Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fashion Fix: JORD Wood Watches

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Look at us with two Fashion Fix posts back-to-back.  I hope everyone took advantage of the Lilly Sale yesterday and if not there is still time!  Jen and I had fun doing a little sale shopping and can't wait to share our goodies!

Today though I'm so excited to share my new watch with y'all.  A few weeks ago the awesome people at JORD wood watches asked if we would be interested in checking out there unique watches.  I jumped at the chance because I have a friend that has a wood watch and I always notice it when she has it on.  There is something so unique about it that just stands out and is really different in a really good way.

After checking out their website I saw so many different styles that I really liked, but ultimately decided on the zebrawood and turquoise style from the Cora series.  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I wear a lot of it so I knew this watch would match so much of my wardrobe.  Also, the zebrawood had such a unique look to the wood with the contrasting colors of the grain.

I couldn't wait for my new watch to arrive and I was immediately impressed.  It arrived in a wooden box and when I opened it and saw the gorgeous zebrawood and cool turquoise I was in love!

After looking at it close up I thought it was so neat to be able to see the moving parts of the watch through the little peep hole on the face and on the back of the watch there is a glass window where you can see the mechanisms and the rocking pendulum that keeps the watch going.  That's right...there is no battery and it simply stays wound with the natural movement of your body. 

While the movements and the mechanism are pretty impressive, what I'm most impressed with is the look and feel of this watch. It goes great with pretty much all of my summer clothes and I know it will transition well into fall, too.  As soon as it cools off I picture wearing it with jeans, booties, cute tops, and turquoise accessories.  For now though the heat is still here in the south and shorts and tank tops are in order.

It's no secret that Jen and I love leopard print and I love how the colors of the zebrawood on my watch compliment my leopard belt so well.  I wear this belt ALL of the time, no matter what the season, so I know my new watch will be worn just as much!

The other really surprising thing I found about my watch was how lightweight it is.  I guess I just figured that because it was made of wood that it would feel heavy, but instead it feels much lighter than my gold and silver watches.  It's also a really fun addition to my little arm party.  I always wear a few bracelets stacked with a my watches and I love how my turquoise and gold bracelets really bring out the colors of this watch.  

Have you browsed JORD's site yet?  Fallen in love with a cool watch for yourself or are you thinking about someone that might love a unique watch as a gift?  You know it is never too early to start Christmas shopping!!!  If so, y'all are in luck because we've partnered with JORD for a giveaway!

**Contest Details**
All you have to do is click HERE to sign up for a chance to win.  The winner will receive a $75 coupon code to be put towards a watch of their choice.  And if you don't win, you will still receive a $20 coupon code just for entering!  The contest ends August 31st so be sure to click and sign up today for your chance to win!  

To learn more, you can check out JORD on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
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This post contains an affiliate link. 

This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I really do LOVE this watch!  

Wooden Watch Review

Monday, August 22, 2016

Fashion Fix: After Party Sale

Happy Monday! For Lilly lovers this might be one of the few Monday's we are excited to get up and at 'em early. :) 

Who is ready for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale? 

As always, we are so pumped! 

The sale is especially fun this year because they are going to be releasing some new items as the sale continues rather than all at once first thing this morning. We love everything LP, but here are just a few of our favorites from the sale. Some of these we own (see here) and some we are coveting. We will share our favorite finds later in the week.

(Click the pics for details)

Note: The Dahlia Sleeveless Pleated Floral Top runs a little big (top right). It's much longer and roomier on us than pictured here, and absolutely one of our favorite purchases this year!

Note: Rompers are our absolute favorite! They are comfy and easy outfits to wear. We've both sized up to give ourselves a little more room, more length, and a little blousier look up top.

Shorts are always our favorite and they usually go so fast!

For the Minnie's! And we love these swimsuits!!! Matching ones are on the top of our wish list this year!

Be quick because the sale pieces usually move fast! 

What's on your After Party Sale wish list? 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Time to Connect: Dinner with Ellio's Pizza!

Thank you Ellio’s Pizza for sponsoring this post. Visit your local retailer to pick up your own Ellio’s Pizza for a pizza night in!

Dinnertime is my absolute favorite time of the day - especially during the school year. I love having family meals sitting around our kitchen table.  Between work, school, after school activities, homework, and the hustle and bustle of life in general, it’s usually the only time during the day that we can really sit and focus on each other. 

Dinner is the one moment in our day we can listen to the kids giggle over whatever silly thing has caught their eye, catch up on whatever events happened to one another throughout our day and simply enjoy our time together as a family. 

Growing up we always had family dinners - even during the busiest of our school days. My mom always made sure we sat down and dined together. I might not have always appreciated this as I became a teenager (sorry mom!), but as I’ve gotten older and now have a family of my own, I’ve come to thrive on this special time of day.  

