Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites: Summer Ready

Today we are have a little mental celebration because it's Friday! A special Friday though because this is the Friday that tells us we have one. more. week!!! One more week until Summer!! And we are sooooo Summer ready! 

I've been counting down this date since last July. That's when our crazy school system goes back to school. I might cry big ugly tears over that fact each year. 

This week I hit my wall. I am so done. Done to the point that I ordered a pizza last night just so I could have something to put in the lunch boxes. Because among all the 597 school activities going on right now the grocery store just didn't happen, and my kids devoured everything in sight by Wednesday. 

Don't judge. It was better than the frozen waffles option. 

But the official countdown is on. One. More. Week!!!

Now onto the super fun part - Friday Favorites! I haven't done a Friday Favorites in a while, and I have some super fun finds lately. Amidst all those 597 activities I mentioned I've apparently been stress shopping. So life might be chaotic, and I've resorted to late night food delivery as survival, but at least I look cute. 

It's not quite summer yet, but here it totally feels like summer. The temps have reached above 90 degrees, the humidity is doing crazy things to my hair, and the kids don't understand why it's still daylight when they have to go to bed. 

We are still in the trenches of the end of the school year, but my favorite moments lately are the peeks at summer I've gotten. We've already done tons of splashing in the pool...

We've played in the backyard after dinner time...

Water guns squirting counts as a bath right? Kidding. Sort of. 

We've eaten approximately 3,029 popsicles already...

Some are at least healthy popsicles though. So I have that going for me.

Summer moments are just my favorite. 

Since it feels like summer I've also broken out my summer staple - all the seersucker. 

The seersucker dress I wore to Carrie Beth's Derby Party a few weeks ago has been my go-to during awards season too. 

(By awards season I mean seeing my kids get their classroom superlatives. Glad to have cleared up any confusion. I didn't want all of our readers to get confused. The three of you good? Awesome.)

My favorite part about the dress (besides the fact that it has pockets, and dresses with pockets are awesome!) is the tiny details it has. I love the tiny fringe around the arm openings!

Another seersucker favorite on repeat lately is this fun loose fitting tank. I'm in love with the crochet hem.

| Shorts | Sandals |

Online it looks a little boxy, but on it fits great. 

Apparently when I stress shop, shoes just happen to pop themselves in my cart. I have two new pairs of sandals that will be worn all summer long. They are so comfy! 

First, is this rose gold sandal

| White tee | Jean Shorts |

Now they look like the Birkenstock pair. They feel like the Birkenstock pair. But they are about half the price. I know Carrie Beth has shared an even cheaper version that she loves (she even named them one of her favorite finds of 2017!), but I couldn't find them in my size. A neighbor told me about these and they are perfect. I went to try on the Birkenstock  counterpart and for some reason most Birkenstocks are really wide on my foot. Or maybe that is just how they feel/look to me?? Call me crazy. But I saw this pair on my neighbor who was kind enough to let me try on hers and it was a perfect fit! I wear a 6.5 and they were TTS for me. 

Between the two of us we have all three versions - texting her now that we need to do a comparison at some point for you guys!

The second pair of shoes I purchased were these hot pink sandals

I apologize now because you will be seeing a lot of these this summer. They sandals come in a ton of colors, but pink will get me every time. I love how they fit and feel so much I might grab another color or two. I found them slightly on sale here, here, and here.  I ordered half a size up based on the reviews and they fit perfect. 

Did you see the super cute pink tassel earrings above too? Those are also a new favorite! 

They are so fun, and so light weight. I've gotten tons of compliments on them the few times I've worn them.

They come in a ton of fun colors and currently have an automatic coupon for 5% off. 

And since you guys know we are all over the one piece swimsuit trend right now, I might have woken up early to add another one to my poolside line-up for the summer. 

You know I love me some Lilly Pulitzer, and this morning they released some of their new swimsuit designs to kick off their summer roll out. I am swooning over it all! 

I put one in my cart and will share the details once I get it, but how cute are all of these?!

The whole summer line is actually super cute, and right now they are are doing a huge gifts with purchase promotion. 

