Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Book Club: April

Happy April! It's April Fool's Day, and somehow it all feels like since March we've been trapped in a joke. These are such crazy times to be living in, and each day we wake up it seems almost surreal.

Considering in early March our schedules became wide open, time for reading increased dramatically. For everyone.

Last week our kids chatted about their favorite books. But today is all about books for the mamas because it's Book Club day!

If you aren't a big reader that's okay. You can still chat. We all might need to sit down and hash out the phenomenon/train wreck that is Tiger King. It might require far more drinks though...


Before we got stuck at home because of this crazy Coronavirus I was still running kids here, there and everywhere so I had time to listen to one book.  After that...nothing. No time to listen and no time to read or maybe it was just that I have no motivation? Honestly, I think it is because I have very little "me" time these days. I know things will get back to normal, but I know it will take a while. The one book I actually did finish last month was Jessica Simpson's memoir, Open Book

I LOVED Jessica Simpson at the beginning of her career and loved her on Newlyweds.  I used to tell my hairdresser I wanted to be "Jessica Simpson blonde" and thought she was just so pretty!  

She was SO honest in her book. I loved hearing about her childhood, her family, how she got started in showbiz and the crazy rollercoaster ride that followed.  I knew she was a religious person, but I didn't realize how much her faith played a big role in her life. She had a lot of high moments, but a lot of really low ones, too.  She was brutally honest with the stories in her book and it honestly made me love her even more.  If you have ever been a fan or just want a peek inside what the music business is like, this is a great one to read.  I loved listening to this one because it was narrated by Jessica Simpson herself! 


Well, sit down and grab and extra glass of wine/coffee/tequila whatever is keeping you afloat these days. In March if I wasn't helping the kids with their school work, packing for our move, or virtually trying to put together a home, I was reading. 

I really enjoyed everything I read this month! Which hasn't happened in awhile. So here we go...

First up was Colleen Oakley's You Were There Too. This was on my "suggested list" on Kindle so I downloaded it through Audible. This book was a little unbelievable in its premise, but I loved how it was different than anything else I have read before. It might be one of my favorite of the year so far. The story follows Mia who seemingly has the perfect life - perfect house, perfect husband, etc. Even her dreams are perfect. She has incredible dreams about a mystery man. They've been happening since college. Then one day she meets him in person. And here's catch - he dreams of her too! I don't want to give too much of it away, but this book has a little bit of everything - infertility issues, a love story, depression, domestic abuse, more love story, and an ending that both gives you closure, yet wanting more. 

(I would give this a light rated R for some of the content...or at least a trigger warning.)

Next up is Mr. Nobody by Catherine Steadman. I remember reading Something in the Water a few years ago and enjoying it. So when I saw a new book came out by the same author I gave it a whirl. I feel like she writes psychological thrillers how I like them - a little light on the psycho and thriller sides. Although the antagonist is this one is pretty psycho once you figure out who it is. I tried to listen to this via Audible, but had to finish it by reading it. It's read by the author, but the voice she used was putting me off. The book follows the relationship between a neuropsychologist named Emma and a patient she's been asked to work with that was found washed up on a beach with no memory. There were some parts of this story that I didn't think fit with the rest of the book, and there's a ton of build-up to kind of a weak ending. But still a story that kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting to figure it out. Give it a read over listening to it! 

Okay the next up - let me introduce you to Camille Pagán. I stumbled upon her while searching books on my Kindle and after reading the first book I was hooked. And thanks to the Coronavirus  quarantine we've all found ourselves in, I was able to read three of her books back to back. I like that she writes with a mix of funny, chic lit and emotion all wrapped up in one great story. It was just what my brain needed during these crazy times. 

I was introduced to her in Life and Other Near Death Experiences. The main character finds out a secret her husband has been harboring for their entire marriage on the same day she gets bad news from her doctor. She decides to handle both pieces of information by jumping on the nearest plane to a tropical location. Insert a romance, humor, a happy ending, and you have the perfect pandemic read. 

