Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Coton Colors Atlanta

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting some of the ladies behind the amazing brand Coton Colors. We are long time fans of this brand, and you have seen us use our Coton Colors and Happy Everything pieces over and over in our posts and social feed. When they reached out to us about collaborating together on some projects and getting a flagship store tour, we leaped at the opportunity!

And we will confess...we had no idea that there was a flagship store here in Atlanta. Not only that it is located in Sandy Springs/Buckhead - literally our backyard. This could be a dangerous dangerous thing. 

At least in our husband's eyes. ;) 


You can learn all about the brand on their website, but here's a quick run down. Coton Colors was founded by Laura Johnson with the inspiration of her family and the idea that all moments should be celebrated in life - big and small. 

As you see across the brand she puts extra special touches and thoughts into creating pieces to celebrate life. They are bright, fun, happy, and interchangeable for any moment or holiday. 

Not only that, her business is a tightly knit family affair. And reminders that this is a family owned and operated business are sprinkled around all of the Coton Color stores. We learned that each store has this special photo wall to celebrate her family. The photos are favorite ones hand selected and displayed in each family members' own homes, and set up exactly this way. A reminder of what is important most, and that Coton Colors is quite literally a celebration of that. 


That Atlanta store is owned by Laura's niece Taylor, and she is just as darling as you would imagine. We loved chatting with her and getting the inside scoop from her team about upcoming events and trends that will be seen over the next few months. 

The store has all of the amazing products you see online onsite. But then goes the extra mile to put a little local spin on it. The Coton Colors brand does a lot to support local makers and artists, and that is shown throughout our tour. 

Many gifts in the flagship stores are hand selected to coordinate with the Coton Colors products so that any gift you give or purchase you make goes to support a small local business or fellow up and coming entrepreneur. From hand crafted baby blankets to all the encoutrements needed for your next charcuterie board - each one is a nod to Laura's idea to celebrate all the things and all the people!

We also love that the flagship stores will personalize and wrap your items for free if desired! 

Everything from custom name plates for a wedding gift to a real estate thank you basket - they can do it all. 

We just love that even though this a fast growing global home decor brand, they still put the emphasis on customer service and going the extra mile for their patrons because the backbone of their message is celebrating family. And to them, the minute you walk through that door you are their family. 


Normally we would highlight a few favorite items of ours. With Coton Colors that is hard because there is just so much to love about each and every line. From classic kitchenwares to pet items to interchangeable decorative home decor pieces - we want to take it all home with us! 


Stay tuned for a few local event announcements soon! We have a charcuterie night planned, and they have a holiday reveal party on the calendar, but just want to confirm a few details before we share. 

In the meantime, you can check out their newly released holiday lines online and snag the goodies before anyone else. 

Also keep your eye out for their special limited edition holiday ornament. Each year, the proceeds go to support St. Jude, and we've heard these go fast

Do you have any Coton Colors or Happy Everything pieces? Which are your favorites? 

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