This next favorite will be a year round favorite of mine. Carrie Beth shared this little hair secret with me when I saw how voluminous her hair has been lately. 

She told me about this root boost and I gave it a whirl. Because as they say here in the South, "The bigger the hair, the closer to God."

| White Lace Top |

I love it! I sent her this pic after I did my hair the first time using it, and was so impressed. (Excuse the lack of makeup or clean bathroom. We can't have everything.) If you want a little extra volume in your life, I'd put this on your radar. A little goes a long way, and I'm super impressed with the hold and volume - especially having longer hair. 

This favorite is for all you fellow Disney lovers. I popped into Target to grab some end of the year school gifts and saw their new Disney line

I am swooning over how cute everything is! Luckily for Mr. Cute (and his Amex) this didn't come out before our trip because their is such super cute attire for the whole family! Carrie Beth just missed it to for her trip this past weekend. 

It's all so adorable, and I love when some of the Disney stuff is subtle. The Junk Food line is so fun, and I loved the "Living The Dream" tee

There are tons of items for gifts and housewares too. 

This little sleeveless hooded dress was another one of my favorites. 

And this tote with the bow slides is to die for. 

They even had make up from L'Oreal and some super cute nail polish sets. There's a little Disney magic for everyone and everything. Just the way Disney likes it. 

That wraps up my favorites for the week. Now off to a super fun weekend. We're headed back to The Battery Atlanta to see our favorite baseball team throw up another W - Go Braves! We are so excited! 

Happy weekend friends! 

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pouches to Popsicles {Giveaway}

Summer might not be here yet, but in the South it seems we've skipped right over Spring and have gone straight to Summer. I'm not complaining one bit, but this means we've had to break out our arsenal of hot weather combatants a little earlier than planned. Our afternoons are filled with homework, soccer practices, and dance recital rehearsals mixed with pool and popsicle breaks in between.

Again, not complaining.

Give this girl hot temps, a pool, and any excuse to drink frosty beverages decorated with tiny umbrellas I'm in!

Although, I really don't need an excuse.

The moment the temps get over 90 degrees it's like a switch happens in the kids. Their little minds tell them to arm themselves with water guns, as few layers of dry fit attire as possible (Sorry neighbors - my kids do own a full outfit. I promise. Maybe.), and the only things to be consumed are frozen treats in the form of ice cream or popsicles. Or ice cream. Or popsicles.

It's a vicious frozen cycle. And one I typically endorse because it's the south and it's HOT. I mean, I've even turned wine into ice cream.

But someone told me a little trick about trying to make this a slightly healthier part of our daily diet. And I'm down with that too. Because I ate cake for breakfast and I know to be successful in life you need a little thing called balance.

The trick is so easy, I can't believe I had never thought of this before. To make a much healthier popsicle treat that kids (and you) will actually like is soooo easy. Like mind blowing easy. All you have to do is use one of the kids pouch snacks and freeze it. Seriously.

I mean it makes so much sense. And it's genius on so many levels. One - obviously because it's healthy. Two - I literally don't have to mix any ingredients. Three - Like almost zero cleaning since I don't have to use a blender, ice cream maker or any other appliance. Genius!


What you'll need...

  • Pouches - I typically use Slammer Snacks because we always have these on hand the kids love all the flavors. Plus they are sourced from organic ingredients, and packed with protein that kids need to fuel all that fun in their lives.  
  • Popsicle mold - I use this one, but there are a ton of popsicle mold options out there. 
  • Wooden sticks - If your mold is like mine and needs wooden sticks. Several options come with reusable sticks. 
  • Optional - If you want your popsicle a little sweeter mix in some coconut water or a teaspoon of honey. Still healthy without adding a ton of sugar. 

What to do...

  • Squeeze one pouch into a bowl or popsicle mold. Mix in desired sweetener. 
  • Place popsicle mold into position in freezer. Let freeze for approximately 3 hours. 
  • Serve and enjoy!

See! So easy!

