Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! 

It's been awhile since we've done a Friday Favorites and linked up with some of our other favorite bloggers. But - trust us - we're still excited about Fridays, and this week I've got a ton of favorites! 

Baseball is back people! Long time readers know we are huge baseball fans. Last week was opening week here in Atlanta, and we couldn't have been more excited to make our way back to SunTrust Park to cheer on our favorite team. 

We attended Saturday night's game against the Marlins and it was the perfect night for baseball! 

| Kids Baseball Tees |

Which helped because we had a first timer with us. We finally felt like B.C. had reached the age where she would be able to enjoy the experience (which means mommy and daddy can enjoy the experience). 

We arrived early enough to attend batting practice and this guy scored huge. Several of the Marlin players and a coach saw him and signed a ball for him. 

He was over the top excited! 

We were pleasantly surprised our crew managed to make it through eight innings. B.C. was so into it and hasn't stopped asking when she can go back.  The cheering, the theme wear, THE SNACKS...she was here for all of it. 

And that makes these baseball loving parents oh so excited. 

Sunday my middle little and I made our way down to the Fox Theatre to see Cinderella with my mom and sister. 

L.C. was in love with the show because Princess Life, and I was excited to see it all through her eyes.  

I was stopped and asked about my outfit a few times. It was so nice to be able to break out some of warm weather clothes and bright colors. Bye bye Winter! 

The Blue Ruffle Dress is from Willow Park Boutique, and the Blue Tassel Clutch is from Findlay Rowe. Earrings can be found here

Since it's been in the 80's all week (hallelujah!) we've officially switched over our closets. Carrie Beth mentioned all the cute spring and summer items Old Navy has in store right now.  She had called me when they were having a big sale and loved getting the girls a few coordinating and matching outfits. 

| White Floral Dress | Yellow Floral Dress | Toddler Jelly Shoes | Little Girls Jelly Shoes
Also, who knew Jelly Shoes were making a come back?! The girls saw them and weren't going to leave the store with out them. My feet hurt just looking at them, but the girls haven't gotten blisters or complained once. Apparently jelly shoe makers have upped their comfort game since the 80's. 

| tank top | shorts | shoes |

A surprising hit for cute kids clothes lately has been...Walmart! How cute are these little lemon shorts?!

They have so many adorable pieces in right now, and obviously the pricing is pretty budget friendly. In addition to these fun lemon shorts for the girls, I grabbed some of the same shorts in plain colors, a few pairs of their cute cut-off shorts, a super cute flamingo tee, and these super adorable swim cover-ups

Forgive this awful selfie, but I shared this on our Instagram Stories and can't not profess my love here too. 

While grabbing the girls a few summer essentials I grabbed some new mom life essentials too. This workout top and these joggers are ah-mazing! They feel so good on! After wearing them one time I went back and bought all the colors in both. 

You need them in your life. I promise! 

A HUGE favorite of mine lately has been my silk pillowcase

Ladies, this is my hair after waking up from a night of sleeping on my silk pillowcase. We professed our love a few months ago about the magic of a silk pillowcase, but its hair and time saving abilities are still a favorite of mine! 

I've gotten a little accessory addicted lately. I mean, nothing dresses up mom clothes like a good accessory, am I right? 

| green slub pocket tee

The mix and match ability from InspireDesigns has been life changing. I can wear the same pieces in so many different ways with so many different outfits! They have made getting dressed so easy! I've been loving it! 

(see our full review of the InspireDesigns jewelry 
and to grab a 25% off code go --> here.) 

This week I got to wear my stamped "Magnolia Mamas" necklace they custom made us for a photo shoot we had. I love it! It's also reversible and on the other side is has a "J". By far one of my favorite pieces. 

My husband, Carrie Beth, and everyone else I know (almost anyway) seem to be at The Masters Tournament this week. While I don't get to attend (boo), I usually get a fun surprise or two. One of the pullovers Mr. Cute purchased actually matched this fun new pair of earrings that I snagged a few weeks ago. I get compliments whenever I wear them, and am tempted to grab another color. 

Another recent favorite has been this fun bracelet stack from Arely Designs. I love how she makes coordinated stacks or you can customize your own. There are so many fun ones to choose from, but this stack has been a fun neutral to throw on lately. 

Okay I've been trying to eat healthy-ish lately. I feel like I always fall off during the holidays and then with Spring sports eating on the go it's almost impossible to have a normal healthy diet. 

If you've mastered that - send me your tips and show me your ways! 

Also, I've learned not a whole lot of "good for you" snacks taste that great. 
(Shocking, right?) 

These snacks however are awesome. I brought some for Carrie Beth to try and she agreed! It had me at the words "coconut, peanut butter, and cookie". Its awesome taste sealed the deal for me to instantly Amazon Subscribe and Save myself a whole case. 

Grab some. Order some. Enjoy! 

Currently as I am writing this, the contractor is putting the finishing touches on our kitchen remodel. Our new dining room furniture gets delivered tomorrow and by Sunday my house will be back to a normal state. 

If I knew I wouldn't break my neck attempting I would be doing back flips around the house because I am so freaking excited. I love a project...but I love a quicker project more. ;) 

We've been enjoying it though lately and getting some use out of it. 

I'm not sure I'll let the kids actually sit on the chairs or near any of the all white parts of it until they are at least 30 or so, but we are all so ready! 

That wraps up my favorites! 

Now off to a weekend full of solo soccer mom-ing because I've been informed I will be a golf widow all weekend. 

Happy weekend friends! 

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