Monday, September 25, 2017

15 Uses for Command Hooks Around the House

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was telling me she needed a solution for her daughter's necklaces that kept getting tangled.  I used to have the very same problem until I came up with a way to keep them organized. I shared my command hook tip with her she texted me a few days later thanking me for sharing and saying it was working out perfectly.  That got me thinking because I use command hooks for SO many things around my house.  This post is not sponsored in anyway.  I just really do love these handy little things, keep extras at my house at all times, and thought it would be fun to share all the ways I use them!  Also, this isn't one of those posts that is going to be pretty because I literally  just walked around my house and took pics with my cell phone, but I do hope it will be practical!

1. Since I mentioned it above, I figured I would share that first.  My girls' necklaces used to get all tangled in their jewelry boxes, so I started using small hooks in their closest for them to be able to hang up and really have easier access to their necklaces.

2.  Obviously Boo-Boo does not have the same need in his closet, but he does have SO many hats so I put them in his closet for him to hang is hats on.

3. Also in the girls' closets I have some hanging for them to keep their bags and purses organized.

4. In our downstairs coat closet I put large hooks on one side so the kids could easily grab and then hang up their coats during the fall/winter. It's much quicker than trying to get them on an actual hanger and keeps them from being on the ground.

5. On the other side of that hall closet I have hooks for some of their sports bags.

6. Outside the door leading to the garage I have a hook where we hang our dog's leash.

7. The playroom has lots of hooks.  One for hanging bags and another for aprons the kids use in the kitchen.

8. I use large clear ones outside on doors for my wreaths and other decor that I hang.

9. I use outdoor hooks for hanging garland at Christmas time.

10. I recently discovered these large waterproof hooks that are perfect in the shower.  They hold the shower caddies down low enough so the kids' stuff is within easy reach. 

11. I have them hanging on the kids bathroom walls because we didn't want to mount towel racks down low (knowing the kids would be growing taller and eventually need them at a normal height), but I can't stand wet towels on the floor.  This was a good temporary solution so the kids could hang their own towels without needing my help and without us needing to move towel racks down the road. 

12. Our reward jars are mounted on a window in the kitchen that is easily accessible and a large, heavy duty hook has been holding them for 3 years now!

13. In my pantry I have my aprons hanging on a hook. 

14. I also use them to hang wreaths inside my house. I didn't want to ruin my cabinets, but knowing this will come right off when I'm ready for it to, I don't have to worry.

15. I use tiny clear hooks on the brick mantle to hang our Christmas stockings and then will leave them up all year because they aren't visible and then be able to use them for other holiday decor.

So there you go!  I probably have a bunch of other random ones around my house, but those are the ones that popped into my head.  How do you use them?  Any fun organizational tips you could share!?

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  We always love Fridays around here, but this Friday is even better because my kids are on fall break next week.  Kind of crazy to think about it, but since they started school at the end of July they have all of next week off.  They're excited about no school for the week and I'm excited about no early wake-up time for the week!  Today we're linking up with some of our favorite bloggers to share our Friday Favorites. 

I shared this bench on Instagram a few weeks ago and am still pretty obsessed with it.  I recently inherited this piece from my mom and just had the cushion recovered.  Story has it that there were originally two of them and it is what my great grandparents slept on when they were first married.  I just love family pieces and the story behind it is even more special. That with all three of my kids' baby pictures hanging above it makes it one of my favorite places in my house.  I walk by it a million times a day so I get to see it often.  It's sitting in the loft area at the top of our stairs and fills the space perfectly! 

Can't stop thinking about the mango salsa I made a few weeks ago.  Seriously the BEST appetizer I've ever had and a favorite for any weekend.  I can't wait to whip up another batch of it for us to have while we watch football all weekend.  

If you've been a reader here for any amount of time you know my little guy is obsessed with baseball.  Like, totally obsessed. He wants to play every second of every day and I spent hours outside "practicing" with him.  We play catch every single day and because of this, his fielding skills have become pretty impressive for a 6 year old.  He's been wanting to catch a pop fly in a game so he could make that type of out and last week he caught two in two different games.  He got the game ball for his first one and we were so proud!  One of my favorite things is to watch my kids play the sports they love and I'm so happy he has really found "his thing." 

With fall break next week and the real fall season just around the corner, I get so excited about boots and sweaters, but truth is, that is going to be awhile.  I mean, it has been in the 90's this week so we are all still sweating in the southern heat.  However, I do like to start doing small things that make me feel more like fall like wearing fall colors (even if it's shorts and a tank tops) and also fall nail polish colors.

I picked up this new Essie shade, tribal text-styles, this week and love it!  It's my new fall favorite. It's a really dark gun-metal gray with sparkles!  

And while the heat will stick around for at least another month, that doesn't mean we can't get into the Halloween holiday mood!  Our sweet friend, Kathryn, from Feathered Nest Boutique hooked us up with these super cute monogram tees. 

The cute chevron is Halloween colors is so fun and will be the perfect thing to wear for class parties, Halloween neighborhood gatherings and visits to the pumpkin patch! 

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here next week!  

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Have a Bear-y Good Day!

This post was sponsored by Nabisco as part of an Integrated Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

It's hard to believe we are already two months into our school year. Even harder to believe we are already on our first break of the year! It's amazing how quickly time flies during the school year. The constant "go, go, GO" keeps you on your toes and days, weeks, months become a blur of busy activity. We've managed to keep the chaos to a healthy normal, and even though our schedules seem jam packed, we've enjoyed our transition into the new school year.

