Thursday, March 22, 2018

Braves Spring Training Trip {Part 2}

If you missed Part 1 of our quick Braves Spring Training trip post, you can find it here.

We were able to sleep in a bit on Saturday before getting ready to head over to the ESPN Wild World of Sports for the Braves game. It was St. Patrick's Day, so we all had green Braves hats to wear for the day.  Before the game we were lucky enough to attend an autograph session with a lot of the players and my little baseball loving guy was in heaven.

Especially when he saw some of the big names like Ender Inciarte who he has a bobblehead of in his baseball room!

Then he spent a little time watching batting practice and warmups before the game started hoping someone would toss a ball up to him.

We got wind that another group of players were going to be coming to autograph, including his favorite, Freddie Freeman!  He was so excited and nervous to meet him, but wanted to say "hey Freddie."  Freddie Freeman was so nice to him and when I asked if I could take a picture he was so kind of said, "Of course!" His day was made right then and there.

It was a beautiful day for baseball and while watching the kids enjoyed ice cream, popsicles and just about every other ball park snack they could get their hands on.

After the game we took the shuttle over to Universal Studios!

We had a few hours to ride some of the rides and planned our time there strategically. We had a limited about of time and wanted to ride the ones they would enjoy the most.

Our kids love the thrill rides. Transformers was super fun, they enjoyed the Men in Black ride, but their very favorite was the Revenge of the Mummy because it was basically an indoor roller coaster.

We grabbed a quick dinner and then it was time for the main event of the evening...the Mardi Gras Parade.  Now, last year Boo-Boo was too short to actually be in the parade so we took part as spectators and you would have thought we were in New Orleans.

They had the best time collecting beads from the parade and enjoyed it so much that I was a little nervous to be on the other side of things. However, so many people we talked to who rode on the floats last year said throwing the beads was so much fun so we decided to give it a whirl.  We got costumes on, were given our instructions, and were ready to go.

I have no pictures from the parade because it went by so fast.  Literally every second we were tossing beads to crazy people who thought they were in New Orleans and having the time of our lives. It was so much fun and neat to see it from the other side.

We went through tons of beads, but there were enough left for the kids to get some to take home.  While waiting on our shuttle though, this kind hearted boy decided to pass some beads out to other people who didn't get any. So when someone would walk by he asked if they wanted some beads. He also gave some to our shuttle driver and you could tell it just made his day.

We all crashed that evening and were up early the next day to get ready to fly back home.  It was a quick trip, but packed full of fun!  

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Braves Spring Training Trip {Part 1}

For the past 4 years now, my family has gone to Orlando for a Braves Spring Training weekend and had a blast.  It is always one of our favorite weekend getaways and just so much fun.  They pack in so much to this weekend and it is always a busy schedule, but worth it for the amazing experience and this year was no different.

We flew out first thing on Friday morning and arrived in sunny Florida with most of the day still ahead of us.  

After dropping our bags at the hotel and doing a quick wardrobe change (yea for shorts weather!!!), we were off to the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

We love going to the Masters each year and although I don't really follow golf, I always love being outdoors on the beautiful courses, people watching, and seeing some of the big names.  We thought the kids would enjoy their first golf tournament on a little smaller scale and they did...for about 20 minutes.  

And it was then that we quickly realized why we have never taken them to the Masters.

My little guy said the hardest part was staying behind the rope. I can see what he meant though...all of that lush green grass just makes you want to go run around on it.  Blondie just wanted to sit down and Little Mama was entertained for a while, but then bored.  We decided they would have more fun playing golf than watching it, but it was a beautiful day and it was something fun and different for us to do.

We did a little shopping in the pro shop, let them try putting at one of the vendor tents and then stuck around to watch Tiger Woods come through and then decided to head back to the hotel to rest before the evening's welcome party.  

This little guy was just done and passed out as soon as we got in the car.  He stayed that way while we were waiting on our room and it was just the power nap he needed.

After a quick little rest for all of us, we got changed and ready for the welcome party.  I was excited to wear my new dress for the occasion.  I picked this up a few weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for cool spring nights with a denim jacket and into summer by itself.  (It's on sale for less than $25 right now...such a great deal!) 

