Thursday, June 25, 2015

Montego Bay, Jamaica {Part 2: What We Did}

Our stay in Jamaica was nothing short of wonderful. Our accommodations for the week were at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort, which is an all inclusive resort located in Montego Bay. Once we arrived at the resort, we never left.

Many of our vacations are filled with sightseeing and adventures from sun up to sun down, so I was a little skeptical if staying in one spot the entire week would keep us entertained. My skepticism was quickly diminished. The resort had beautiful pools, gorgeous beaches, and TONS of activities to keep both adults and children entertained the entire day. 

Every day they posted a board of activities that you and the children could participate in for free. All activities are optional and most awarded prizes to the winner which ranged from t-shirts, to local art, to potentially an additional stay. 

It only rained two afternoons the entire week, and even then it was very brief. 

Most days we started out enjoying the family pool onsite. It had two super fun water slides that the kids never tired of. I am pretty sure we climbed the equivalent of 287 floors over the course of the week with all the stairs, but there wasn't one helped to work off the fruity cocktail consumption. 

One slide was for children a little older than ours, but that doesn't mean that the adults didn't give it a whirl or two. And it was FUN!

The family pool also featured a lazy river, a zero entry splash area, and multiple hidden mini pools and hot tubs. 

Most importantly though...a swim up bar. :) Which was super convenient when one of the employees offered you a freshly fallen coconut. 

The beaches were pristine and had a ton of fun water sports you could partake in. The daddies all took turns on the kayaks and even took some of the older boys out with them. 

Little Cute was not too excited to be left behind, but still had fun playing amongst the boats and dreaming of "one day". 

The men also tried their hand at sailing. I'm not quite sure that boat will ever be the same, but it did come back in one piece. 

Aside the beach there were several games you could play including corn hole, ping pong, large chess, board games, and shuffleboard. Cute loved him some shuffle board. 

One afternoon we did a little more venturing around the property, and made our way to the historic Rose Hall Aqueduct that was on site. It was an amazing site to see, and gave us a chance to learn a little bit about historic Jamaica other than just the bubble of the resort. 

The remainder of the week we enjoyed pretty much the same pool/beach routine, and just enjoyed the  relaxing family time together - which is rare. 

The Cutes did try to bring back a pet or two, but I decided all creatures needed to stay in their natural habitat.

Tomorrow I will share the restaurants and the nightly entertainment we enjoyed while on site. And maybe a yummy fruity drink or two. 

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