Wednesday, May 29, 2019

5 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Patio

Summertime, and the living is easy!  It's the greatest time of year if you ask us.  We love having our kids home from school, we love having friends over to grill out, and we love the lazy, laid-back schedules that come along with it.

The covered patio off our basement was kind of an after thought when it came to decorating.  We've had some furniture down there for a while, but it never felt like a very comfortable space and I hadn't really put any thought into that area. I really wanted to spruce up that space for summer so that it would feel more inviting and would encourage us to use it more.  I am obsessed with how it turned out and have loved every second we've spent out there so far.  I wanted to share all about what I did to make it feel just like another room in our home instead of just an outdoor spot to grill in the hopes that it would inspire someone else to do the same with their outdoor space.

5 Tips For Sprucing Up Your Patio For Summer

1. Treat it like an extension of your home.
When you start to think of this area like another room in your home you will immediately want to treat it like that.  Cleaning this "room" will become part of your normal cleaning routine. No one wants to go sit out on dirty chairs or deal with dead bugs.  If you keep the space clean and tidy on a regular basis, you're definitely more likely to use it on a regular basis!

2. Have comfortable seating and lots of pillows.
 Having somewhere comfortable to sit is key!  We opted for an outdoor sectional, but didn't go crazy with it. It's not top of the line, by any means, but it is great for what we needed and somewhere soft to land.

The outdoor dining table is a hand-me-down from my in-laws, but in PERFECT condition and the cushion colors just happened to match!

Adding pillows is my VERY favorite way to spruce up any space, both indoors and out!  I don't care if fabrics are treated for outdoors, I still use them outside and just wash as needed. To me, the pillows 100% make this space feel just like home. I love the buffalo plaid pillow covers from Amazon and the Vineyard Vines x Target collaboration one I snagged in my local Target last week!  The others are ones I had stashed around my house in other areas that I just repurposed for the patio.

3. Add a rug. 
This is probably one that my husband didn't agree with, but I knew it would make the patio feel more cozy and home like.  I wanted an indoor-outdoor rug that was durable and could be hosed off after pollen season, but that was colorful and comfortable to put my feet on.  I ended up going with THIS one in the 8x10 and could not be happier.

The price was right, I didn't have to pay extra shipping and it completely changed the look of the space. When my little guy saw it out there for the first time he said, "Wow!  That carpet makes it look way gooder out there."  And he was right!  This was the thing that completely changed the look of the patio.

4. Plants, greenery and flowers! 
I love little pops of green both indoors and out!  I use all sorts of artificial boxwood sprigs in fun containers inside my house and also like to use them outdoors, too!

I don't have a green thumb, but I do love potted plants or flowers because they are usually easier to keep alive (as long as I remember to water them!).

5. Don't forget the finishing touches.
Think about all of those items that make our indoors spaces feel "finished."  I'm talking about the candles, small decor items, wall art and just personal little items that make a home feel like a home. You add them to rooms indoors, so don't forget to use those outside on our porch or patio, too!

I just mostly used things I already had on hand, but also added a few new things.  I made the American flag sign at Board and Brush and I'm obsessed with it!

I also grabbed a few of these candles from the Vineyard Vines x Target collaboration!  Candles are great for keeping bugs away at night, too!

I really love the way this space turned out and know that we will enjoy using it all summer long!  

Do you have an outdoors space you use?  Any other ideas to share for sprucing it up?

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