Before the break we snuck in a few fun activities. It was a short week because of the hurricane, but that wasn't going to stop me from having my turn as mystery reader in Little Cute's classroom. This is one of my favorite parent participation activities we get to do throughout the year. I love seeing how excited my kids are when I walk through that door! It is a memory I hope I never forget!

L.C.'s current classroom theme is bears. They've been studying about the letter "B", and even have a prayer bear that they each take turns bringing home throughout the year. 

Not one to miss a good theme, I jumped on the chance to incorporate bears into my mystery reading duties. I chose a few bear themed books that I knew would be a huge hit, and then I thought of the perfect snack to include with my reading.

The kids have been loving these TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks lately, and I decided they would be perfect to use as my bear themed snack!

I mean how much cuter could they be?!

The Cutes love them because they are something new and fun shaped (not to mention - chocolate filled!), and I love them because they don't contain any artificial flavors, colors, or corn syrup. They are actually made with real high quality ingredients such as milk, eggs, and chocolate. Knowing how important lately it has become for me to understand what we are snacking on, I appreciate that Teddy Soft Baked Filled snacks are something we both agree on.

Cute has been begging me to be mystery reader for his class too, and when he heard these bear-y yummy snacks were involved he was so jealous. I've already logged this idea for his classroom when it's my turn in there too.

Cute snuck off to Walmart to help me snag enough boxes for both classrooms. I typically find the TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks on Walmart's snack aisle, organized with the other individual wrapped snack packs.

They come in two different flavors - chocolate and vanilla - but Cute informed me chocolate was the best.

After bringing home our purchases, I set to work to create a fun printable to coordinate with our bear theme. I think it turned out so fun, and loved how the adorable bear themed snack help tie everything together.

My bear theme was complete, and the kids were so excited to get a little something extra fun with the reading.  They could eat right away their treat right away or save for when they had snack time at home. It was easy, mess free, and the perfect addition to our bear themed fun! I love great on the go snacks that make little projects like this so easy for me!

Yummy Teddy Soft Bakes filled snacks make for the perfect on the go snack for kids. Share the fun with this fun Beary Good Day printable and snack idea! #WalmartSnacks2Go #IC #ad


What You'll Need


1: Print and cut out favor tags. Set aside. 

2: Place TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks into individual treat bags. (I kept some in their original packaging and some I removed, depending on the school's policy regarding snacks.) 

3: Secure with coordinating ribbon, and attach favor tag. 

4: Share and enjoy giving everyone a "Beary Good" snack!


We are so excited about TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks that we are helping to giveaway the chance for 12 lucky readers to win a $50 gift card to Walmart to join in our snack time fun! In addition, two lucky grand prize winners will be given the chance to win a $200 Walmart gift card! The giveaway will run through September 29, 2017.  I-C will randomly select 14 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes. Enter below and good luck!

Nabisco Snacktime Sweepstakes

What "Beary Good" snacks do your kids love to share at school? 


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sid the Science Kid at the Atlanta Children's Museum

The Atlanta Children's Museum. A fun and interactive museum designed for young children.

Over the weekend I took my little scientists to see the new Sid the Science Kid exhibit currently on tour at the Children's Museum of Atlanta. This was right up The Cutes alley, and I knew they would be so excited to check it out. They love to watch the PBS show, and enjoy anything having to do with science activities and experiments.

From the moment we entered the exhibit their faces lit up. It's literally a kids perfect play area. The exhibit is inspired directly from the Sid the Science Kid show, and features a wide variety of science based activities, hands on experiments, and interactive shows designed to let kids get a little peek into Sid's world and become science kids themselves. 

Sid even makes an appearance or two himself. The kids thought it was so neat to see him in person. He also gave them each their own kaleidoscope to take home with them. They were so in awe to see one of their favorite television characters in person!

Everywhere you turn in the exhibit there is something for the children to touch, see, and play with. The space is well organized and guides the children - even the youngest - easily through each activity.

The kids are able to investigate everyday science questions as they pass through Sid's home, school, playground, and (our personal favorite) the Super Fab Lab. 

Cute was in his element, and soaked up every single experiment presented to him. He loved taking on each challenge and learning more about simple machines, the laws of motion, and magnetism. 

The digital displays were a huge hit too. In the age of electronics the kids were masters at this portion, and had a blast putting their skills to work. 

Especially when it came time to add in their dancing skills! :)

The playground area was a popular place with all three of them and they almost didn't want to leave this section.

It contained a mixture of traditional playground equipment, and various science activities. Needless to say the kids loved it!

The Super Fab Lab was where they spent most of their time though. They spent over an hour just taking in each experiment, using the microscope to dig further, and recording their findings down in the provided journals. They felt like real scientists and told everyone who would listen that they now worked in a lab.

And the fact that they could wear costumes in this area pretty much sealed the deal that this was the best place ever. 

All three Cutes were able to soak in the science teachings presented to them in their own way. The exhibit is designed for ages 0-8, and I would say it was spot on for our little crew. I felt like each one was able to learn, play, and enjoy themselves.

And based on their smiles and constant chatter about what they learned, we will definitely be making a trip back soon to visit Sid.  

The exhibit is on display until mid-January 2018. It's a traveling exhibit, so if you aren't in the Atlanta area I would check to see if it comes to your area soon. But definitely put it on your radar if you have little science lovers too! Not to mention the Children's Museum of Atlanta is just a super fun place for kids in general!

Do you have science kids? What science activities do they like to participate in? 


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** Thank you to Brave PR and Children's Museum of Atlanta for providing tickets to this event in exchange for review. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own. **