Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Easy 10 Minute Donut Recipe


I can't lay claim to these drool-worthy little circles of goodness. This was all Mr. Magnolia's doing. He was on a trip recently and they served these homemade donuts as an after dinner treat. From the first bite he was in love. 

He asked the chef,"Mrs. Becky", how to make them, and she responded that it was easier than he probably realized. She was also nice enough to share the recipe. 

Today the kids were literally jumping for joy when they saw "Daddy Donuts" were on the breakfast menu. They really are super easy and he was able to knock out a dozen before leaving for work. 

We plan to repeat these Christmas morning! 

The donuts take about ten minutes to make and require only four ingredients. Such an easy treat that has more than enough yummy wow factor for your holiday guests. 


Serves: 5 - 10
Total Time: 10 Minutes


- One can of biscuits (Mr. Magnolia suggests using flaky ones.)
- 2 tablespoons of butter
- 1 cup of confectioners sugar
- Vegatable Oil


1: Open biscuits and flatten with fingers. Form a hole in the center. 

2: Put oil in a pan. Go for about an inch of depth. Turn on medium heat. Prep a cookie sheet and lay to the side of your pan. 

3: Place donuts in oil and flip slowly until medium brown in color. 

4: Place browned donuts on cookie sheet to dry. 

5: In a regular sized bowl warm butter in the microwave for about 45 seconds, or until fully melted.
6: Mix butter with sugar until you get a creamy frosting texture. 
7: Drizzle over the donuts and serve immediately. 

And that's it! Quick and easy homemade donuts. 

Now to break out my even stretchier stretchy pants because YUM!

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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Holiday Home Finds from Amazon

 If you are a little late to the holiday game this year (ahem, hand raised and waving) then this post is for you. I'll be honest, I was all excited to get all the holiday things up early. But then stuff is still in storage from the great move of 2020, and 

Early on I spotted some amazing things at Amazon, and just ordered some more of these plaid pillow covers I found. 

Gotta love that free 2-day Prime shipping. 

I shared these finds on social media and realized we never shared them here. Amazon has some great holiday home decor items and everything is still available to be shipped in just a few days. Some of these items also make for great hostess gifts if you happen to be lucky enough to be living a quarantine free Christmas. 

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Fun Fire Pit Activity: Color Changing Flames

With more and more people trying to find ways to spend time outdoors during these crazy COVID times we know a lot of people have been gathering with close friends around a fire pit.  We did the same over Thanksgiving Break and took it to the next level!  

My soccer mom friends and I always share fun products, gift ideas, etc. and one day someone brought up color changing flames!  I was so intrigued and it sounded not only like something fun to see, but also a fun outdoor activity for the kids.  

These ColorGlo Flame Crystals can be used to change the color of your flames to a pretty blue and purple.  You could just toss some of them in the fire, but the effects would only be brief.  To make the color last a bit longer, you can coat pinecones with the crystals and let the kids toss them in the fire.  It only takes a few items and it's fun for everyone!  

Step 1: Have kids collect pinecones. 

Step 2: Spray pinecones with adhesive spray

Step 3: Shake pinecones in a paper bag with the flame crystals until coated. 

Step 4: Lay pinecones out to dry. 

Step 5: Toss coated pinecones in the fire and watch the beautiful result! 

We loved seeing the colorful flames in our fire and got a kick out of how pretty they were.  It was certainly a fun activity for the kids (and us moms, too!) so if you are looking for something different to do over the upcoming holiday break, this would be a fun one! 

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

S'mores Board Birthday Party Idea

Planning a birthday party over the past year has proven to be a difficult feat. With pandemics and quarantines and social distancing and everyone on different levels of comfortability - birthday party planning requires a certain finesse. Mostly because while kids understand that this year is "different", they still want to do a celebration of some sort for their big day. And we can't blame them. 2020 needed all the happy it could get. 

I love that drive by parties were super popular in the beginning of the year and over the course of the Summer. The Summer also lent for small pool gatherings and outside parties to occur. But now that temps are cooler - Winter birthdays prove a little tricker to plan. 

I thought I would quickly share this idea that L.C. came up with for her birthday. She turned 7 at the end of October and girl wanted to celebrate. All on her own she came up with the idea of having a s'mores party. 

No cake. No candles. A way to stay warm, but still be outside. A way to physically distance but still be social. For photos I took a few things out of the packages, but for the most part food could stay individually packaged as well. 

