Thursday, September 16, 2021

Pattern Mixing Throw Pillows with Christy B. Home


Slowly, but surely, I'm getting to the fun portion of our house remodel. The decorating part. I've tried to do a great job of reusing what we had at our old house. I've rearranged things in different spaces, and donated anything we know we aren't going to use. 

The porch is one thing I LOVED at our old house. I remember picking out every single detail and feeling like it was the perfect outdoor entertaining space for our family. It was cozy, functional, and that couch is nap worthy comfortable. 

The new porch space is about the same size, so it was a seamless fit of all my favorites. But it's been five or so years, and mama needed some new throw pillows. 

Well, don't we always need some new throw pillows?

I stumbled across Christy B. Home and instantly fell in love with Christy's custom pillows.  She makes pattern mixing look so easy and has so many great mix and match options on her site. 

She offers a wide selection of sizes, tons of great patterns and colors, and even great styling tips too! 

The second I saw the Lonny Grass pattern, I knew I was in love. It's a bolder option than I typically gravitate towards, but Carrie Beth saw it and confirmed that it was just as amazing as I thought and would be the perfect addition to my porch space. I paired two 20x20 pillows with a few lumbar pillows in the Diamonda Pattern, and it is a match made in pattern mixing heaven.

Christy B. Home pillows are luxurious and made with high quality fabrics and the utmost attention to every single detail.  Christy's interior design background really shines through in all of her collections. She currently has three lines: The Garden Girl, Tropic Fun, and Coral Costa

The pillows I ordered are from the Garden Girl line, but you can't go wrong with any. I already have my eye on a few more I'd like her to make for me. 

I just have to figure out how to sneak them past Mr. Magnolia. 

This is a new venture for Christy, and we would love for you guys to stop by, say hi to her on Instagram, and show her you love a good throw pillow just as much as we do. 

Which Christy B. Home Collection is your favorite? 

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

10 Tips For Adding Fall Style To Your Home {Including FieldBouquet's Fall Florals}

Thank you FieldBouquet for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are our own. 

It’s almost FALL!!!!  That doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot her in the South where it still feels like summer, but we can pretend and wish for leaves starting to change and the temperatures to cool off a bit. Hopefully where you live you are getting a taste of fall. Heading into a new season with a couple of fun holidays gives us the perfect excuse to decorate our homes! We’re sharing 10 easy tips for adding fall style to your already existing home decor. 

1. Fall Florals 

Fall colors are so beautiful and an easy way to add some of those colors to your home is with flowers!  FieldBouquet is an affordable boxed flower delivery service.  They deliver prearranged flowers to your home, business or workplace   Each fresh bouquet is specially prepared to fit within the provided vase. We love the Forever Spain, Forever France, and Forever Italy bouquets because they are full of fall colors. 

The sunflowers paired with deep red and orange roses is the perfect addition to our fall decor.  The perfect thing about FieldBouquet is you can be assured you will have a beautifully styled bouquet and it takes all of the guess work out of having to fuss with it yourself.  Plus, the fact that it is delivered right to your doorstep is a major time saver.  Having a dinner party, hosting a baby shower, planning an event?  This is the perfect affordable option

2. Accent Pillows 

One of our favorite ways to decorate for a new season (and probably the easiest way) is to use decorative accent pillows. Adding pillows here and there is a simple way to bring some fall color and a touch of the holiday to your homes.  From porch swings, hearths, couches and sitting areas, you’ll be amazed what some plaid or themed pillows will do to make your home feel cozy and comfortable for fall. 

3.  Fall Fragrances

In addition to the amazing floral scents of FieldBouquet fall flowers, we also love scented candles and soaps. You know how there are just some scents that you associate with a season?  Anything from Pumpkin Spice to Apple Cider or Cinnamon to Sandalwood will instantly make you think of fall.  Lighting a scented candle or washing your hands on repeat with the scents of fall is sure to bring all the fall vibes. 

