Wednesday, February 13, 2019

You're Invited: Power of Breath Fashion Show & Luncheon

Today we want to chat with you about a fun little event coming up in addition to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. We've said it before and we'll say it over and over and over again - this blog has given us the opportunity to meet some fabulous women. We've gotten to take part in some amazing things, been introduced to neat experiences, and on occasion we are sent a cute pair of shoes. But nothing compares to the relationships that we have formed. 

A few weeks ago we met up with this gorgeous lady. Melissa is the Executive Director for The American Lung Association in Georgia. We were introduced to her almost a year ago by our friends at Findlay Rowe. We are so passionate about what Melissa does, and the work that her team does for our community. 

Now we have something fun planned with Melissa that we'll chat about that in a sec, but first we want to get a little real. It was until our discussions with Melissa over the last few months that we realized how grossly misinformed we were about lung cancer. 

The statistics that she shared were shocking! Even more so when we learned that lung cancer is diagnosed at a higher rate here in Georgia - especially among women. In fact, nationally the number of women diagnosed with lung cancer has increased 94% in the last 39 years. 

Even more shocking was to learn that most individuals diagnosed with lung cancer have never even smoked before! 


We were so naive, and thought one lead to another. We now realize how little education is actually out there about lung cancer, and its causes. 

It spoke to our hearts to learn that every few minutes there are individuals out there receiving their diagnosis and asking themselves, "How? Why?!".  Women like us. Like you. 

We wanted to do something - anything - to help. So when Barbara, Audrey, and Melissa asked us to be part of their Power of Breath Fashion Show & Luncheon we were honored. 

And we want you to join us!!


The Power of Breath Luncheon will take place on Friday, March 1st at the Country Club of the South. The event with be fun with a capital FUN. 

The main purpose of the lunch is to help support the American Lung Association and honor the women in our community who have gone above and beyond to bring awareness to the cause. These are women who have been nominated by their peers and have committed themselves to raising $15,000 in support of lung health.  

In addition to celebrating the leading ladies of lung cancer the luncheon will feature a fashion show (we might know a Magnolia Mama or two who will be walking - eeks!), an auction, and a wine wall you can bid on (some bottles retail for over $200!). 

The fun doesn't stop there! Several of our favorite designers and boutiques will also be hosting pop-up shops where the proceeds will benefit the American Lung Association. To give you a little sneak peek at who will be there...

Fashion, shopping, an amazing group of women, and yummy eats...need we say more?! We. Can't. Wait! 

Be Our Lunch Date! 

Tickets usually sell out for this event, but there is currently still availability. We would LOVE it if you could join us! Tons of other local bloggers will be walking the show as well, so it will be a great chance to meet some of your favorites in person. 

It's for a wonderful cause! And you get to be entertained not only by seeing us do our best Gisele B√ľndchen impersonations, but by the fabulous Keisha Lancelin from CW Atlanta who will be emceeing the event. 

We hope to see you March 1st at the Country Club of the South so we can all celebrate the Power of Breath! 

Purchase your tickets to the Power of Breath Fashion Luncheon HERE

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Why You Should Sleep On a Silk Pillowcase

Around Christmas time we were hearing all the rage about silk pillowcases and felt a little left out.  We had never really even thought about silk pillowcases and all of the benefits of sleeping on one until then.  We started reading and doing a little research and y'all!!!!  We feel like we had been living with our heads in the sand.  Good for your hair and your wrinkles?  You better believe as soon as we found that out we were all about jumping on the silk pillowcase bandwagon.

Apparently studies have shown that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help reduce wrinkles because the older you get the "sleep" wrinkles that happen overnight don't disappear as quickly as they once did.  Over time they may become more permanent.  No one wants that!  When sleeping on a silk pillowcase your face glides over the silky smooth fabric keeping lines and wrinkles to a minimum.

Not only is it good for your skin, but also for your hair and it totally makes sense when you think about it.  With a regular pillowcase your hair is met with friction when it moves, which can not only damage and break hair, but also give you a serious case of bed-head.  With a silk pillowcase your hair glides over it smoothly keeping hair healthy.  Bonus, if you curl your hair it will often keep some of it's curl while you sleep.

Jen's next day hair: 

We reached out to our friends from Fisher's Finery about trying their silk pillowcases after seeing they were available on Amazon and had over 1,000 reviews. They come in several different colors and sizes and we both got one that was similar to our regular sheet color so when the bed is made you can't even tell it is different. We didn't think the guys would care too much about a silk pillow case, so we just got ourselves one.

The Fisher's Finery silk pillowcases are made from pure 100% Mulberry Silk and also won the Good Housekeeping stamp of approval!  We both love them and really feel like the hair thing is the best because we can wake up and not have to do much to our 2nd day hair.

After loving them so much we also ordered some for our girls because they all have some form of curly hair that becomes super tangled overnight.  This has really helped prevent as many tangles and makes mornings a little bit easier.  For the girls we decided to try satin pillowcases.  They obviously aren't quite as silky smooth, but for them we feel like it was a great alternative at a lower price point.

These Morning Glory satin pillowcases come in a two pack and are available in a ton of different colors and patterns.

