Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fashion Fix: White House | Black Market Jewelry {And a Giveaway!}

Anyone else a big jewelry fan?!?!  I just love dressing up simple outfits with cute jewelry and have a few styles I've been eyeing lately.  Tassels are everywhere and I've been on the hunt for a tassel necklace.

After  realizing that all of the jewelry at White House | Black Market is on sale for buy 1, get 1 50% off I decided to take a quick look.  I found tons of really cute styles!  (Click pictures for links.)

This coral beaded necklace with gold tassel would look great with a cute sundress or even with shorts and a simple t-shirt.

Looking at little more I found tons of earrings and some cute bracelets that would match and couldn't decide which were my favorites!
While I love the coral color, I also like the idea of something that is a little more neutral and therefore more versatile.  These two caught my eye!

And of course I would need some neutral bracelets or earrings to go with them, right?!

If you liked any of my picks, y'all are in luck because together with The Avenue we are giving away a $20 gift card to White House | Black Market.  That will definitely get you started on your jewelry shopping!  To enter the giveaway use the rafflecopter below.  The winner will be announced the week of July 13th so be sure to check back then and email us to claim your prize if you win!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Share Your Summer: Fun in the Sun

Happy Monday friends!  Time for another topic in our Share Your Summer series.  Today is all about Fun in the Sun.

One thing is for sure here in Atlanta - we have plenty of heat and plenty of sun.  Temperatures have been near 100 degrees the past few weeks and it is has been a real scorcher.  In order to be outside and have some fun, it most definitely needs to involve water.  Besides spending lots of time at the pool we've been trying to find other ways to stay cool and have fun in the sun.  Last week we met up to visit Centennial Olympic Park and splashed around in the Fountain of Rings.

This park is in the heart of downtown and was originally built as a place for visitors and local to gather during the 1996 Olympic Games.

The Fountain of Rings are one of the biggest attractions there these days. It's the world's largest interactive fountain in the shape of the the Olympic Ring symbol.  Kids and adults alike enjoy running through the fountains as a way to splash, cool off and have fun.

I had taken my girls before, but it was about 5 years ago, so a trip back there was definitely in order.  To say everyone had a blast would be a complete understatement.  They had SO much fun.  Pure joy was radiating from their faces as the ran, giggled and played in the fountains.

The girls ran and played and also made sure the little ones were happy and comfortable in the fountains.

Little Mama danced her way around and Boo-Boo and Cute practiced their ninja moves on the water.

We ate lunch at Googie Burger, which is right in the park and on such a hot day there was nothing to do but to order milkshakes in every flavor!

I did not wear my suit, so I stood around in the sweltering heat and wished I could go running through.  My kids did not want to leave when we had to go, so I promised them we'd come back and next time I'll be sure to wear my swimsuit, too.

Just before leaving we watched the "show" as the kids like to call it.  Set to music, the fountains literally dance before your eyes.  They were amazed, but happy to get to run through the fountains one more time as soon as at the show was over.

We'd love to know how you are having fun in the sun, so be sure to link up below!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Montego Bay, Jamaica {Part 3: Entertainment & Dining}

Today wraps up my mini review of our Jamaican vacation (Part 1 & Part 2), but first order of business is announcing our winner for the VersaLiving Carseat Cover.
Congratulations to Tracie Cattanach! You are our winner! 

Tracie said, "My car is always a disaster! This would be amazing. I can't clean my car during the summer because it's too hot outside in Florida! This would be a lifesaver!" 

Shoot us an email so we can get your information, and we will get your new carseat cover out to you. We know this will make messy car clean up so much easier, even in the Florida heat. Yay!

Now back to Jamaica Mon! Sorry just can't help myself. We heard it - a lot!

Dining during our stay was always pretty easy. There were multiple restaurants to choose from on site. From casual beach side fare to upscale fine dining, there was a little something for everyone. Breakfast was always a buffet in the morning and I am hating that I didn't take a photo or two, but seriously best french toast ever! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

A few nights we also opted for the buffet for dinner as well. Each night was themed and they went all out. It was one of the few dinner options that didn't require a reservation and with littles who wanted to soak up as much water sliding as possible it was easy to shower quickly and head back down to enjoy an easy dinner. 

There were always tons of options and for children usually a few standards to choose from (i.e. pizza, chicken fingers, etc.). My personal favorite might have been the dessert buffet. How can you say no to that? 

The kids loved buffet nights and quickly learned there was always an ice cream bar set up. 

Some nights we even snuck in and just participated in the ice cream bar. It was quite yummy for all!

