Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY Tassel Necklaces {tutorial}

So this little project was born months ago, but I'm finally getting around to posting about it today!  Earlier this summer I was seeing tassel necklaces everywhere and was absolutely loving the trend. However, when I was out and about I could never actually find any to purchase.  Maybe I wasn't looking at the right places, but after a little while I finally just decided to make my own.  Actually, I was wandering through Michael's (similar to the way I wander through Target) and found myself on the bead aisle. I always pass right by it an think to myself, "I bet if I knew how to make jewelry I could create all sorts of pretty looks for less."  Only this time I was determined to make it happen so I bought my supplies and did what I often do with craft supplies...let them sit on my craft table for a few weeks before I can actually find the time to do something with them.  Good intentions, my friends, but a busy life.

When I finally sat down to make a necklace I was giddy over how easy and how much fun it was to do.  Follow along below to see step-by-step directions so you can make your own, too!  

*beads of your choice (I bought this whole kit with lots of different colors because I knew I wanted to make several)
*larger accent beads 
*embroidery floss (used for cross-stitching, but also for making tassels) 
*cording (be sure it is skinny enough to fit through the wholes on your beads)

1.  Cut cording to the length you desire for your necklace and add a few extra inches, just in case.
2.  To prevent ends from fraying as you string your beads, either burn the ends just a tad with a lighter or use clear nail polish on the ends and allow it to dry before starting your necklace.  I found the nail polish technique worked best!

3.  Cut embroidery floss in half, but keep paper around it.  This will become your tassel.  Slip your cording through the loop and center the floss on your cording.

4.  Pull out one strand of floss (1) and wrap it around the tassel several times (2).  Next, tie it off in a knot a few times (3) and flip it over to see what your tassel will look like (4)!  This step is easier to do if you have another person holding the tassel and the cording while you wrap and tie.

5.  Making sure that your tassel is at the center of the cording, string on one, two, or three accent beads.  Be sure both ends of your cording go through the beads (1).  Then you will need to split the ends (2) and begin stringing the smaller beads on either side (3).

6.  This is where you can get creative with your bead design.  I generally use the following pattern.  
*one or two accent beads at the bottom
*10 smaller beads
*accent beads 
*10 more smaller beads
*accent beads
*10-15 smaller beads to complete necklace 
*Repeat on other side to make necklace symmetrical.

When you have completed stringing the beads and reached the desired length you would like, simply tie off the cording as tightly as possible using several knots and clip the excess cording.  Now, here is where I could probably get fancy with the jewelry making supplies at Michaels and learn how to actually use a clasps, but this way is quick, easy, and effective.  

I love that these necklaces are bright and colorful and can really dress up something plain and simple like a solid dress or even a basic t-shirt.

They are so easy to make that even my girls wanted in on the fun.  I helped with make their tassels and they were on a roll with the beading.

They were so proud of their creations that they planned their outfits for school pictures the next day based round their new accessories so they could feel extra fancy for their yearbook pictures!

And Little Mama has worn hers pretty much every chance she has had since then.  Here we were sporting ours before dinner one night.

And then it got cold and my bright colorful summer necklaces got hung up and put away for a while. I actually had bought some more beads and embroidery floss to make a few more necklaces, including some some fall colored ones, but just never got around to it until last weekend!  It has been so rainy here so a rainy afternoon was the prefect time do some crafting with my girls.  We completed lots of tassel necklaces that afternoon and we can't wait to wear them soon!

 photo cbsignature.jpg

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  1. YAY! I picked the right day to check my favorite blogs. Now I need to purchase supplies to make these! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this idea!! Mac gave me my very first "mommy necklace" that he made the other day and I nearly died of happiness! :)

  3. These necklaces are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. My little lady and I will definitely have to make these!

  4. These are great! How do you keep them from fraying?

    1. Hi! I've been wearing mine for months and they haven't frayed and I haven't done anything special to them so with just regular wear you should be good!

  5. Very creative!!! I would like to appreciate your creativity as these necklaces are very reasonable & admirable.
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