We are so curious to hear what you all think?  Do you sleep on a silk pillowcase?  Do you believe the hype like we do?  Let us know in the comments!

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Monday, February 11, 2019

Girls Night Out Idea {Board & Brush East Cobb}

Last week was a doozy!  Just a crazy busy week so we were really happy that we had planned a girls night Friday night. It was the perfect way to end the week and start the weekend.  

We had made plans to visit Board & Brush East Cobb and had THE.BEST.TIME!!!  The owner, Sarah, was SO very sweet and super helpful during the workshop.  

We've both had friends that have been, but this was our first experience there and we weren't really sure what to expect except that we knew we'd be making wooden signs that we picked out.  

You pick out your design in advance so they can have all of the materials prepped and ready for you.
Oh my goodness though, it was SO hard to pick just one. Check out all of their designs HERE.

There were SO many cute designs and different things we wanted to make.  After seeing them all in person hanging on the walls of the studio, it made us love them all even more.  

We loved that we could request who we wanted to sit with so that we knew our group would all be at one table.  As we arrived, we checked the stencils they had prepared, opened our wine (they are BYOB which makes the night even more fun), and got ready to craft away.  

The ladies assisting with the class were so helpful and constantly were coming around to ask if we had questions and were there to help us along.  

We got to use several different tools to distress our boards as much or as little as we wanted.  That part was loud, but fun!  

Then it was time to put the boards together and start staining.  It was fun to see all of the different stains and how two people could be making the exact same design, but the finished products would look totally different just because of their color choices.  

The painting part was way easier than we had expected.  The stencil makes it really easy and it is basically foolproof.  

They have a TON of colors to choose from...pretty much anything you could want! 

We loved our finished products and were so happy with the way they turned out.  

We've already made plans to go back and can't wait to make some more signs!

***Discount Code***
Interested in planning your own girls night???  We have a discount code you can use to get $10 off your workshop. Use Code: BBMAGNOLIA when you book your class at Board & Brush East Cobb.  You can go with a friend, with a group, or even with your kids.  I plan to take my girls next week over Winter Break. They also do birthday parties which I plan to for my girls this year, too! 

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Super Bowl Weekend in Atlanta

I think almost a full week later I have finally recovered from Super Bowl Weekend here in Atlanta.  We were lucky enough to get to attend the big game and loved the entire weekend.

It started off on Friday afternoon when we made our way downtown to check into our hotel.  Even though it was in our home city, I was really happy that we had a place to stay.  Traffic was crazy getting in and out of the city and just around in general.  We were at The American Hotel and it was right downtown so we could walk to everything! 

We went to a delicious dinner at Morton's Steakhouse and then got to see Imagine Dragons at the Tabernacle.  It was such a great venue for a concert and so small and intimate. It was nice to be able to see everything up close and they put on a great show!

Friday night I wore my favorite leggings and this awesome faux fur vest that I have shared before. 

On Saturday we went to came home to do some stuff with the kids and then went back downtown Saturday night for the Cardi B and Bruno Mars concert.  

We were in the Atlanta Social area and it was super nice VIP section. 

There was quite a bit of excitement before the concert began when we sat down with some friends of ours and they pointed over to who they thought was Lady Gaga.  I about lost my mind. I'm a huge Lady Gaga fan!  When I saw her thought I just wasn't sure. I asked all of our Instagram followers on our story and the majority of them thought it was her, too. She was in a separate section, had security with her and everything. 

So then when she got up to go to the bathroom I saw her face to face and realized that it wasn't her, but we knew the guy she was with did have to be someone famous.  The security and body guards were actually with him!  

I texted the pic to a few friends and put it on our story and sure enough, within a few minutes we had an answer. It was recording artist named Maluma. Never heard of him myself, but still fun entertainment before the concert began for us to fan over. 

Cardi B played first and then next up was Bruno Mars. He was amazing and put on such a great show. Lots of dancing, which I loved!

We slept in on Sunday morning and then had brunch to fuel us for the rest of the day.

My foot had really been bothering me all weekend so I decided to dress for comfort. I knew that we would be walking quite a distance from the hotel to the stadium and be on our feet a lot of the day.

We had a pre-party tailgate to attend and got to see the Patriot's cheerleaders.  I wasn't really cheering for the Patriots, but I love all cheerleaders so got a picture with them and an autographed poster for my daughter that cheers.  

Walking through downtown to the stadium was exciting, scary, crazy and full of excitement.  There were people EVERYWHERE.  People just hanging out and wanting to be a part of the action. 

Once we got in the stadium and found our seats I looked up and was amazed!  I had been in Mercedes Benz Stadium a lot of times and never seen the roof open!  

They had it open so that we could see the fly over during the national anthem.  

It was such a quick moment, but so very cool to see. 

I sort of wish they had left the roof open, but as soon as it was over I looked up and it was closed.  

The first half of the game was Boring with a capital B.  But when it was time for the half-time show we were pretty pumped! 

I heard a lot of criticism on the radio and social media the next day.  However, in person it was a great show and very entertaining.  

Overall it was a great night and we were so thankful that we got to attend.  I always have to stop myself and just take it all in because it is a surreal experience. 

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