Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Atlanta Hawks

One thing we love about living in Atlanta is that there are so many things to do, including lots of professional sports.  Jen has talked about the Braves a lot and last weekend the Mr. and I got to attend an Atlanta Hawks game.  I hadn't been to a Hawks game in years and was excited to see all of the new changes that I'd heard about.  

The thing I noticed first was the colors!  The team rebranded themselves, removed blue from their colors, added black and added an accent color of bright yellow/green to their uniforms.  We were told it was a throw-back to the uniforms of the 70's, but in a more updated way.  

Next we took a look around the arena and met up with the people we were there to see.  

They took us down on the floor, which was really cool and fun to see.  It was also sort of intimidating because there were tons of people down there and all of the players were warming up so their were basketballs flying everywhere.  Those guys are SO tall!  

While we were down on the floor we were introduced to Dominique Wilkins.  For those that might not know, he is a retired NBA player and played primarily for the Atlanta Hawks.  He was a nine-time NBA All-Star and one of the best dunkers in NBA history.  He was SO friendly and nice to us and was happy to smile for a quick picture!  :-) 

Next we made our way up to the top of the arena before the start of the game because we were excited to see the new 3-D basketball court projection system.  It was seriously the neatest thing!  The court floor literally looks like it disappears and the projection display shows everything from a patriotic scene for the National Anthem, a lot of team logos and designs, and then unique player introductions.  It is also used during half-time performances and certainly makes for a dynamic game experience.

The game was really fun to watch.  The mascot was really entertaining and the score was super close the entire game.  The Hawks pulled out a win over the Hornets and the final score was 97-94.

Since this outing was just for the Mr. and I, I'd love to go back and take the kids.  I think they would love all of the hype and performance aspect of the experience, as well as, the game itself!  Plus, the Hawks are a partner with our elementary school and the players an cheerleaders come out for certain school events and the kids just love that.  In fact, a few of the players took over the PE classes last week and the girls said they had a blast learning some basketball skills from professionals!

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