Leading up to dinnertime though is usually a marathon. With school now in full swing, our days have switched from poolside lounging to full on jam packed moments of learning and practices. While we love being able to enjoy dinner with our family, making that dinner can sometimes seem daunting after a day filled with a million and one activities and tasks. Some evenings I want to just prepare a quick wholesome meal that I know the kids will enjoy. Less fuss over dinner equals more time that we are able to spend together, so the more convenient the meal, the better. 

Recently I introduced our family to Ellio’s Pizza, a brand that's been a Northeastern staple for the past 5 decades and is now available in our neck of the woods, too. My kids absolutely love pizza and would eat it every night if I let them - so I knew Ellio’s cheese pizza would be a huge hit. I partner it with a yummy salad and some fruit for a well balanced meal and dinner is ready in just minutes. Not only are my kids happy, but I can enjoy no stress prep and savor those precious moments we have together even more. 

The kids even enjoy Ellio’s as a quick afternoon snack. They are usually starving after school and instantly try to hit the pantry the moment they come home. I usually try to steer them towards something a little more wholesome - Ellio's is made with 100% real cheese and no artificial flavors - rather than eating a ton of snacks. 

Funny enough, their newest favorite after school activity is watching re-runs of games from their beloved hometown baseball team while snacking on their favorite cheesy pizza. While this summer we opted out of our usual season tickets, we did manage to take them to a few games. They quickly have become baseball obsessed, and I am more than happy to indulge them with a little afternoon pizza snack and some rowdy team chanting.  

Cute also informed me that it’s perfect baseball watching pizza because it’s square and doesn’t have any crust on it - just the way he and Carrie Beth’s Boo-Boo like it. 

From afternoon snacks to family centered dinners, I am thankful to have a quick and convenient meal available so that I can savor these sweet moments that truly matter.  

What mealtime moments do you savor? 

Check out the store locator at the top of the Ellio's homepage to see where you can find Ellio's Pizza near you. Learn more about Ellio’s on FacebookTwitterTumblr and Instagram.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dr. Oetker USA LLC. I received compensation for this post, however all opinions stated are my own.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Photo Gallery Wall

A few weeks ago when I posted about the Mini Boden fall clothes I kept going back to this picture of my sweet little Boo-Boo and our pup Walker.

All three of my kids have a very different bond with him, but since Boo-Boo doesn't have a brother I think the two of these have a brotherly bond if that makes any sense at all.  They wrestle, play tug-of-war, chase each other, and just genuinely love one another.I loved that this picture captured such a sweet moment between the two of them that I decided it needed to go on my photo wall so I made it black and white and added it to the wall. 


When we moved in our house a few years ago I started on this project because I had wanted to do it for years.  I collected lots of different black frames to add to some that I already had and then went through old photos to select the ones I wanted to print.

To get an idea of how things would look I spread out all of the pictures out on the floor and then moved them around until I had them the way I wanted it positioned.  Then I just sort of went for it and we started hanging.  There was really no rhyme or reason to it...I just tried to mix it up and I LOVED the outcome.  It's one of my favorite things to look at and I often catch the kids looking at the pictures, too.  It's like a walk down memory lane.

It's on the wall leading from our mudroom to the kitchen/foyer area (and directly across from my desk area), so I see it all the time!

A few notes if you want to do a similar project:

*I started with the center and worked my way out.  I really didn't stress too much about placement or measuring, I just held it up and did what I thought looked right and because it isn't all in straight lines it really doesn't show any imperfections in my hanging skills.  I tend to take more of a "that looks good enough" mentality when it comes to hanging these.

*I only started with about half of the pictures that I have up now. I purposefully left plenty of room so that I could add to it as I had new pictures I loved and wanted to display.

*I have frames from everywhere!  Target, Wal-Mart, HomeGoods, TJMax, Tuesday Morning, Michaels, and pretty much everywhere else.  When I find black frames on sale I'll pick them up and save them until I have more pictures to add to my wall.  Because none of the frames match, I'm able to keep adding to this wall.

*Some of these pictures are professional ones (taken by the one and only Jen during her photographer days) and others are just pictures I took.  I convert the ones I take to black and white using iPhoto on my computer and print.  I haven noticed that sometimes when I get them printed they look more blue or green than black/white. Jen suggests trying to print from Costco for the best quality in black/white and I could tell a big difference on this last picture I had printed.  I did one at a drugstore, but it turned out so green that I re-printed it at Costco.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I See Me: A Princess Story

 Happy Wednesday sweet friends! These last few weeks have been nothing short of crazy, but I have been amazed to learn just how resilient and adaptable my little crew is. Little Cute has been so sweet lately amidst all of the changes and chaos we have going on, and continually entertains us with her larger than life personality.  

