Sunday, June 21, 2015

Savvy Sassy Sunday: Totspot

Sometimes when people ask if I have a hobby I often joke that dressing my kids is my hobby.  Seriously though, it is so fun for me to shop for them, coordinate their outfits, and dress them in cute and stylish clothes.  I know they are only going to go along with what I want them to wear for a short time (I'm already getting some push back from one curly haired little Blondie) so in recent years, I've been taking full advantage of them being little.

The truth is though, I like to buy really nice brands for my kids and paying full price for all of those nice brands is just not an option.  So, I have gotten resourceful and found lots of ways to get high end brand clothes for a fraction of the retail price.

You all might remember a few months back when I shared my love of children's consignment sales (HERE).  I seriously live for these sales and have so much fun hunting for a good deal.  My husband, on the other hand, feels like this: 

Ha!  He really should be thanking me for all the money I'm saving us though.  Another way I like to shop for kids clothing is online through Facebook resell pages.  It can get a little tricky jumping from page to page looking at various brands though so you can imagine how excited I was to learn about Totspot.  It is an app that allows you to shop for or sell gently used (or new) children's clothing and items.  Hello?!?!  Did someone just say a virtual online consignment sale because that is exactly what this is to me.  You know what else it is??? Brilliant.  The people who created this app are absolutely brilliant.  Now there is no more waiting around for the twice a year consignment sales. Instead I can shop from my phone, right in the comfort of my home.  This, my friends, could be dangerous.

After downloading the app and playing around with it a little more I became even more in love with it.  I realized that I could set up a Tot Profile for each of my kids including their gender, clothing size and shoe size so if I wanted to search for just one of them I could look on their profile and browse everything available in their sizes.  Because I also like to buy ahead, I found the app's searching preferences to be very handy.  I could enter specifics such as brand, size, and price to find all sorts of goodies that I bought and stashed away for next season.  The other thing I liked is that some sellers offered a discount if you bought more than one item from them.  Totspot calls this a "bundle" and I took advantage of the 10-20% off by bundling multiple items from one seller.

I choose to search for specific brands that I try to find at resell in one way or another. I'm a huge Matilda Jane Clothing fan and it's something my girls love wearing, too.  The only problem with that is their clothes can be super pricey.  However, using the Totspot searching features I was able to come across a ton of really awesome Matilda Jane pieces.  Because Little Mama has tons of clothes right now and because Blondie will actually wear ruffle pants without an argument, I decided to get her two new pairs for fall.  When they arrived, I was super impressed.  They were shipped right away, packaged very neatly, and in perfect condition.

Another thing I got was a new Gap Kids denim jacket for Little Mama.  My girls both have Gap denim jackets that I bought at consignment sales and they wear them almost daily in the spring and fall.  I feel like it looks cute with all of their outfits, is perfect for layering on those cool mornings, and easy to stick in their backpacks at school when it warms up later in the day.  It might just be the most worn thing in their closets.  I was going to just bite the bullet and purchase a brand new one for Little Mama when school starts because hers is getting a little small and I love the quality and fit of the Gap ones, but a $10 price from Totspot sounds so much better than $50 (or more!) for a brand new one so I was so happy to come across one when I did.

Lastly, I got Boo-Boo another pair of Gap Kids everyday play shorts.  Sometimes madras plaid shorts and a polo just aren't necessary and since we dress pretty casual in the summer after pool days and such, I knew he could use another pair of these soft and comfy shorts.

If I'm being honest, I found the selection to be just about like a real consignment sale.  Not everything is great.  There are a lot of just so-so items and some things are really over-priced.  You do have to hunt, but if you use the search tools they offer you can really find some wonderful things.  That is what makes it so much fun to me.  When you do come across a good find, it is totally worth weeding through the so-so stuff.  I will definitely keep using Totspot in the future to keep up with my "hobby" as long as my kids will let me!
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I received this credit for review as part of the Savvy Sassy Moms Product Scouts program. All opinions are my own.

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