Monday, March 11, 2019

5 Creative Ways to Use Bleach

This post is sponsored by The Clorox Company but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

When it comes to the many daily activities required to keep my official parent card, cleaning is not one of my favorite. I wouldn’t even put it in the top ten. Or twenty. 

The actual act of cleaning isn’t so bad. Its more the fact that, as a parent, cleaning seems to be a constant never ending battle filled with gross (often unidentifiable) messes that should legally require a hazmat suit. 

Since I have yet to win the lottery or be gifted a staff of cleaning professionals, I’ve resolved to the fact that I’m head cleaner of Casa de Magnolia Mama. Over the years I’ve become a pro at crayon wall art removal, rogue toddler nail polish application recovery, and am certified in 87 different ways to remove stains. 

Because I know life is messy, I like to have powerful products on hand that can be utilized to do multiple jobs. The biggest one in my arsenal is Clorox® Bleach. They have an amazing line of products - and we all know the amazing cleaning power of bleach. Because I like to keep things easy I always place these Clorox Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ in my Amazon cart. Not only are they lighter, less messy, and easier to store than liquid bleach - they come straight to my doorstep. I call that a mom life win. (If you haven’t used Amazon Pantry for your groceries or favorite house hold cleaning products you’re missing out!)

My favorite part about  Clorox Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ are that they are spill-free bleach options that are only activated when mixed with water - so no accidental splashes! My daily mom uniform of black yoga pants are safe, and bleach spot free. Friends who see me (or better yet, have to be seen with me), you’re welcome. 

Until I did some research I didn’t realize how many different uses bleach actually has. Some of my favorite ways to use bleach aren’t even in the laundry room!

5 Creative Ways to Use Bleach 

Brighten Up Glassware - Notice how sometimes after awhile glassware will get that film on it? Well by using a little bit of bleach you can give your glassware its old sparkle back. 

Fill up your sink with soapy water, place a teaspoon of Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ or one Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ and let your glassware soak in the mixture for a few minutes. Rinse really well, and once you dry with a towel your glassware looks brand new!

Remove Mildew Stains From Outdoors Spaces - Nothing is worse than when Spring weather finally rolls around and you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces only to learn that mildew has taken over your patio over the winter (Okay…we know there are a lot worse things, but in the South there’s only a short season to enjoy outdoor patios. There’s a pocket of about ten days that pops up somewhere between freezing cold winter and sweltering hot humid summer. So let us have our dramatics to enjoy our spiked lemonade tea and a mildew-free patio!). A quick mixture of one Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™, two cups of water, and an arm workout with a scrubber brush will have your patio white pants approved. 

Clean Butcher Block Cutting Boards and Counter Tops - Butcher Block is a trend we will always be behind. Keeping them clean. But it’s also tricky. Our favorite solution is to gently scrub them with a cleaning brush lightly dipped in a mixture of one teaspoon of Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ and one quart of water, being careful not to oversaturate the wood. We wipe down with a damp paper towel and dry immediately.

Keeps Floral Glassware Looking Bright-  One of the more creative uses I’ve learned for bleach is keeping floral glassware brighter. You know how with in a day vase doesn’t look as clear because of the build-up created by the flowers decaying?

Just mix 1/4 of a teaspoon of Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ with a quart of water in a vase before placing in any cut floral stems. Just a quick rinse with soap and water when you’re ready to change out your floral arrangement. The Bleach has done all the algae stain removal work for you.

Whitens Tile Grout - Way back when we were designing our house we put white everywhere - including the bathrooms. While it looks great when it cleans, I’ve noticed it always tends to dull around the toilet and the shower. But I’ve learned with bleach it can be a quick and easy fix! To whiten grout I mix one Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ in a gallon of water. I fill a spray bottle with the mixture and spray directly on the grout. Let it sit for a few moments and then gently scrub with a toothbrush or a bristled cleaning brush. With in just a few minutes the bathroom is back to its bright, white state. 

Do you have some unique ways to utilize bleach? Share with us!

To learn more about Clorox Clorox® Control Bleach Crystals™ and Clorox® Zero Splash™ Bleach Packs™ visit here.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the new forms of Clorox Bleach! I can't live without Clorox ~ how does anyone? 😂 I can't wait to order both!

    As an fyi ~ I use only white towels and the main reason is that I am able to bleach them. I do have decorative colors & patterns just for show but white only for every day use. I'm very anal about a clean kitchen and bathroom all the time and Clorox is my favorite helper! 🤗