This event is always so much fun and the Braves do a great job making it a great night for parents and kids.  The decorations are so fitting to the theme of the weekend and the food is amazing (hello lobster tails and funnel cake fries with chocolate sauce). 

There are a ton of activities and games for the kids like a balloon artist, charicature artists, photo booths and an amazing DJ that gets them all up and having a good time.  

After having about all the fun we could handle for one day, we called it a night and got some sleep so we would be ready for another fun-filled day! 

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Making Post Game Snack A Grand Slam! {printable}

Sports season is here! All though it never officially stops for us. But during the Spring we are in full sports mode and there's no stopping until June.

We spend our weeks racing from practice to practice, eating dinner somewhere around 4:30p.m. and then again (because kids are always hungry) at 9:00p.m., and doing homework/answering emails/returning phone calls amidst the chaos of it all.

We spend our weekends cheering on the sidelines of rainy soccer fields, jetting off to a variety of cities for two-day cheer competitions, and keeping scoreboard for the little league team all day long.

Our cars are loaded down with enough sporting goods that we could open our own Dicks, and we're burning all those hard earned hotel rewards points from swiping our Amex at Target at a mind boggling rate for out of state competitions and tournaments.

And we wouldn't change a single thing.

Well other than holding practice in anything under 40 degrees. We're southerners, it should be against the law! #mommydoesntdocold

We love that our kids are so active and enjoy a variety of activities. We were both the same way growing up and love seeing what our children are into as they get older and become comfortable in their own interests. Now we know it will change as they get older, and their interests will evolve, but for now we are happy to support them in whatever they choose - even if it means we ate an old granola bar for dinner and our cars have the scent of au de sweaty child.

Being a sports mom means you have a lot of duties. Most importantly - the after game snack.

If you don't bring your A game in the after game snack department you'll be ejected faster than you can say #momfail. 

With so many kids in so many different activities though, we learned long ago to keep the actual snack portion of the snack time super easy. No pinterest worthy sports themed snacks coming from this crew. There was a time way back in the day that we had time for that, but now we go with healthy already prepared snacks that we know kids love

We choose the kids favorite Slammers pouches, a crunchy snack or granola bar, and we package them up with waters or our favorite sports drinks. We package them all together with a cute printable and then we are ready to go. 

The best thing about this is it looks like we put a ton of effort into it to make it pretty and themed, but really we let the snacks do the talking and we lay claim to after game snack hall of fame. 

During basketball season I was inspired by these Slammers pouches to create a fun themed printable. These are our one of our favorite protein packed snacks, and they are perfect for refueling little athletes. There are so many yummy flavors to choose from and our kids love when we freeze them as a post game treat. 

I had made a soccer printable and a few other sports ones a few years ago, but I needed to add basketball and baseball into the mix. These are some of our favorite go-to snacks, and with the fun sayings and flavors it was easy to pair together a fun printable with a healthy snack with just a few seconds of effort. 

For basketball season I came up with partnering the orange Epic pouches with a printable that read "Let's Make Snack a SLAM DUNK"!

Free Basketball snack printable. Great printable for after game snack, basketball themed parties, or basketball practice.

I attached it with curling ribbon to the actual pouch, passed out orange sports drinks with it and we were all set for a yummy after game snack. 

Now that Spring sports are in full effect, I recycled the idea for soccer reusing my already made printable. Then I got inspired again by the pouches and created a new printable for baseball season. 

I easily came up with the theme "Let's Make Snack a GRAND SLAM!". See lots of cute, not a whole lot of effort. :) 

And I've been wanting to use this stash of Take Me Out to the Ball Game ribbon for years. I was so glad to find the perfect time to use it! 

I put all our snack goodies together in a lunch bag and tied them up. Super easy, and looks great for a quick grab and go after game snack. 

Baseball snack printable. Free printable for baseball themed snacks, after game snack time, and baseball parties.

Now we can reuse these over and over the entire season and not even give two thoughts to our game day duties. Just a quick print on our printer, and a quick shopping trip to our pantry for all the snacks.