My kids love them and I've been known to enjoy one or two myself. I love that it's an easy, yet healthy treat we can enjoy all summer long without too much effort. Because in my book that's what summer is about - easy!


And to let you join in on the pouches to popsicle making fun we have partnered with our friends at Slammers Snacks to do a fun little giveaway!

We are giving away one whole case (that's a ton of yummy pouches!) to one lucky reader! Enter below and winner will be announced May 25th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What is your favorite way to cool down in the heat of summer? 

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How to turn snack pouches into healthy popsicles. Yummy and easy healthy treat for kids this summer!

** This post is sponsored by our ambassadorship with Slammers Snacks. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 
***Winner must reside in the U.S. and be over the age of 18. Winner will have 48hrs to claim prize or another winner will be chosen. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Weekend at The Battery Atlanta

We love Atlanta! And we love living in Atlanta! One of the coolest things about living in Atlanta is that it has so many little mini-neighborhoods spread all over the city. There are so many tucked in little mixed-used downtown style neighborhoods. In each of these pockets of development you can find tons of great restaurants, fun attractions, and trendy shops.  The newest one, and quite possibly one of our favorites, is called The Battery Atlanta.

We've spent a little time here and there at The Battery, mostly for pre-game activities, but even in those few experiences we knew we wanted more. A few weekends ago, Mr. Cute and I packed our bags up for a little stay-cation and made our way to The Battery for an entire weekend. After spending the weekend there, I'm in love and told Carrie Beth we need to plan weekend there all together ASAP! It's definitely a little Atlanta hot spot you need to put on your radar!

| Cardigan (similar) | Dress | Shoes |


The Battery is a mix-used community developed when the new Braves stadium, SunTrust Park, was built. And while the ballpark plays a huge role in the theme of The Battery, that's not all it has to offer. Not even close.

From playing host to some of Atlanta's top chefs, home to some of Atlanta's best entertainment venues, and wide variety of shops, - The Battery is an all inclusive southern gem. You can park your car, check in to a world class hotel and never have leave your entire stay! (Trust me. You won't want to!)


The Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta is the place to stay when visiting The Battery. It's world class hotel boasting of some of the best amenities any luxury resort has to offer.  It's located right in the heart of The Battery and it's convenience is unmatched since it is just steps from anything and everything you would want to see/do/eat.

One of my favorite parts about the Omni was that from the moment you stepped through it's front doors you were greeted with luxurious decor with a nod to both the South and baseball (two of our favorite things!).

Everywhere you looked there were amazing details to incorporate both themes into the hotel.

Once you could get beyond how spacious and luxurious the rooms are, you noticed the little baseball details carried throughout the room as well. As baseball lovers and huge Braves fans, we loved this!

Our room overlooked a patio that looked out into The Battery. We didn't go out there because during our arrival it was raining, but the next day we explored and saw what a great view there was not only from that deck, but from the pool deck and a few others as well.

The pool area was gorgeous with tons of seating, fire pits, tons of lounge areas, a full bar, and it overlooked into SunTrust Park. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a game or an event going on. Great views with someone able to bring me unlimited delicious cocktails - yes, please!

The pool is also heated for year round convenience. I couldn't help thinking how much fun the kids would have in that pool after one of those hot summer games.

Both days we stayed at the property we managed to sneak in a workout. Both being frequent gym goers, and Mr. Cute traveling each week for work we both commented that the Omni's Fitness Center is one of the most complete and state of the art gyms in a hotel that we have every seen (and we've stayed in a lot!). Mr. Cute was even able to do his normal CrossFit workout with the equipment on hand.

I'm pretty sure no matter what style of workout you prefer they have the equipment on hand to make you feel like you've never left home. Such a convenience if you one to keep up with your workout routine while on vacation or traveling for work!


The Battery offers a ton to do. The biggest attraction is SunTrust Park and taking in a Braves Game. Having taken in many games since their inaugural season last year, and having traveled to several ballparks around the country it's safe to say the game day atmosphere at The Battery is unmatched.