It was quick, and easy so I  moved onto This Won't End Well. This follows the story of Annie, a chemist who just learns what happens when the head of the company sexually harasses you. At the same time her fiancé calls from the airport to let her know he is leaving for Paris for one month to think about some things and to not contact him for a month. This one throws in the same humor, a funny set of neighbors, a private investigator, and another happy ending. You get where this is going yet? Fun and easy! 

Last for the month was I'm Fine and Neither Are You. This one switches gears a little bit. The story is covers motherhood, friendship, and marriage. It is a little more heavy than the previous two books  I read (but still keeps it on the lighter side), and touches on some deeper topics, but still follows along with the same style of writing. There's a nod to bloggers in this novel, and while you go through a plethora of emotions the ending will make you smile. 

Overall I enjoyed all three reads, and look forward to reading more by Camille Pagán

(Note: I signed up for a Kindle Unlimited membership.  If you are a reader, and have the Kindle app or a Kindle device, it might be worth looking into during the quarantine. There are tons of books on there (like the ones I read by Pagán) for adults and kids. You can also listen to all the books for free too. There are also a ton of great popular magazines included for free. First 30 days are free, and then it is $9.99 afterwards if you aren't a prime member. You can cancel anytime. Worth a look into to save money on reading if you or your family is burning through books right now. )



I downloaded The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward a few weeks ago and have yet to start it.  Maybe this is the week?!?!  I always like the Reese's Book Club picks so hoping to get to this one soon. 

I've already got my first book ready to go. It came highly recommended so I can't wait to dig in. It's In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. 

What have you been reading lately? We need some great suggestions to get us through the quarantine! 

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Yummy Delicious Cookies Kits

Since we are all home for the foreseeable future, finding ways to entertain everyone 24-7 has been a constant challenge. Sure, we have school work and home projects to keep us entertained. But, that can only go so far in terms of hours out of our day. It's been a struggle now that we are more than two weeks into Coronavirus Quarantine 2020.

Luckily, some of our fabulous friends have come up with unique ways to help us battle the dreaded quarantine boredom.

A few weeks ago, our friend Deb announced she was going to make some fun cookie kits for kids to decorate their own cookies at home.

What a great idea! Needless to say, we instantly signed up for some.

Deb owns Yummy Delicious Cookies. She designs and bakes the most delicious custom cookies. Anytime we have a party or a shower, we jump at the chance to see what Deb can whip us up. When it comes to the Yummy Delicious Cookie Kits, she literally has thought of everything.

The first kit released was this fun Disney themed one.

The kit includes instructions, all the supplies you need, frosting, sprinkles and - of course - her yummy delicious cookies.

The kids had a blast with this activity.

It was fun to see how each child approached their cookie decorating and what unique designs they each came up with.

We had so much fun with this activity. And bonus - it was a yummy one for mom too!

Deb is releasing a new cookie kit each week. The next one is this adorable Spring themed one and it will be available for pick-up on April 3rd. We already can't wait!

Find out information on how you can order your own Yummy Delicious Cookie Kit here or here.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Our Elementary & Middle Grades Students Favorite Books

Reading is always important to us, and an activity we try to encourage our kids to do. We have all different levels of readers, and all different types of readers. Some prefer a quick and easy book, some prefer a more in depth chapter book, and some want to skip the reading and go straight to the Audible version. Either way we feel reading - no matter how you are doing it - is super important.

Now that we all find ourselves home a little more than normal (Okay, a lot more than normal. Thanks pandemic of 2020.), we've had way more downtime as a family to read. We know a lot of friends struggling to find things for their kids to read right now, so we asked our kids what their favorite books are.

Some of their choices we weren't shocked by, and some we were surprised about. Here are their current book recommendations.


  • Graphic Novels - Several of our kids went on a graphic novel kick for a while. Topping the list are the Dogman Series, Captain Underpants Series, and Babysitter's Club Series
  • Dragon Book Series - Written by the infamous author of the Captain Underpants Series, these Acorn books are excellent for early elementary school readers. They have short, quick chapters, colorful pictures, and that silly humor Pilkey is known for. 
  • Unicorn & Yeti Series -  Another Acorn chapter book series. Super fun, with short chapters designed for early elementary school readers. 
  • Princess in Black Series - Cross a princess with a super hero and you get Princess in Black. This is a new favorite we received at Christmas, but perfect for those who are just getting into chapter books. 

