Sunday, February 18, 2018

Be Our Guest...Blogger

This upcoming week we are changing things up a bit here in Magnolia Mama land. Both of us will be enjoying some much needed vacation time for our Winter Breaks. While we are away we have lined up some amazing ladies to entertain you while we are gone. We've gotten a sneak peek at what they are going to share, and you are going to have so much fun meeting each and every one of them!

If you want to follow along with us on our travels we'll be popping in now and then on Instagam and on our Insta-stories.

See you next week and stay tuned! We have some amazing things in the works for when we get back!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Nothing But LOVE Edition

My heart has been so full this week! And now that it's Friday - the icing on the cake! 

The entire month of February has been jam packed with fun, and today marks the start of our Winter Breaks. One of us is heading off for some sunny adventures, and the other is headed frolic in the snow. Both of us are of us are over the top excited about it. 

So far we have nothing but LOVE for the month of February! 

Today we might be kicking off vacation, but that's not the only thing to love lately. Linking up today as usual for a little Friday Favorites with some fabulous ladies. Not to mention, I have stumbled on a ton of favorites lately so get ready...

First, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Valentine's Day itself. I didn't take many photos, but it was such a fun day filled with love. 

The kids had so much fun at their class parties passing out Valentines and making crafts. 

Then they ate about a thousand pieces of candy and we did what any smart parents would do...we left them with a babysitter to go out to dinner on our own. 

We ate at a local restaurant and it was laid back and easy - just the way we like it. Plus tasty drinks and yummy desserts, what's not to love about that?

 I have approximately 87 more miles of running to go before I burn off that piece of peanut butter pie, but oh so worth it! 

We aren't consistent about giving gifts for Valentine's Day. Last year I even bought my own gift

This year though I wanted to get the kids a little something. They have been asking for these blankets for forever and I had kind of forgotten at Christmas. Well, Valentine's Day made all their shark/mermaid loving dreams come true. 

They have put these on non-stop since they got them and love them!

Who knew a blanket could be so exciting?! 

Okay, since I mentioned running above, I have to share my new favorite show to watch while I'm running. Netflix has been one of those things we signed up for on a whim and I have loved it! I just pop up the app when I'm at the gym, choose my show and go. 

We crowd sourced a few months ago on Facebook about what shows to watch on Netflix, and you guys gave some awesome suggestions. I just finished up with season two of the The Crown, and went back and looked at the list. A reader had messaged us about Scandal so I decided to give it a try. 

Y'all it is so so good! How did I not watch this earlier?!

It's definitely got me hooked and I'm so glad that there are a ton of seasons to binge watch!

So far on Netflix I've watched:
The Crown

 What have been your favorite shows on Netflix? Keep the suggestions coming!

I have all but given up on Winter and winter style. I am over the cold, rainy weather we have been having this season and am ready for some warmth and sun! We are headed somewhere sunny next week and I CANNOT WAIT! I was doing a little shopping for the trip and spotted some cozy, yet fun sweatshirts. If there's anything I can rock right now it's a sweatshirt. ;) 

This "Satur-yay" sweatshirt was a no-brainer. That's exactly how I feel every Saturday. 

It has a hi-low hem line so it's perfect to wear with leggings. It's lightweight, so perfect to wear into spring. And just a fun, casual weekend item.  

I love all things nautical so when I spotted this yellow anchor sweatshirt, I knew it needed to come home with me too. 

I've worn it a ton already. I've partnered it with jeans and my green Hunter boots on rainy days and popped it on with seersucker skinnies and my converse on others. So easy, so cozy, and will but cute to throw on in the Spring with some cut off shorts and flip flops. 

In prep for our trip, I've had to get the kids some new warm weather shoes. I re-ordered the Native shoes again because they literally are the easiest shoe to put kids in during the Summer months. My kids wore them everywhere - the pool, the beach, on the boat, playing outside. They are so easy and just rinse off. 

For the girls I found these fun converse-like shoes, and they were so inexpensive. L.C. loves hers and couldn't wait to wear them right away. 

They come in a ton of bright fun colors, and I ordered a few more pairs that will arrive when we return because the girls love them so much.  

Less than $10 for cute kids shoes? If that's not a favorite I don't know what is! 

Last week, Carrie Beth chatted about her favorite beauty products. Even being best friends, and chatting about everything under the sun some of these were new to me. I immediately ordered the root boost she mentioned and can't wait to give it a try. Skincare has been a huge topic among our circles lately (hello, wrinkles - eek!), and at a dinner my friend A was asking about my routine because she noticed some changes. I guess to me the change has been gradual over time that I haven't  noticed, but it was nice to see that it's producing noticeable results. I sent her a pick of my line up. 