It is just a fun experience, and even if you don't have tickets to the game it is a super fun place to be both before, during and post game. The Braves and The Battery have done such a great job making the entire area an enjoyable cohesive atmosphere.  The restaurants open their patios and special serving windows so you can "tailgate" in the best way possible. There's music going, drum lines performing, splash fountains for kids (or adults) to run through, games to partake in. It's just plain fun!

| Braves Tee

Another big attraction is the Coca-Cola Roxy. The Coca-Cola Roxy was a legendary concert hall originally located in Buckhead. In 2008 they closed, but reopened simultaneously with the new stadium. This state of the art venue is designed to be a premier destination for live music. There is an amazing line of up artists that are scheduled to play there, and when they aren't showcasing the music industries finest they are playing host to a number of fun events.

Mr. Cute and I said it would be so convenient to see a concert here. Instead of driving home after a late night concert, you can grab a night cap at one of the fun bars, and then just pop over and stay at the Omni. We might have to put this on our radar soon.


The Battery is home to a ton of great restaurants. It is a foodie's dream! From laid back casual fares to upscale southern eats - there is a little something for everyone.

After we unpacked our bags at the Omni we headed to grab afternoon cocktails at Sports & Social. Talk about a FUN atmosphere. Sports & Social is unlike any other sports bar I've been to. If there could be a platinum standard of sports bars, this would be the one. It's a social lounge and gaming parlor all rolled into one unique package. Two stories of bar and game rooms overlook a super-sized bar featuring a 30ft high definition television screen surrounded by "smaller" television screens.

The game areas feature skeetball, table tennis, air hockey, board games galore, and for you fellow golf lovers - a golf simulator. Throw in some yummy food and delicious drinks and you have the makings for a seriously good time. What I loved about it was that whether you were bringing your family there to enjoy a meal or you meeting up for a date night it - or anything in between - it was atmosphere for every body to enjoy no matter what the occasion.

After we had a little friendly husband and wife tennis table match, we made our way to the hotel to change and head to dinner at C. Ellet's.

We arrived early for our reservations to the Dining Room at C. Ellet's so we sat at the bar for drinks and appetizers in the Club Room.

A must: try the house crafted cocktails. They were excellent and made to perfection.

If you want to enjoy a mouthwatering steak, a delicious crafted cocktail (or three), and decadent desserts - C. Ellet's is the place to be. It offers an upscale menu with a southern flair or two thrown in, and everything from the staff to the menu is out of this world.

We loved our meal here and were super impressed with everything. We are so thankful we live 15 minutes away because we will be most definitely be one of their new frequent customers!

For breakfast we popped down to Achie's located just off the lobby of the Omni. Talk about putting a little south in your mouth. It was so yummy! I finished my omelette breakfast and was tempted to order a second!

I also fell in love with the decor at Achie's. I need to get the number of their decorator because it just looked so pretty, but comfortable. I loved the little leather touches everywhere, and I couldn't help but feel that Chip and Joanna would totally approve.

Achie's also serves lunch and dinner, but we never got a chance to try it. Luckily, we live close enough to give it a test run soon!

There are a ton of other great restaurants at The Battery and we haven't heard of a bad one yet. There are also a few more that have opened in the weeks since our stay that we've heard rave reviews about. We can't wait to go back!


Shopping at The Battery is fun, and there is a little something for everyone. The shopping portion of our weekend was a quick effort just due to the rain during our stay, but there are so many great stores it was fun to pop into one or two while we could.

I tested out some new running shoes at Mizuno, shopped in my favorite local boutique companies - DressUp - and took a peek at The South End Gift Shop in the Omni.

South End had so many fun an unique gifts. Southern inspired items from Reese Witherspoon's Draper James line, unique watches and more lined the shelves of the store.

The Battery was the perfect little spot for a southern weekend getaway. We loved getting to spend an extended amount of time there rather than just for a few hours, and we never realized how much there really is there. It's a stay-cation that we definitely plan on doing again soon - either with the kids or without. We had a blast a love that we have such a unique area so close to home. 

Have you been to The Battery Atlanta? What is your favorite part about this new Atlanta hotspot? 

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