Monday, October 3, 2016

Day in the Life: Just a Typical Weekday

Oh my!  It's the Monday after fall break for us.  While Monday's are never easy, the Monday after a whole week off of school is definitely not easy.  We had a glorious week off of school last week and had all sorts of fun. If you followed along on Instagram you might have seen many of the highlights. For now though, it's back to the grind.  For us that means back to busy.

Speaking of busy I decided to document a day in the life of me on Thursday before our fall break started.  Some of you will remember Jen's day in the life post from a month or so ago.  I loved reading it and getting a sneak peek into her day.  Day in the life posts from other bloggers are some of my absolute favorites to read. I love seeing how everyone spends their days so I hope y'all will enjoy a glimpse into my day, too.  

Thursday, September 22

6:39 AM
One thing to know about me is that I am not a morning person. I'm one of those people that has to set multiple alarms and hit snooze a million times before getting up.  It drives Mr. crazy, but it's just how I am.  So here I am, finally getting up after my snoozing.  

Another thing to note, my girls used to ride the bus in the morning, but they switched their pick up time to 6:46. I just can't. It's WAY too early and now with me driving them to school we all get to sleep in a bit. For me, sleep is more important than being on the bus over an hour before school actually starts.  

I throw on clothes and take out Walker, our Golden Retriever. 

Then I wake up the girls and make their beds while they are getting dressed and brushing their teeth. I love a good made bed.  On the weekends and in the summer they do it, but on these early mornings when we are rushed I make it for them...otherwise it wouldn't get done. 

7:00 AM
This is when we aim to be downstairs. I finish putting their lunches together, make breakfast for the girls, and unload the dishwasher.

7:20 AM
They pack up their backpacks and we are off to school!

7:30 AM
Dropping them off for a great day at school!

Back at home I find little Boo-Boo already up and making bracelets for his friends. (My in-laws had been staying with us while they were renovating their house so I was able to leave him at home sleeping while I take the girls to school.) He's really into making things for people right now and this has been a task he has been trying to complete. He wants to give one to all of his classmates.

8:00 AM
I make breakfast for him and myself. I typically have a bagel thin or an english muffin and my caffeine of choice. I don't drink coffee (wish I liked it, but I just don't), but need something to get me going in the morning!

Next I work on a post for Savvy Sassy Moms (you'll see it later this week) while Boo-Boo watches a little television.

8:45 AM
We get dressed and ready to head out for the day!  

9:05 AM 
Boo-Boo is ready for school and I am ready to head to my barre class after I drop him off. 

But that is when I get a reminder that things don't always work out as planned. When I got in my car to start it the battery was dead.  I panicked for just a moment and then shot into action.  I borrowed my mother-in-law's car to take Boo-Boo to school and then came home to find my Father-in-law already trying to jump my car so it would start.  I was so thankful he was there because the Mr. was out of town for work and I would have been stranded! I spent the next two hours at the car place getting a new battery. 

Then after that I spent a good 20 minutes with my car manual figuring out how to reset all of my temperature controls, automatic windows, sunroof, etc.  It all had to be redone and I was pretty impressed with myself that I got it all working again.

11:30 AM
Since I didn't get to do my workout class I took this guy on a walk instead.  He was happy! 

12:00 PM 
Next I came home to clean the house. We were going to be heading out of town a few days after this and I am one of those people that can't stand to leave home unless all of the laundry is done and everything is clean.  Walker is never far from my side during the day!

I had just enough time to jump in the shower and get dressed before heading out to pick up Boo-Boo from school.

1:15 PM
I throw some food together for my lunch and bring it in the car with me to eat on the way to the preschool. 

1:30 PM
Pick up this smiling face and head to the grocery to pick up a few things. 

2:30 PM
We got home just in time to put stuff away and get the girls off the bus. The first thing they always do when they get home is grab snacks and work on homework. I like for them to get it out of the way!  Plus, we had a really busy afternoon coming up so I knew it needed to be done right away.

3:00 PM
At this time of day in the afternoons, my kitchen counter always looks like this.  Snacks, lunch boxes, notebooks, homework, papers to be signed, etc.  It is a mess!  

3:30 PM
Little Mama is waiting on her friend's mom to come pick her up for cheer.  She takes the girls and I pick up.  Little Mama does a tumbling class from 4-5, then eats a dinner I packed from 5-6, and then has practice for her all-star team from 6-7:30.  It's a long afternoon, but she loves it. She's only able to go to the tumble class if she gets all of her homework and studying done earlier in the week or right after school. 

I do a little laundry and then the younger two and I spend some time picking up and cleaning in the playroom.

Then it's time for them to get dressed for their sports.  Blondie has soccer practice and Boo-Boo has a baseball game.

4:45 PM
We drop off Blondie at her practice.

5:00 PM
Baseball time for this guy!

5:45 PM
After warmups it is finally game time!  I am at the team mom so on this day I was in the dugout helping keep the kids in batting order and honestly just to keep order in general. Little boys feed off each other's energy and things can get rowdy in a flash! 

6:15 PM
While I am still at baseball, Blondie gets picked up by my father-in-law from soccer practice and then she gets home to eat dinner, finish up homework and get ready for bed. 

7:30 PM
After the baseball game I picked up Little Mama and her friend and dropped off our carpool buddy at home.  Then we run through the Chick-fil-a drive through for a late night snack/dinner for Boo-Boo who was still hungry after what he had already eaten after his game. 

8:00 PM
We are finally back home and reunited with Blondie and the Mr. who just got home from a work trip.  

9:00 PM
All kids are finally showered and in bed so I take a few minutes to read the class blogs for my girls including homework and assignments.  Little Mama is becoming incredibly independent with her school work and homework, but I just like to check over everything to make sure we are up to date on it all.  4th grade is no joke! 

9:30 PM
I pack lunches at night and just set it all in the fridge for the next morning.  Remember how I am not a morning person?  So anything I can do at night to help speed along the mornings is what I'll do. I also go ahead and set out their snacks for school, fix water bottles, etc. 

9:45 PM
I look over my calendar for the next week and try to make sure I have everything written in and organized. We'll be on fall break, but we still have a busy week so I want to keep track of it all. 

10:00 PM
I finish up working on my Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria post for Savvy Sassy Moms including the images and setting it to publish on their site. 

10:30 PM
I finally head up to get ready for bed!  I used to be such a night owl and still have my nights where I stay up late, but more and more I find myself just exhausted and ready to climb in bed as early as I can.  First, I am sure to set all my alarms!  

And then finally call it a night!  

And that was the day in the life of me.  :-) Hope y'all enjoyed seeing how I spent my day.  Busy and full of activity, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  
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