Now you can win at making your post game snack a grand slam too. Here are the downloads for the printables for you to enjoy!

Download the Baseball snack printable. 
Download the Basketball snack printable. 

What sports sidelines are you cheering from this season? Do you have a favorite after game snack that your kids love? Please share because our post game snack duties are out of control this season and we love sharing snacks the kids actually will eat! 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Spring Ready Edition

Happy Friday sweet friends! We have all made it! 

Cheers to the end of another great (but chaotic) week! I'm not sure about you but I am so ready for some lounging in my pjs while not moving from my couch time. 

Linking up quickly with some of our favorite bloggers for Friday Favorites

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday and it came and went in a soccer mom blur. Luckily no one was about to forget my entrance into my mid-thirties. 

This girl took me to a last minute lunch at our favorite spot, Chili's. (Listen, you can't deny the queso is out of this world.)

And because of school drop offs/picks ups/meetings and just general mom life chaos we had to eat when most people were probably still having breakfast. But who doesn't love having their own private dining experience on their birthday? ;) 

My family helped celebrate and showered me with flowers and gifts. I drank good wine, ate a yummy dinner, and had a to die for S'mores pie in lieu of cake. I entered the big 35 just right. Until that whole day light savings thing. 

My second favorite part of the week also happened over the weekend. The littles officially kicked off their soccer season. They've been practicing for about a month now, but because of rain games keep getting canceled. 

The both played well, and I love that they love a sport that I grew up playing. 

And all those soccer skills will hopefully come back to me because you're now looking at the newest U5 soccer coach. I'm still not even sure how my hand happened to raise itself when they asked for a volunteer. 

I've been trying to get back into my workout routine after Disney. The last few weeks have been jam packed with extra stuff, but I managed to squeeze in a workout or two here and there. 

This workout top has been on repeat. I love the back! It feels amazing and is loose enough to be comfortable during a workout, but without being cumbersome. It comes in a ton of colors and I think I'm going to order the Light Blue or Mint soon. 

Here's a better look at the set I am wearing, and a closer look at the top's back opening. The sports bra is also one of my favorites, and comes in a ton of colors. And I've never been one to say no to a good compression legging, and these ones in my mind rival the Lululemon ones I love, but with a slightly better price. They come in a capri length as well as a full length

I've been waiting for Spring to show us what it's got. Bring on the flowers. Bring on the sunshine. Bring on the temps above 30 degrees! 

And by Spring, I really mean I'm ready for Summer.

I spotted these super cute clutches and wristlets when I was doing some spring shopping for the kids, and I instantly fell in love. The pineapple one just happened to hop in my shopping bag. 

(The cutes ones with poms seem to be sold out online so check in stores!)

And speaking of Summer vibes, Chickfila has gone and figured out a way to put summer in a cup. Times two. 

First there was the Frosted Lemonade that I was addicted to my entire pregnancy with B.C., but now they've upped their game with the new Frosted Sunshine. 

A.K.A. all your summer dreams in a cup. 

For those of you located in Atlanta, it reminds me of a Varsity F.O. YUM! But because it's Chickfila, available on almost every street corner. #dangerous

This week I was lucky enough to see CB a second time! We had a meeting with the lovely ladies of one of our favorite local boutiques - Findlay Rowe

We shopped. We swooned over all the new goodies. We redecorated our homes five times over. And we might have picked you up a surprise or two (Hint, hint. Stay tuned...). 

They have an amazing jewelry selection, and I was so in love with this new jewelry line they have in stock. It's called Uno de 50, and it's to die for!  We couldn't wait to try it on! 

I fell in love with this wrap bracelet and leather buckle bracelet

And we were so ready to take this pearl bracelet home with us. I'm thinking I might have to go back and get it! 

Stay tuned for more in a few weeks, but seriously, not a post you want to miss! 

And my last favorite of the week is happening now! The Lilly x Pottery Barn collaboration starts today and I can't wait to check it all out! 

They've given us a teaser here and there, but I'm ready to see the full line! I would love to add some new entertaining pieces to my collection. So fingers crossed! 

That wraps up my favorites for the week. What were some of yours? 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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