  • Notebook of Doom Series - A cute, fun not-so-horror story series for kids. Lots of pictures and easy chapters that make it fun for kids. Our kids have loved these. (Bonus: It has no potty talk!)
  • Ball Park Mysteries Series - If you have a sports loving little one these Ball Park Mysteries are perfect. Both our boys love these. Each story takes place in a famous ball park in the United States. 

Upper Elementary School Reading
  • Harry Potter Series - This is a no brainer classic that almost every child loves. We've been reading them and then watching the movie after. We also love this illustrated version that has pictures that kids can use to enjoy and aid their imagination. 
  • Wonder - A story of a special child and kindness! It was made into a movie, but read the book first. Definitely a story everyone should put on their list. 
  • Because of Mr. Terupt - This follows a group of students thrown together in a fifth grade class with a new teacher who teaches lessons just beyond the typical classroom subjects. The sequels  (Mr. Terupt Falls Again and Saving Mr. Terupt) are also great too! 
  • The One and Only Ivan - Told from the point of view of Ivan, a gorilla living in captivity in a mall for 27 years. Such a heart warming story and it was made into a movie! The sequel, The One and Only Bob, comes out in May! 


  • When - This story tops our Middle Schooler's list. It follows a young girl who has the unique ability to see people's death date on their forehead. The talent throws her into a police investigation in this fast paced read. 
  • 5 Feet Apart - For fans of The Fault in Our Stars. This heartwarming story follows two terminally ill teens who become friends, and have one wish - to be together. 
  • The Sun is Also a Star - Two teens on very different paths run into each other in NYC. Scientifically it makes no sense why they would fall in love - but some would say it was written in the stars. Such a beautiful book and it has a movie follow up for more entertainment. 
  • A Dog's Purpose - A heartwarming story about a dog's perspective on his humans. Another great one where a movie is available after the read. 
  • Percy Jackson Series - We read/listened to this series over the course of last Summer. It mixes humor, Greek Mythology, and action. Our kids loved it! (see review link below)
  • Artemis Fowl Series - Another great series to read now before the movie comes out in a few months. This one is action packed from start to finish.  A 12 year old millionaire super genius that just happens to be a criminal mastermind - what's not to love when you're in middle school? 


Here are a few posts from the past where we chatted about kids' book suggestions. We thought these might be helpful, or give you fun activities to help extend the reading.   


Here are a few other fun kid's reading sources that we have found that are a huge help in encouraging reading lately or are great places to get free or online books that your little ones can enjoy. 
  • Audible Kids- Amazon announced that Audible is doing a selection of free online audio books for the duration of everyone's quarantine. They work on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Open Library - A free online library of digital and audio books. You check out books and return them just like you do at your local library. 
  • Over Drive - Another free online library. 
  • Storyline - Books read to kids online by celebrities (our kids love this!). 

What are some of your kids favorite books? We would love to add some to our list! 

Also, if you know of any other great resources we should add to our list let us know. 

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday Favorites: Activities for Kids from Amazon

We made it to Friday!!!  Our first digital learning/quarantining/homeschooling/social distancing week is in the books.  How many more weeks will it be???  No one seems to know.

Our emotions have been all over the place this week.  Some days we feel like we are rocking this at-home thing and others we feel like we are going crazy! Overall, we tried to step back and appreciate the slower pace of life.  We can most definitely say we miss our friends, our sports, our schools, and our normal way of life. However, we're trying to stay positive and look on the bright side of things.  More family time, more down time, more connecting with each other and more opportunities to do the things we wouldn't normally be able to. 

Because we are sticking to our schedule as much as possible and trying to limit technology the best we can, the kids have spent a lot of time this week doing other things. We thought it would be fun to  share some of our favorites that are available on Amazon so you can order and have them delivered right to your front door! Have any favorites of your own?  PLEASE send them our way!!!  