One of our favorite meals was at the golf course restaurant Three Palms. It was for the most part open air and displayed wonderful gardens and golf course views. 

The restaurant has an extensive wine list available and excellent dining options. It became a little dark to photo, but I ordered the filet and it was excellent.

Men are required to wear pants or dress shorts at this restaurant and while temperatures were pretty moderate it became hot pretty fast. Word of warning when you pack your bags to include lightweight dress shorts and bug spray. Lots and lots of bug spray. 

A second restaurant that was quite delicious was the Seaside Bar & Grill. This restaurant overlooks the ocean and provides a wonderful atmosphere matched with great food. 

The food here was excellent and we had a wonderful waiter, but oh my we could not cool off. This day there wasn't a breeze in sight and even being directly on the water everyone was quite toasty.

We ate and dashed to one of our favorite nightly routines, which was a necessity after a meal we literally sweated through, night swimming! 

The pool located just off the hotel lobby was perfect for night swimming. It was always lit up and you were able to watch/hear the nightly entertainment going on the patio.

Every single night there was some sort of live band or dance party going on. It was so fun and the littles LOVED this. Every night after dinner they would check out who was singing and regale the crowd with some very interesting moves. 

Each band we heard was excellent and whenever there was downtime there was always a fun comedian or trivia going to entertain during down time. It was so much fun, and everything was pretty family friendly so we had no problem letting the littles stay up late to enjoy. 

In fact, they often had an activity or two for late night littles to participate in. S'mores will always win over a child's heart. 

Who am I kidding? S'mores will always win over my heart. :)

Overall, we loved our stay in Jamaica and can't wait to go back one day. It was a super easy trip with kids, and those who vacation with children know that sometimes traveling with children seems like more work and less vacation. The hotel made it super easy at every turn, and often went above and beyond to help entertain the kids and keep them happy. 

If you are childless, I could definitely see this being a fun resort to visit as well. I might wait until school is in session, but there was plenty of adult friendly entertainment and private areas on both the beach and pools to enjoy a "quieter" trip. 

Have you been to Jamaica? Did you enjoy the experience? Have a favorite place to stay? 

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Montego Bay, Jamaica {Part 2: What We Did}

Our stay in Jamaica was nothing short of wonderful. Our accommodations for the week were at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort, which is an all inclusive resort located in Montego Bay. Once we arrived at the resort, we never left.

Many of our vacations are filled with sightseeing and adventures from sun up to sun down, so I was a little skeptical if staying in one spot the entire week would keep us entertained. My skepticism was quickly diminished. The resort had beautiful pools, gorgeous beaches, and TONS of activities to keep both adults and children entertained the entire day. 

Every day they posted a board of activities that you and the children could participate in for free. All activities are optional and most awarded prizes to the winner which ranged from t-shirts, to local art, to potentially an additional stay. 

It only rained two afternoons the entire week, and even then it was very brief. 

Most days we started out enjoying the family pool onsite. It had two super fun water slides that the kids never tired of. I am pretty sure we climbed the equivalent of 287 floors over the course of the week with all the stairs, but there wasn't one complaint...it helped to work off the fruity cocktail consumption. 

One slide was for children a little older than ours, but that doesn't mean that the adults didn't give it a whirl or two. And it was FUN!

The family pool also featured a lazy river, a zero entry splash area, and multiple hidden mini pools and hot tubs. 

Most importantly though...a swim up bar. :) Which was super convenient when one of the employees offered you a freshly fallen coconut. 

The beaches were pristine and had a ton of fun water sports you could partake in. The daddies all took turns on the kayaks and even took some of the older boys out with them. 

Little Cute was not too excited to be left behind, but still had fun playing amongst the boats and dreaming of "one day". 

The men also tried their hand at sailing. I'm not quite sure that boat will ever be the same, but it did come back in one piece. 

Aside the beach there were several games you could play including corn hole, ping pong, large chess, board games, and shuffleboard. Cute loved him some shuffle board. 

One afternoon we did a little more venturing around the property, and made our way to the historic Rose Hall Aqueduct that was on site. It was an amazing site to see, and gave us a chance to learn a little bit about historic Jamaica other than just the bubble of the resort. 

The remainder of the week we enjoyed pretty much the same pool/beach routine, and just enjoyed the  relaxing family time together - which is rare. 

The Cutes did try to bring back a pet or two, but I decided all creatures needed to stay in their natural habitat.

Tomorrow I will share the restaurants and the nightly entertainment we enjoyed while on site. And maybe a yummy fruity drink or two. 

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