Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day Fun

Ah, home sweet home! We made it home late Saturday afternoon after being out of town for the last two weeks (more on this starting tomorrow). It felt good to be back, and we made it just in time to celebrate Father's Day.

The Cutes were all about daddy doing everything for them after a week apart, so I am not quite sure it was the relaxing day he had in mind, but a little poopy diaper change occasionally keeps you humble right? 

We celebrated dad the best way we know how...at the ballpark! 

As season ticket holders we usually have attended a ton of games by this point in the season, but due to various commitments and vacation, this was our first game together as a family. We were so excited!

We arrived at the ballpark and our car registered a cool 98 degrees. Yikes! It was going to be a hot one!

First order of business was feeding The Cutes. They know the routine by now, and have us trained to get the standard ballpark frank and the bottomless popcorn before we even hit our seats. Little Cute decided picking up her cup was just too difficult a task and created this little invention. Lazy, or complete genius? 

We made it to our seats, and true to form The Cutes were still all about daddy. Can't hate that!

Little Cute sat for about .2 seconds and then she wanted to stand up and cheer. She cracked us up as she participated in every chant, chop, and wave that came her way. That was in between her doing some serious toddler flirting with one of Cute's besties, W, whose family shares tickets with us. Oh man are we in for some big trouble come teenage years. 

The Cutes were into the game until about the 7th inning when all the littles started getting antsy. It was about this time that the sun started creeping into our direction so we happily called the sitting and "watching" portion of the game a success and made our way up to the top to let the kids run the base. 

When we reached the base, Cute was so excited to see the home depot tools from a contest he saw earlier in the game. He went right up and gave them hi-fives.  

Little Cute wanted no part in this and promptly re-buckled herself right back into her stroller. 

The base running is usually a big highlight of the night. The kids love it and can run back and forth for several innings. 

Cute LOVES running it as fast as he can and often wants to know how many "minutes" did it take for him to get to the end. We would correct him, but explaining to him seconds would probably blow his little mind. :) 

Little Cute seems to want to savor the moment and leisurely strolls and waves during her stride down the base line. 

Stroll might actually be too fast of a term. 

But we learned the hard way, girl is not to be hustled. (Not pictured...toddler meltdown.)

Just before the top of the 9th, Mr. Cute called the game and we made our way towards the car. Heat stroke must have inspired him because instead of rushing to the car he asked everyone if they wanted ice cream. So we sat at the front of the stadium and enjoyed some refreshing vanilla and birthday cake goodness. 

We were able to relax and hear that the Braves won the game 1-0 for a sweep over the Mets, and fathers were rejoicing everywhere. :) 

We had a fabulous family Father's Day, and am so glad The Cutes have an amazing daddy to spend days like this with them. 

Happy late Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there. We hope everyone had a special day with their loved ones! 

How did you celebrate dad? 

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