1. Lettering and Modern Calligraphy - My 7th grader told me she wanted to learn how to do calligraphy during this time at home and I thought it was a great idea!  I found this instructional book to teach different lettering styles and it has a lot of practice pages, too! (Also see #7)

2. Dino Fossil Kit - I have shared this before as a great birthday gift idea, but thought it deserved mentioning again. My son loves these National Geographic digging kits and these will keep him busy all afternoon sometimes!

3. Coding and Robotics Kit - This can totally count as their STEM class, right? A fun activity that also keeps their brains working is a win-win!

4. Super Slime Lab - What kid doesn't love slime?  Most moms aren't fans, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Letting your little ones create and make some slime might just be worth it if it buys you a little me time!

5. Tie-Dye Kit - We LOVE to tie-dye in our house. We even had a tie-dye birthday party one year.  This is a fun way to spend an afternoon and actually something that will span a few days from start to finish so perfect for this time at home.  You can tie-dye t-shirts, pillow cases, towels, all sorts of things to keep you busy!

6. Flower Growing Kit - Going to be stuck at home for a few weeks? This kit is one that kids can check on each day and be able to see the flowers/plants grow over time! This one checks some of the science boxes!

7. Calligraphy Pens - This goes with #1.  A set of 12 calligraphy pens in a variety of colors can keep some of your tween girls busy and happy for hours!

8. Kanoodle Game- My kids LOVE this game.  We own a few of them and they always love challenging each other and themselves to solve the puzzles.  A great brain game and also something we like to take with us when we travel on planes or cars because of it's compact carrying case.

9. Rock Art Kit - Painting Rocks anyone?  This could be an art lesson and could extend a few days if you want to "hide" the rocks on a local hiking path, in a park, or even in your neighborhood.  Bring some joy to others who are social distancing during this time!

10. Battle Bots - Go head-to-head with your own remote control robots.  This one is great for multiple kids because they can challenge each other!

11. Zipline - My kids got this for Christmas and it is has been a favorite during our time stuck at home.  Outside time always involves someone zipping around and while it isn't cheap, the fun it provides is worth it!

12. Spy Kit - Anyone have a boy that likes to sneak around?  This spy kits gives them all sorts of tools they need to find finger prints, use invisible ink and special spy glasses to sneak around on every member of your family.

13. Plus Plus Building Toys - This will keep kids busy for countless hours. They can build, use their imagination and be creative with colorful interlocking blocks that can create a flat mosaic or 3D designs.

14. Origami Kit - Ever wanted to learn how to fold paper to create amazing objects? This step-by-step kit will teach the beginners how to make animals!

15. Marble Run Set - Multiple pieces allow your kids to build many different tracks and have marbles race to the end!  Put their little engineering brains to work while they are having fun.

16. Uno Card Game - A classic!  You might already have this, so it is a great time to pull it out. This colorful card game can be played with 2-10 players, so a great activity for the entire family!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Best At Home Work Out Resources (for Adults & Kids!)

Whew! Well this week has been a doozy. We are pretty sure if you asked us a few weeks ago if we thought kids would be out of school for weeks (months?) on end, businesses would close down, grocery stores would resemble something from the Hunger Games, and toilet paper would be the hottest commodity of 2020, we would have laughed and laughed at you.

But, thanks to Coronavirus-pacalypse times have a changed.

We have tried to keep the very best attitude about it all. And for the most part we have succeeded. Luckily, our kids seem pretty ignorant to what is going on in the world, and their concerns are mostly limited to...

"Why am I home, and still have to do work?"

"Why can't I play with my friends?"

"Why can't I go to Target/Starbucks/soccer/cheer/Taco Restaurant?"

and, my personal favorite, "What do you mean I can't have another snack?!!!!"

Carrie Beth shared on Monday her homeschool daily schedule, and we realized having some sort of routine is what is going to make us all survive this Coronavirus Quarantine party none of us wanted the invite to. But remembering to also throw in a little self-care into the mix for our mental health is also a great idea.

We have some great suggestions from Book Club for reading, but with our gyms now closed as well, we did some research on great at-home work outs. Here are some great ones we found for the whole family. Some we've already given a try - and love!

(And since we are already wearing our sweat pants all day every day, it can't hurt to throw in 20 mins of exercise a day, right?)