Lately, she has been all about the princesses. At the beginning of Spring she discovered the magic of Frozen, and whenever she gets a chance she dons her princess crowns, jewels, and dress up gowns. 

She makes me smile when I see her walk in the room wearing her princess gear. I love it, and even encourage the occasional outing in which she can fashion her tiara (because who wouldn't want to wear a tiara out and about?) and sport her sparkly heels. 

Showing me her princess muscles! 
Because L.C. has been such a trooper lately I decided to surprise her with fun little gift. 

A few months ago, Carrie Beth and I had gifted the boys personalized books from i See Me

The boys were so excited about receiving their books containing their very own personalized adventures - and still ask us to read them almost daily. What you didn't see though was when we gave the books to the boys, L.C. broke down in tears because she wanted a story of her very own, too. She didn't quite understand why Cute and Boo Boo had their pictures in a book and she didn't. We felt so bad seeing her sweet two year old face heartbroken. 

Now she quickly forgot about the moment, but when I was thinking of what to surprise her with one day instantly the i See Me books were what popped into mind. 

Once I saw the Princess All-In-One Gift Set I knew it would be the perfect surprise for her! Not only does it contain a personalized princess book, but it also contains personalized stickers and a personalized coloring book as well. With all the traveling we have been doing lately I knew she would love being entertained by the stickers and coloring book.

Just as when we did the boys' stories, I was able to quickly put together a story filled with personalized details from names to cities to physical attributes, and even a fun note from Mr. Cute and I. The turn around time for the products was just over a week and I was giddy with excitement to give it to her. 

When she came home from school I let her open it and at first she didn't know what to think, but the moment she saw that it was a book with her name on it she was over the moon excited!

She couldn't believe she had her very own story just like her big brother had - and even better, stickers and something to color on. To say she was happy was an understatement. 

She loves looking at the pages and quickly pointed out all of the special personalized details. 

One of her favorite parts of the story, is where the she realized she had a horse named Elsa in the story. Her Frozen fever being fed even more. 

Her photo can be found several times throughout the story. I think as young as she is, it makes the story a little more fun since she can look through the pages and see "her" book until she is able to read the words on her own. 

The personalized princess stickers were a huge hit right off the bat, and she's put them on everything she can possibly think of. Monogram everything...she comes by it honestly. ;)  

The stickers actually came in handy for back to school. Considering you have to label anything and everything that goes to school, the stickers were a fabulous way to check that task off my list. I let her pick what she wanted to put her princess stickers on and she made me laugh when I saw she put one on her lunch box insert. 

I love that I was able to surprise my little princess with a special story of her own - one I know she will be able to cherish for years. 

To learn more about i See Me personalized books and products: 
website | twitter | facebook | instagram | pinterest |

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**We were gifted product from I See Me in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.**

Monday, August 15, 2016

Pinterest Fail!

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was super busy so it flew by, but we managed to squeeze in lots of fun, too.

Often times Jen and I share a lot of perfect Pinterest worthy projects with y'all.  That is just part of our blogging life, but I'm here to tell you that it doesn't always go as planned.  You've probably seen those "Pinterest Fail" pictures floating around where they show the inspiration and then then actual product?


They always make me laugh and I always crack up at the funny fails.  Well, this weekend I had my very own Pinterest fail.  I just want to keep it real and let y'all know not everything we create ends up making to to Pinterest.

Some of you might remember that last week I shared about our obsession with the Olympics.  After checking out some other really great pins for Olympic themed crafts, games and desserts I decided to we needed to create a little Olympic dessert to enjoy while watching and cheering for Team USA.

I saw this cute cake making the Olympic rings out of M&M's and thought it would be the perfect thing for the kids to help me with.

I really am a perfectionist and it's hard for me to just sit back and let others take control of things. Even a simple little dessert decorating project like this, but that is exactly what I did.

Instead of making cake to decorate I used these giant pre-made Rice Krispy treats.  Have y'all seen these?

It's huge so I cut it in half and gave each of the girls and their friends who were over spending the night one of the pieces.  I used store bought frosting and had them spread it on.  Then they sorted the M&M's by colors.

Next came the actual decorating.  We talked about the rings and I showed them my picture for inspiration and then let them just have at it.  It took serious restraint for me to not step in.  I wanted to correct their circles, neatly place the M&M's on the frosting so that the "M" wasn't showing and make sure that everything was evenly spaced.  But I didn't.  I just let them do it and they were SO proud of the results.

The older two actually tried to interlock their rings and I was impressed with their attempt.

Does it look Pinterest perfect?  No!  But they all had the best time and loved every second of it.  So even if it might not look as pretty as I had pictured it in my head, it was still a success in my book!

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