Monday, April 29, 2019

Girls Bedroom Refresh

Some of you might remember that last month I shared my oldest daughter's bedroom makeover.  That included her getting a new bed so we decided to move her old bed into my Blodie's room.  She'd had a daybed since the was 2 and was excited about switching up things a bit.  We didn't do a full make-over, but just a little refresh. It feels new to her and she's happy with it, so I'm happy with it!

I took both girls to Board and Brush with my sweet friend and they made new signs for their rooms.  I was so impressed with their creations and they loved personalizing signs to coordinate with their new rooms.

We picked up a few other new accessories to spruce up her space.  Most everything came from Tuesday Morning and Hobby Lobby.

Putting it all together was pretty quick and totally changed the look of her room!  She was most excited about having a big bed to sleep in.

For her birthday we gave her a bungee chair.  Apparently these are all the rage with kiddos these days and she as so excited.  My other two sneak in her room just to sit in it!  

From the time she could walk we called her our little tornado.  It's like a path of destruction anywhere she goes. She's full speed ahead, leaves her stuff everywhere and her room is usually a mess! 

She's done a little bit better about keeping her room neat since the refresh though. 

Her soccer trophies and medals were starting to take over so we decided to display them above her desk.  I found these scalloped shelves at Michaels and just spray painted them white and attached little clear command hooks under to hang the medals on. 

She's really happy with the refresh and I am, too. It was an easy transformation and gave her a space that felt new without putting to much money or effort into it!  Now on to the next room project...

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