 I remembered a few years ago Carrie Beth and I created a s'mores bar, and how easy it was. 

(Side note: If you haven't tried a s'mores made with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup you haven't really lived!) 

| Happy Everything Black Dot Cube | Happy Everything Party Hat Attachment | Gold Foil Napkins |

It was the easiest little party to create and everyone had a great time putting together their own s'mores concoctions. 

I ordered these super long bamboo s'mores sticks so that even our tiniest of guests that stopped by would be safe. They worked so well that I ordered another pack to have on hand for whenever we get the fire pit going and the kids want a s'mores on the fly. 

It was such an easy and fun birthday party idea, that I think even when we get beyond all these Covid days I'll use it again. 

Have you had to plan a pandemic birthday? What have been some of your favorite ideas that you have seen to still be able to celebrate safely? 

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Friday, December 4, 2020

Book Club: November

 Hello December! Oh my - how did we all finally make it?! 

Honestly, December seemed so far away, until we looked up and poof - here it is. We are collectively taking this month to just soak in all the holiday fun. All while we have December 31st quadruple circled BIG on our planners. Bring on 2021!

Today is Book Club Day (whoop whoop!) and we are chatting about what we read in November. Have anything we need to read these next few weeks to close out 2020 - share with us! We think we each have our top three for the year picked out, but sometimes there is always a last minute book that just "wows" us. 

Here's how November went...



Last month I shared how I was totally obsessed with The Royals series by Erin Watt so I started my month finishing the last two in that series. 

Fallen Heir follows one of the supporting characters from the first three books, Easton Royal, who is one of the brothers. He's in a downward spiral because of addiction and the fact that he is still mourning the loss of his mother. His life is just a little out of control until he meets an unexpected girl, Hartley. She isn't like the other girls he dates and really doesn't give him the time of day. That is enough to make Easton want to try and change his ways. They start to develop real feelings for each other and emotions run high as this books ends with a major event and leaves you hanging.

Cracked Kingdom follows Hartley's story and after the terrible accident that ended book 4. I found myself just wanting to fast forward and figure out if everything worked out. 

A lot of the characters annoyed me in this one and definitely didn't enjoy it as much as at the other four, but even though I say that, I still listened to it in about 2 days because I just couldn't stop! These types of books are my total guilty pleasure.  They are sort of far fetched with crazy rich teenagers living like adults and its very rated R, but I'm a sucker for them.  If anyone has any recommendations for a similar series please send them my way! 

My next listen was Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover.  She never disappoints me and although I haven't read the one controversial title that a lot of her regular readers do not like (Verity), all of her other novels are generally ones that draw me in right away.  It's always love story, always a tear jerker and always has me feeling all the feels.  

Heart Bones about a young girl who has lived an incredibly hard life with her addict mother and after an overdose that kills her mom, she goes to live with her dad she barely knows.  She's thrust into a very different lifestyle and while she is grateful, she is still feeling lost. She meets an equally lost guy and they just seem to "get" each other. That is until his past and secrets are revealed.  Everyone tries to convince her to forget about him, but she never waivers and vows to stand by his side. They ultimately help each other both find their ways and has a happy ending!

My last book of the month was Castle of Water by Dane Huckelbridge. 

I decided after all my semi-shallow books I would try something a little deeper.  This one follows two strangers who, after being in a terrible plane crash, finds themselves on a small uninhabited island trying to test their survival skills until they can be rescued.  Only they come to the hard realization that they are most likely not going to be rescued.  It follows their life on the island and I questioned myself so much during this story. Wondering what I would have done if put in the same situation and it really makes you stop and think about not only the choices you would make, but also all of the things we take for granted on a daily basis! I was a little unhappy with the ending of this one and wished it gave a little more closure, but it was a great book!


This is the second month in a row I didn't read the book that I originally picked out. I am listening to The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (and am really enjoying it), but haven't quite finished it yet. So stay tuned on that review next month. 

I did manage to read a few books from my pile this month. We snuck away to our cabin for the week of Thanksgiving, and it's amazing what a little downtime in the middle of nowhere can do for your reading habits. I read two books in that one week. 

First up was Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella. I love Kinsella books. They are always filled with humor and quirky characters. The premise behind this one is two people meet on a writing retreat and fall in love. They aren't allowed to tell each other their real names or any details about their real life. After one blissful week together, they go home determined to continue the relationship. But when real life sets in, blissful might be a strong word. This book was really sweet, had some funny moments, and some of the secondary characters I actually enjoyed more than the main characters. It's a quick, light read that I would rate PG on the romance/language scale. 

