Thursday, January 2, 2020

Winter Weekend at Barnsley Resort

Winter Weekend Getaway to Barnsley Resort

Happy new year friends! We took a little blogging break over the holiday, but now we're back! 

It was so nice to get a big break. The holidays can be so hectic, and we just wanted to slow down the pace this year as much as we could. Last year, I remember we limped into the holidays sick and exhausted. I don't know about you, but that's not my kind of holiday magic. This year I made it my goal to simplify everything and step back from what I could. 

A few years ago, I surprised everyone with a little getaway right before Christmas and remembered how nice it was to get away from everything. We were forced to spend quality time together, and not worry about illnesses, gifts, decorating, or kitchen prep for Christmas dinner. Christmas 2019, I set out to do the same thing. I was a little less spontaneous this time (because I had a lot more people to coordinate), but the goal was the same. 

This year I planned a weekend getaway to Barnsley Resort. How we had never visited this little gem before is beyond me. First, the property is gorgeous. Second it's only about an hour north of Atlanta. Third, it has a ton of activities for any kind of traveller. The 24 hours we spent there was just not enough! 

The resort did a fabulous job putting a special holiday touch on everything, and within the first few hours several of us were already booking next year's visit on our phones. 


I had ten people and two dogs to think about when booking rooms. There were accommodations large enough to fit all of us, but in the end I decided to book two large cottage rooms, and one cottage suite so everyone could have their own space. 

The rooms are decorated to reflect the historic property, and traditional southern decor. They are super luxurious and make you feel at home at the same time. 

The cottages can be located anywhere on the property, but I chose for us to be located more centrally to the town square, restaurants, and main resort. Everyone loved being able to be right in the mix everything. 


Sadly, the minute we arrived it started to rain. And it was cold. But the resort and my family were committed to having a fun time because none of that stopped us. 

The resort offers a huge spa (yes, please!), an off roading experience, fishing, hunting, clay shooting, animal experiences, hiking trails, ruins, a museum, horse back riding, golf, and during warm weather months - a pool. I'm probably leaving a few things out, but you get the idea - there is tons to do. 

After arrival, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the Beer Garden, and outdoor spaces. 

While we were in the Beer Garden a fire making lesson started. My kids were so into this. They learned how to make fire about fifteen different ways. I'm equal parts proud and scared. 

While we were playing games in the Beer Garden we stumbled upon a celebrity...

The kids were so excited to see that Santa was vacationing in the same place we were. Several times during holiday season Barnsley hosts Santa and some elves. There are established meet and greet times set up. 

After dinner the rain stopped. We were so excited because this meant we could check out the lit up ruins while dry. We were committed either way because we heard it was beautiful, but definitely much more enjoyable when it's not pouring rain. 

The gardens and ruins are spectacular lit up. Everyone was in awe of the thousands of twinkling lights, and the kids were beyond excited about the garden. They said it looked like a magical maze. 

After we walked through the ruins we parked ourselves by one of the many fire pits on site, and enjoyed cocktails and s'mores. The main lobby has a s'mores bar set up for guests to come and stock up on all the necessities. Everything you need to enjoy that chocolate marshmallow goodness is provided for you. Love how accommodating Barnsley Resort is, and all the special touches they incorporate into you stay. 

Our second day it was raining so hard. We did a wet post breakfast hike and stumbled upon some animals along one of the paths. 

We visited the museum, which is actually very interesting and has a ton of artifacts and history about the property. Barnsley Resort has a great back story and it includes some juicy family drama. They don't allow for photos in the museum, but it is an interesting spot and well worth a visit. 


It was a short stay so we only had dinner and breakfast on site. And at the same restaurant. We dined for dinner at the Woodlands Grill, and returned the following morning for breakfast. Both meals were excellent! 

We enjoyed cocktails from the Beer Garden and they do offer food, but we didn't take advantage of this during our short stay. There is also the Rice House restaurant on site, which offers a farm to table fare, but sadly we needed a longer stay to give it a try. 

That wraps up our quick winter weekend stay at Barnsley Resort. Spending time here was probably one of our favorite parts of the holiday season, and we most definitely will return for another holiday stay. It just made you feel like Christmas. It was just what we all needed to get into the holiday spirit. 

I'd also love to come during the warm weather months. I just know all our little golfers would love it, and the pool area looks so inviting! 

Have you been to Barnsley Resort? What is your favorite time of year to go? What are some activities we should put on our must-do lists? 

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