  • Peloton App - Free for 90 days! Okay, we thought this was just to use with a Peloton bike. It's not. It has tons of great workouts - yoga, strength training, running, etc. 
  • Pure Barre Go - Free 30-45min workouts streamed  Live on Facebook (but can watch/participate anytime). No equipment needed. 
  • Zumba for Kids - Free Zumba mini-lessons geared towards kids, but great cardio moves for adults too. We did this together and it was so fun! 
  • Bulldog Online - Free yoga classes for 60 days with code EXTEND60. 
  • Fitness Blender on YouTube - Free and SO GOOD! This was a reader suggestion, and we can't believe it wasn't in our life before now. Hundreds of videos for all skill levels as well as time frames. There is a fun kids workout available too! 
  • Blogilates - Free! Great pilates workouts ranging in short and long workouts. Super fun, and easy to do from home. 
  • Core Power Yoga - Free yoga workouts. 
  • Maggie Brinkley Workouts - 15 minute, equipment free workouts. Free on Amazon Prime video if a member or sign-up for a 30-day free trial. Also there are rent/purchase options as well. 
  • Beach Body on Demand - This was a reader suggestion. 1,100+ videos to choose from, but with monthly membership. 
  • GymPass - Free for 60 days. Beyond workouts they have meal plans and mental health support. 
  • Go Noodle for Kids - Great free movement classes for kids! Our school uses these for "brain breaks", but the kids have loved doing them at home. 

We would love more suggestions! If there are any that you do at-home and love, share with us! We will update this list as we find and try more! 

Stay healthy friends! 

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Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Daily Schedule for Kids

This past week has been a whirlwind.  It is honestly hard to even wrap my head around all that has happened and changed with the new developments about Coronavirus.

Last week I began getting emails from just about everyone regarding their new policies with regards to the virus and what measures they were taking to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Anything from my pediatrician's office to the place my son gets his hair cut to Old Navy.  Yep, even Old Navy sent me an email about it.  Honestly, that one just made me laugh.

On Wednesday I had stocked up on groceries for the Mr. and younger two kids because I was set to head to Orlando on Thursday for a cheer competition at Disney World. With all of the growing concerns about the spread of this virus we were notified on Wednesday that our gym was still going.  Thursday morning we had another email saying the gym had pulled all of the teams from the competition and that was the news I got to wake my daughter up with.

"Good morning, honey...instead of going to Disney with your friends and teammates to compete, you get to go to school."

She was crushed, mad, disappointed, confused, and annoyed about life at the moment, but I knew it was the right decision.  Later that day our schools were cancelled, baseball was cancelled, soccer was cancelled, basically our entire life was put on hold.

The reality started to sink in a little bit and we all tried to make sense of what this was going to mean for us.  "Digital learning" is the new catch phrase as far as their schooling goes and that is one of the biggest unknowns.  They all went to school on Friday to get final assignments, directions, and guidance for how to navigate these next few weeks and I have a feeling the majority of my day is going to be helping each of my 3 with their online work and assignments.  Just the logistics of logging into different programs, who gets to use the laptop, who is going to work where, etc. has me a little nervous, but we are going to make it work!  I've set up a small workstation for each of them in different parts of the house so they can hopefully concentrate and focus during their digital learning times.

I know my kids view this as a "break" from school, but I have a feeling that they are all going to be eager and begging to go back to school as soon as they can. That is the hard part though. We have NO IDEA when they will be heading back.  Just like schools all over the country, we would hope to go back in 2 weeks, but my guess is the likelihood of that actually happening is very slim.  I've read articles and reports with recommendations that could have us out the rest of the year.  I'm praying that isn't the case, but if it is, we better get used to this new normal.