Moving on to my second book for the month - The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley. Why I thought it would be a good idea to read a murder mystery based in the woods in the middle of nowhere, while I was in the woods in the middle of nowhere is beyond me. But it's okay - no sleep was majorly lost (unless you count the staying up too late to figure out the ending kind of lost). The nice thing about this murder mystery is that it is more of a whodunit style of mystery and less of a gruesome descriptive one. The story follows a group of college friends reuniting for a New Year's trip. They decide to spend their holiday at an uber exclusive hunting resort. Insert a crazy windstorm and a missing guest in a remote police can't get to you until a few days later location and you have The Hunting Party

The story is told from several characters points of view, and time pops back and forth from present day to three days prior. Shockingly was easy to keep up with, and not get mixed up. The plot also has two mysteries built into it: Which character dies? & Who did it? Honestly, this was not a likable cast of characters, so there were several times I found myself one or two of them would be "it". I think the author does this on purpose though. I enjoyed the story and it kept my interest from start to finish. There are a few surprises and twists throughout, it that kept me guessing. 



 Sticking with the deep books and more meaningful literature roll, I decided to go with one that has been on my Audible wish-list for a while. The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes has a gazillion great reviews so I'm excited to check it out! 


Okay, going to finish up The Bookish Life of Nina Hill and give that review. Then, I think I'm going to switch gears to a holiday read. This one is on my list. 

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren. 

Any good books we should add to our "must read" lists for 2020? 

We can't wait to share our favorites of the year with you soon! 


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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Baking With Kids - Made Easy!

This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat! All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

'Tis the season of baking! I'm not usually one to enjoy being in the kitchen, but there is just something about the holidays that makes me want to break out all the cookware I received eons ago as wedding gifts and channel my inner Betty Crocker. 

My kids? My kids are the complete opposite. One of them loves baking. So much so that this year she requested a baking birthday party. Complete with a gift request list full of baking items. Clearly this is a skill set she gets from her father. 

No those of you with young children know that baking with them isn't always easy. 

Or clean. 

But it's the holidays and 2020 - and fortunately there isn't a wine shortage. 

Bring on baking with the kids! 

This year I've been able to find some cute and fun ways to make baking easy for me and fun for the kids. All with the help of one of my favorite home decor stores

A girlfriend and I decided while the kids were in school to meet up and do a little Christmas decor shopping. She had never been to Christmas Tree Shops andThat!, and I was shocked! It is one of my favorite go-to places for all things home related. They always have on trend home decor items and gorgeous high quality seasonal decor - but for a price that doesn't break the bank. 

Not surprising - when we entered the store we were immediately in love with all of the sparkly baubles and festive holiday necessities. 

Also not surprising - we both left with two carts full of purchases and phone calls from our husbands asking if really needed two more flocked trees in the house.

Um, yes. Yes we do.  

But the best part was that they had a TON of baking goodies on hand! Not only did andThat! have a great supply of treats and all the ingredients needed (even gluten free options!), they had an amazing assortment of bakeware, holiday dishes, and gifting baskets. 

I was going to take the price tags off for photos, but then kept them on because I was shocked at how inexpensive everything was! Under two dollars for a porcelain holiday dish?! Amazing! 

My friend and I were able to stock up on all of our holiday baking needs for the entire season - all in one spot! 

While also buying an entire collection of bottle brush trees for our mantles. 

And some additional mommy baking prep...

If that's not the definition of a Christmas miracle, I don't know what is. 

It was so fun shopping for all the things at andThat!, but it was even more fun surprising the kids with the baking goodies set I created to kick off our holiday baking season. 

I even found these adorable "Official Cookie Tester" matching fleeces for the girls at andThat!

How cute are they?!

The kids had a ton of fun last week while we were on break putting together the gingerbread houses I found. The Ninja-bread cookies we plan on doing one day this week. I'll share because if you have ninja-loving kid the cookie cutters that came with the kit are so fun! 

Now to get crackin' on all the holiday baking gifts. Get excited - neighbors/friends/family! Me in an apron in front of an oven only happens one time a year! 

All home decor items, baking items, and treats in this post came from Christmas Tree Shops andThat! To find a location closest to you and learn more about the store - visit here!

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