4. Light a Fire 

We can’t think of a better way to cozy up in a family room than with a fire going in the fireplace.  However, if you are like us in the south when it still feels like summer in the fall that might not be practical.  You could even just add a basket of firewood on your hearth to give the impression that you plan to light a fire.

5. Extra Layers = Comfy and Cozy 

Fall means cooler temperature and we couldn’t be more excited about that!  Having some extra layers like fuzzy blankets or soft pillows around your home is perfect for fall. Wrapping up in a blanket while reading or watching TV is one of the easiest ways to feel comfy and cozy. Keeping blankets in baskets near seating areas makes them accessible to everyone and gives you all the fall feels just looking at them!

6. Everyday Decor 

One of the best tips for adding any sort of holiday decor to your home is to mix pieces in to what you already have.  There is no need to start from scratch. Just a few little touches here and there can really transform a space.  Some fall floral stems added to greenery already in place, some holiday ribbon around an existing lantern and switch out an existing frame with one of your favorite snapshots from that holiday is a simple way to add a touch of holiday fun to your home. 

7. All about the kids 

Let’s be honest…celebrating holidays like Halloween is just more fun as a mom.  We love making these holidays exciting for our kids and doing extra special things to make this time of year memorable for them.  Holiday books are one of our favorite things to collect and we keep them all in a pretty basket accessible to the entire family.  Not only is it a place to keep all of the books, but it  looks cute, too!  We also love adding little touches to their playrooms and bedrooms so they really get in the spirit! 

8. Don’t forget outside 

If you are like us, not too many people see the inside of your house, but a lot of people probably see the outside!  That’s why we think it’s just as important to decorate outside of your homes as it is to decorate indoors. It’s amazing what some pillows on your front porch, a small pumpkin and lantern will do to make a space feel festive! 

9. Seasonal Serving Pieces 

Is there anything more fun that some seasonal serving pieces?  You could be planning a dinner party, a big shindig or even just a family dinner, but having themed plates, platters or mugs would be the perfect touch.  You don’t have to purchase an entire set of dishes.  Just mix in some holiday pieces with your existing things to give it a seasonal spinoff.  Cute pumpkin bowls, pretty placemats or even just some fun napkins can totally transform your table.  

10. Reusable items 

While it is fun to stock up on real pumpkins of every shape, size and color, the truth is that they rot and you end up throwing them away.  Of course we get real pumpkins for our kids to carve and decorate, but we don’t go crazy.  We’d rather put that money into reusable items that can be pulled out year after year.  We like to add a little something new to our holiday decor each year and sometimes a cute little ceramic pumpkin is all it takes to make us happy and make our homes feel like fall! 

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

5 Minute DIY: Varsity Patch Fashion

It's been a hot minute since we did a craft or DIY. Especially when it comes to fashion. But the minute we spotted the varsity letter trend going around, we were in love. We ordered a few items from one of our favorite retailers, and they are SUPER CUTE. 

The problem: It took almost two months for one of our orders to arrive. 

As quickly as trends come and go, we can't have that. So, as we were doing our nightly texting/wine drinking we came up with a brilliant idea (as one does when they are texting and drinking with their best friends) - "We can totally make these!"

So we did. 

And it was suuuuuuper easy. Like the longest part of the process is picking out your items you want to bedazzle with sparkly letter patches. 

 Here is all the info and instructions on how you can make your own Varsity Patch Fashion items. But if DIY isn't your thing, scroll down for some super adorable already made options we found. 


Total Project Time: 5 Minutes
Total Cost: Under $20 

(Note: depending on what items you decide to patch or how many patches you apply. For us this project stayed under $20 for each item.)