I use a combo of these every single day. Some are pricey, but oh so worth it.
  • Columbia Probiotic Concentrate - I love this. It makes my skin feel so good! My skin seems to soak it right up and over time I feel as though my skin is little plumper (if that's the right word for it). I need to reorder but it's been one of my favorite products. 
  • Columbia Skincare Probiotic Complex - I use this twice a day, every day. I use it after I put on one of the oils or concentrates in the morning and at night. It is my favorite and such a good moisturizer. 
  • Dermae Illuminating Oil - I usually use this once every few days. It makes your skin feel good, and it smells so so good. I love using it when I feel a little tired. It seems to brighten up my skin a ton. Especially 
  • Skin Ceuticals  CE Ferulic - Okay I heard about this from someone and started using it about 6 months ago. It had rave reviews and I was willing to give it a try. I think this was probably the contributor for my friend asking about my skincare routine.  I use it every morning. Full warning - it doesn't smell the best, but clearly it works it's magic. 

What are some of your favorite skincare products? Share with us because I'm always willing to change up the lineup if it produces great results. 

And that's our favorites for the week! Stay tuned for something fun we have going on next week and follow along on Instagram to see where we are headed!

Have a great weekend y'all!

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**This post contains some affiliate links, but all thoughts and awesome opinions are our own!**

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness {Ideas for Kids}

Random Acts of Kindness Day is this Saturday, but we're celebrating all week!  Last week I shared these Kindness Treat Bags and Blondie asked me if we had any extras. She wanted to take one to the lunchroom monitor at school.  

She said this woman was the nicest lady and she had told her teacher she thought this woman deserved to be paid more!  Not only does she have to put up with the loud cafeteria at school and kids that are being wild, but she does it with a smile on her face and is so sweet and kind to the kids. I loved that she came up with this idea on her own and wanted to do something special for this woman. I sent her off to school with the Kindness Treat Bag and she came home saying it made the woman feel so appreciated! 

I loved that it was her idea and she got to see how wonderful it feels to do something nice for another person.  On that note, I thought I'd share some other Random Acts of Kindness ideas for kids.  Easy ideas that can help get kids involved and start sharing the love! 

Some ideas are totally free, some take a little prep, but all are sure to put a smile on someone's face. 

Simple things like taping quarters to a vending machine or candy bar at the store...

Leaving lucky pennies on a sidewalk for someone to find...

And painting/hiding rocks for others to find...

  Head on over to Savvy Sassy Moms to see all 10 of our ideas! There are so many ideas all over the internet. It's fun to come up with a list with your kids and get to work. Anything that can lift someone up, make them smile, spread the love and share the kindness.

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Thank you Oriental Trading for providing some of the products for this post. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Galentine's Day Giveaway

Happy Galentine's Day y'all! 

Okay...we have to admit, until just a few weeks ago we had no idea this was even a holiday. But that's not going to stop of from having a little fun with it. We love any kind of holiday, especially one where we can celebrate all the amazing ladies in our lives. 

If there is one lesson we have learned in life (and as mother's) it's that you need great girlfriends to support you/have fun with/go to advice for/travel with/share a glass of wine and good laugh with! 

So we will proudly celebrate a holiday that celebrates that! 

We also wanted to have a little fun with it, and do a quick little giveaway for all you ladies who support this little blog! 

We know second to great girlfriends getting you through this journey called motherhood, you need a good cup of caffeine. 

We love these little coffee huggers that our friend Kathryn sells in her super cute shop, and we snagged a few extra in our last order. 

They are super cute, and there are a ton of fun little cheeky sayings with different patterns. Just a little something extra to make us smile on those hectic mornings (or if you're like us, afternoons too). 

So we've decided to giveaway for you and your Galentine! Enter in the comments below to win one of these super cute coffee huggers and a Starbucks gift card for you and a friend. Winner will be notified on Thursday, February 15th. 

U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen at random and have 24 hours to claim prize or another winner will be chosen. 

Head to Instagram for an extra chance to win! 

Who will you be celebrating Galentine's Day with? 

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Easy Valentine Gifts for Teachers

It's no secret we love to spoil our teachers.  From gift baskets at the beginning of the year to little gifts along the way, we like to let them know just how much we appreciate them and all they do for our kids.  Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your teachers just how much you love them and I wanted to come up with a cute, but easy gift for our teachers this year.  

I came up with a sweet snack mix and decided to package it in mason jars. I actually spray painted the lids red to make them look a little more festive! 

I mixed marshmallows, Valentine's Day M&M's, pretzels, and teddy grahams.  My kids and I love a good sweet/salty mix, so hopefully the teachers will enjoy it, too! 

After it was all mixed I put it in the jars and tied it with ribbon.  So easy, so yummy and done!  

For our regular classroom teachers I also added a Target gift card to their treat and was so excited when I found these LOVE ones.  So appropriate because we really do LOVE our teachers!  

