Friday, November 21, 2014

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Friday!!!  This week has been a crazy busy one, so the fact that we have finally made it to the weekend is very exciting.  I love holidays and all of the hustle-bustle that goes along with them, but it sure does make for a tired mama at the end of the day.

So this year I may or may not have over committed myself at the elementary school.  Besides being room mom for both of my girls' classes, I also serve on several PTA committees.  Needless to say, it keeps me very busy.  In fact, this week I was there Monday through Thursday for one thing or another.  I'm so happy to do it though and would not have it any other way.  I love anything that gets me involved with my kids at school and being room mom definitely has some perks, too.  The Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast was held yesterday morning and because of limited space and limited parking, this is an event that parents are not asked to attend. However, each class needed a couple of volunteers to help with set-up and clean-up so being the room mom I jumped at the chance to be one of those volunteers.  Blondie has been talking about it all week and was so excited the day of the feast had arrived.

The set up was just darling.  The entire Kindergarten hallway was lined with their "table cloth" and each place setting included the place mat they had made and delicious snacks for them to feast on.  Please use your imagination and notice the turkey legs made out of lunch sacks and coffee filters (and filled with popcorn) that I made for Blondie's class. There was also a giant turkey made out of a big brown paper bag that was also filled with popcorn. I would have loved a picture, but it was placed at the VERY end of the hall and once the kids filled in there was no getting past them.  However, the Assistant Principal was invited the feast and she did the honors of carving that big turkey (and then proceeded to toss the popcorn into the air as the kids giggled with excitement).  It was the cutest thing!

Before the children ate they all sang a Thanksgiving song they had practiced and as a class they said what they were thankful for.  Sweet, sweet memories were made yesterday.  I know I was thankful to get to be there and watch the fun they all had. I'm also extremely thankful for an excellent school and amazing teachers that go above and beyond to make learning about the first Thanksgiving a memorable and meaningful experience.  I know this is a day Blondie will remember from Kindergarten for years to come!  

And one more quick thing I'm thankful for...a fun weekend getaway with some of my very best friends!!! Not only with my very best friends, but with my very best friends and no children.  These are children who I all love dearly, but I do think it's important to get away from them time to time and have some grown-up fun, too.  I know it certainly makes me a better mom when I have a few days or even just a few hours away.  

Any guesses as to where we will be for the weekend while the grandparents, aunts, and other family members hold down the forts at home with the kids???  Here's a little picture hint:  

Gorgeous, right?!?! If only we were actually staying there instead of touring it. :-) Be sure to follow Jen and I on Instagram (we are TheMagnoliaMamas) to see all of the fun we'll be having this weekend with our amazing husbands and few other couples who we adore.  

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