- Iron-on Varsity Letter Patches (We purchased ours from here and here. Shipping was super quick!)
- Hat, shirt, sweatshirt, etc. (We purchased this white sweatshirt, this aqua sweatshirt, this leopard tunic sweatshirt, and this white hat. All come in multiple color and pattern options.)
- Iron
- Ironing board or flat heat resistant surface
- Sharp scissors 


1: If you desire to have your hat or sweatshirt have that distressed look, do that first. Use the scissors to cut little notches, create pulls or rough up the edges. 

2: Warm iron up on high/cotton setting. Set aside on heat resistant surface. (Note: Do not set to steam.)

3: Place article flat on ironing surface.  

4: Pre-heat area where the varsity patch will be applied. Heat for about 30 seconds. 

5: Place patch on heated area, and then place iron over patch. Do not move iron around. Apply pressure for approximately 30-45 seconds. 

6: Check that item is secure, and set aside to let cool. 

7: Wear and enjoy! 


We know DIY isn't everyone's forte. Even at only 5 minutes. If you like the trend, but don't want to mess with DIY, here are some shoppable already made options. Click an item and it will show you the details!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Coton Colors Atlanta

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting some of the ladies behind the amazing brand Coton Colors. We are long time fans of this brand, and you have seen us use our Coton Colors and Happy Everything pieces over and over in our posts and social feed. When they reached out to us about collaborating together on some projects and getting a flagship store tour, we leaped at the opportunity!

And we will confess...we had no idea that there was a flagship store here in Atlanta. Not only that it is located in Sandy Springs/Buckhead - literally our backyard. This could be a dangerous dangerous thing. 

At least in our husband's eyes. ;) 


You can learn all about the brand on their website, but here's a quick run down. Coton Colors was founded by Laura Johnson with the inspiration of her family and the idea that all moments should be celebrated in life - big and small. 

As you see across the brand she puts extra special touches and thoughts into creating pieces to celebrate life. They are bright, fun, happy, and interchangeable for any moment or holiday. 

Not only that, her business is a tightly knit family affair. And reminders that this is a family owned and operated business are sprinkled around all of the Coton Color stores. We learned that each store has this special photo wall to celebrate her family. The photos are favorite ones hand selected and displayed in each family members' own homes, and set up exactly this way. A reminder of what is important most, and that Coton Colors is quite literally a celebration of that. 


That Atlanta store is owned by Laura's niece Taylor, and she is just as darling as you would imagine. We loved chatting with her and getting the inside scoop from her team about upcoming events and trends that will be seen over the next few months. 

The store has all of the amazing products you see online onsite. But then goes the extra mile to put a little local spin on it. The Coton Colors brand does a lot to support local makers and artists, and that is shown throughout our tour. 

Many gifts in the flagship stores are hand selected to coordinate with the Coton Colors products so that any gift you give or purchase you make goes to support a small local business or fellow up and coming entrepreneur. From hand crafted baby blankets to all the encoutrements needed for your next charcuterie board - each one is a nod to Laura's idea to celebrate all the things and all the people!

We also love that the flagship stores will personalize and wrap your items for free if desired! 

Everything from custom name plates for a wedding gift to a real estate thank you basket - they can do it all. 

We just love that even though this a fast growing global home decor brand, they still put the emphasis on customer service and going the extra mile for their patrons because the backbone of their message is celebrating family. And to them, the minute you walk through that door you are their family. 


Normally we would highlight a few favorite items of ours. With Coton Colors that is hard because there is just so much to love about each and every line. From classic kitchenwares to pet items to interchangeable decorative home decor pieces - we want to take it all home with us! 


Stay tuned for a few local event announcements soon! We have a charcuterie night planned, and they have a holiday reveal party on the calendar, but just want to confirm a few details before we share. 

In the meantime, you can check out their newly released holiday lines online and snag the goodies before anyone else. 

Also keep your eye out for their special limited edition holiday ornament. Each year, the proceeds go to support St. Jude, and we've heard these go fast

Do you have any Coton Colors or Happy Everything pieces? Which are your favorites? 

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