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: Beauty Products

Happy Friday!!!  It's my favorite day of the week. I love knowing we have the whole weekend ahead of us. This weekend we don't have too much on the calendar so that means you'll be able to find us at home cheering on USA in our favorite winter sports.  We're so excited about the Olympics starting!  Here's a random bit of info for y'all.  I actually danced in the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympics when I was 16 years old!  It was such a cool experience and since then I have always loved the Olympics.

Today I'm not talking about the Olympics though...instead I'm linking up with some of our favorite bloggers to share some of my favorite beauty products for Friday Favorites.

Here's the deal, while I love products, I really don't use that many. I like to keep things pretty minimal  mostly because I want my getting ready for bed or getting ready for the day routine as quick as possible.  I can't stand buying a product thinking it is going to be great and then realizing it isn't really as awesome as I had hoped.  I use a lot of reviews and recommendations from other people to try to make sure I'm not just wasting money to get products that I'm not going to love so that is how the idea of this post came about. Maybe by me sharing some of the products I love, some of these will become your favorites, too!

Back in August I shared this shirt on Instagram and SO many people wanted to know where they could get it. Well here is a confession.  I don't drink Diet Coke and at that point I had never used dry shampoo!  

That actually isn't true. I had used one brand of dry shampoo that I got a sample of, but it made my hair sticky, weighted down, and just gross.  After that first attempt I had written it off and said no more to dry shampoo.  Well, then my friend told me about how she just started using Batiste Dry Shampoo and how it changed her life.  Not in some crazy big way, but it did change her daily routine and allowed her to go longer between washings so I was willing to give it a try.  I'm telling y'all, this stuff is amazing! If you haven't tried dry shampoo, start with this brand because it is the best.  

I used to wash my hair everyday that I wanted to fix it because it just did better after a fresh wash and blow-dry.  Now though, I can use this and still style it and it looks good, if not better.  Or I can use it when I know I'm going to be throwing it up into a ponytail and working out, but don't want it to look greasy. I'm telling y'all, this has changed my routine! 

  There are so many different scents and varieties and I wasn't sure which to start with, but I just went with the Clean & Light Bare and love it. It smells SO good and fresh and I feel like it smells like my hair does after leavening the salon.  I'm obsessed with the scent. It does seem a bit white when I spray it onto my roots, but for me that works because I have blonde hair.  My friend who told me about it has dark hair and she uses the one for darker hair. There is a brunette one and a Dark and Deep Brown option also if you have darker hair.  

While we are on the topic of hair, another product that was recommended to me and I now use regularly is this Moroccanoil Root Boost

I have really fine hair and it can look pretty limp and lifeless if I just dry it straight. I usually have to add some curl or something just to give it some life. When I tried this for the first time the former pageant girl in me rejoiced!  Jen and I always joke we love big hair and this stuff does the trick. I just spray it on my roots before blow drying and it adds texture and lift that I need! 

I have tried a lot of different mascaras and eyeliners over the years.  From expensive ones to things I pick up at the grocery store and I always come back to this combo.  I prefer them over any expensive brand and I think they work so much better.  The eyeliner goes on really smooth and the mascara makes my lashes look long and full.  

I like Blackest Black for the mascara and both Espresso and Carbon Black for the eyeliner

I've been using this e.l.f. highlighter in Blush Gems for a while now. I have other brands and different types (stick form, loose powder), but always come back to this!

Plus, it is only $4 so you can't beat that! 

When I'm not wearing LipSense, my go-to for some lip color is Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. I have to be really careful about what kind of products I use on my lips because I had a horrible allergic reaction a few years ago, but this stuff is the best.  

It's moisturizing and adds color and simmer, but it is more sheer at the same time and feels very light on. My favorite colors are Peony and Watermelon. 

Last, but not least for day is my secret for taking makeup off...especially eye make up.  I use coconut oil!  Just plain, get from the grocery story, coconut oil.  I once read that this could be used for taking off makeup and I tell you it is the BEST!!!  I keep a jar in my bathroom that I use only for beauty use. 

I use these make-up wipes first and then use the coconut oil to take off my eye makeup. I just put a bit on a tissue and rub it onto my eyes and it gets off all the mascara and eyeliner. I also sometimes use it on a q-tip the next morning if I have remnants of eye make-up from the day before. It might sound weird, but I promise this is one of my favorite beauty tricks! 

So my last favorite is something I'm hoping y'all can help me with. I'm on the search for a great concealer. The brand I used to use is no longer available and I've tried at least 4 since then trying to find the right one and just haven't come across one I love. I have darker circles under my eyes and need something light to help brighten them up.  Do you have one you love?  If so, please email me or share in the comments! 

What are your favorite beauty products?  Anything you have tried and loved?  Please share! 

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