I'm obviously no expert, but thought I would share what I'm going to be doing to try to keep my kids entertained, engaged and off of their phones/ipads all day long.  I think one of the biggest things to help us all get through these next few weeks is to create a schedule.  I have to admit this made me laugh though:

There have been a ton of these ideas floating around.  Some seem great if you could really make them happen:

Others that I'm sure my kids were hoping for:

My guess is ours will end up somewhere in-between those two. I know ours will be flexible and we will probably have to adjust what we do by the end of the week, but at least it gives us a starting point.  My kids are 8, 10 and 12 and my goal is for them to have an idea of what our days at home will look like while still keeping a little structure. This is the one I made and what I'm aiming for:

Sports play a HUGE part of my kids' lives so along with keeping their school going I also hope to keep their sports going.  I figure if I can be their teacher while they are at home I can also be their coach! We will be practicing drills, hitting off the tee, stretching, throwing, juggling, tumbling, conditioning and anything else we can think of. I can't imagine them going back to school having done nothing over these next few weeks and I feel the same about them going back to their sports having done nothing.

I also wanted to share a few ideas that the kids and I came up with for ways to stay entertained while they aren't working on their school work or sports practices. We're going to keep adding to this list as we think of new ideas!

make bead bracelets
science kits
learn calligraphy
learn to sew
clean out their closets
organize playroom
clean out old toys/books
chores to earn money
watch movies
silly string
jump on trampoline
learn to do laundry
family walks

How are you planning to survive these next few weeks (or longer) at home with your kids???

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Home Sweet NEW Home: Before the Renovations

Yesterday I shared the news that we are moving, and today I'm going to give you a little peek at the house. This is the house before we began renovations. For the record, it is a gorgeous home. Could we have moved into it right away and been fine? Absolutely. 

The home is a custom build from the early 2000's, and the home owners did do a fair amount of updating to it over the years. It is also an eerily similar layout to what our current home has now. That made it easier for us to say, "Yes!". 

Because we already knew how things from our current home would fit, it made it much easier for us to envision ourselves in the space, as well as what we could do to each space. Basically, we are taking what we've done to our current home and replicating it here. 

The previous owners actually did a major renovation to the main floor of their house including a kitchen update only a few years ago. It has a ton of fancy features added to it. Features that I have absolutely no idea how to use. Those who know me personally know that that oven (any oven) is just for show. 

But the cabinets...let's just say that they make my inner OCD extremely giddy. 

When I say it needed work, most of the main two floors of the house really only needed cosmetic updates. Paint, a little bit of dry wall repair, and some flooring replacement were all that were originally on our list. The bathrooms were really the only spaces that needed updating. But again, we could have lived with them too. 

The garage for awhile was our biggest sticking point. We knew we needed a different layout that what the house came with. The garage was too small for either of our cars to fit. My SUV barely fit on one side if we left the door open, and Mr. Magnolia's truck...not a chance. Throw in kids toys and lawn equipment...we knew it wasn't going to happen. The garage would just end up being a storage space and that was feasible long term. 

Originally the owners were going to build a garage because they were running into the same problem, but then they decided they wanted to build a house for the next stage of life now that they are empty nesters. So they gifted us their architectural drawings. We went back and forth (a million times!) on what to do. We asked friends, family, and contractors their opinions. We came up with multiple different scenarios, but ultimately landed on the fact that what they had planned made the most sense. So stay tuned because that is probably the biggest change coming to the house over all! 

The basement is probably our second biggest change. This is where most of the "quirky" came in. I'll share more on this later (because trust me it's a much longer post), but here's a quick peek at some of the basement before we began renovations.

 The outdoor space is what drew us to the home originally, and to date it's still our favorite thing about the house. As much as I will miss my current home, seeing the joy on my kids faces each time they run through the yard, play in the woods, or hit a baseball ball without having to worry about smashing a car or window reassures me we made the right decision I think. There is no doubt they will spend countless hours making memories outside. 

And now you see why my kids were all like, "Mom, quit crying tears over the first piece of hardwood flooring you stepped on when you brought us home from the hospital, put a for sale sign up, and get me a pool float." 

The previous home owners own a pool and landscape design company. So the property has a lot of fun perks. And pretty flowers that I have no idea how to take care of, and have a crazy feeling have already lived their best life. #blackthumb

I'll do a renovation update post soon to show progress. I'm not sure if I will do one big one or room by room. Thoughts? 

The kids have been troopers all Winter, and now that we are getting close to the end we are all excited to move into our new space!  

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