one week!  Yesterday Jen shared about her kitchen remodel and today I'm talking bedrooms. My oldest decided a while back that for her birthday this year she wanted to redo her room.  I was excited about this because it means I get to decorate a room!  She has also recently declared that she thinks she wants to explore the world of interior design as a career so she has been really on board with helping plan her new room.  

She had a lot of ideas swirling around in her head so the first thing I did was set her up on Pinterest to search, browse, and pin everything her heart desired.  I always do this when I'm getting ready to do any space because I feel like it is a great way to collect all your ideas in one spot and it also helps with looking for trends in things that catch your eye. 

She originally wanted to do blush pink and black with gold accents, but that would mean repainting her walls and that is something I really didn't want to do.  So, we started talking about other color combos and she decided to go with aqua/teal and peach/rose gold.  I love it!  We found these two palette inspirations and went with it! 

Because we are buying some new furniture for Big Sister, that means Little Sister gets her hand-me-downs.  Which also means we kind of get to do a mini-bedroom refresh for her, too! Last week I took the girls to Board and Brush to make signs for their rooms.  

They had so much fun loved it just as much as I did.  Each of them picked something that is so very them and I was super impressed with how well their signs turned out. 

 I couldn't wait to come home and look at everything together. I'm pretty sure I jumped up and down when I saw how perfect it was all going to be.

While they were off school last week though I knew I wanted us to complete one little DIY project with Big Sis that she had found on Pinterest.  She is all about plants right now.  She wanted flowers, plants and succulents to be incorporated in her room and found a cute idea to dress up a plain full length mirror.  

I'm pretty sure this mirror is one that was mine in college and was just as plain as it could be.  First up we taped off the mirror part so we could paint it white. 

Then she picked out two bouquets of artificial flowers that matched the colors she wanted it use in her room.  We pulled off all of the flowers from the stems (Tip - the usually pop right off if you give them a little tug) and just had to snip a little of the extra plastic off to make them flat on the back.  

Then I just used hot glue to attach them to the opposite corners of the mirror.  

So easy and dressed it up so nicely!  Here it is laying on her new bedspread (still waiting on her headboard to arrive), but I think the colors look so pretty!   

For now I just have it sitting on the ledge of the baseboard in her room, but may use these Command velcro strips to hang it once I know where everything is going to go in the room.  

I asked Little Sis if she wanted to do something similar to the full length mirror in her room and she gave me a quick, "no thanks" without even hesitating.  Just made me laugh because those two couldn't be more different.  

I have a few other projects happening for both of their rooms and can't wait to share the finished products as soon as it all comes together!  

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