Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Master Bedroom Makeover: Part 2

A few months ago, I decided it was time to update our Master Bedroom. Our bedroom was looking sort of sad and neglected compared to some of the other rooms in our home. I went to one of my favorite stores and shopped my heart out for some new bedding and decor, but even though I was happy with the results it still didn't quite look as "finished" as I had in my head.

After the New Year, Mr. Cute surprised me by saying he was taking a week off from work to stay home and wanted to knock out some home projects. We made a list of ideas and prioritized what we wanted to do. I was surprised when he picked my idea for our Master Bedroom out first. He looked at my idea and said he could create the trim work I envisioned in just a few days. I was so excited!

Our bedroom is such a large space, and I think what bothered me was that the walls were just so plain. I'm a huge sucker for trim work and almost every room in our house now has some (thanks handy husband!), but our sad little bedroom was left out along the way.

We chose to do a taller Board & Batten around the room, and Mr. Cute put his carpentry skills to work.

Within two days he had the trim completed, and within three caulked and painted. I was so impressed! It totally transformed our entire room!

As he was doing all the hard labor, I called up Carrie Beth to help me grab some of the finishing details. She was working on her closet/office makeover so I thought we could tag team our efforts and bounce ideas off one another. Not to mention shopping with your bestie is just so darn fun.

We found the softest, dreamiest bedding for a shockingly inexpensive price. 

And after two trips we got the throw pillow situation just right. 

And while team Magnolia efforts were focused on trim work, painting, and throw pillow hunting by day, at night I was scouring the Internet for a set of new chairs. Our bedroom already had a little sitting area set up, but I knew to make the room complete we'd have to update that a bit too. In my mind I had leather wing backs, but then I stumbled upon these gorgeous recliners and knew they would be perfect.

They coordinate perfectly with the storage bench at the end of my bed, and I know if we ever rearrange our furniture in the future, I can utilize all three together in a different space if needed.

We found this round side table during our shopping trip and I knew it was the perfect size for the space. Bonus that it matched my bedroom furniture perfectly. It comes in several colors, and almost did something to mix it up, but decided to have it be uniform to the rest of the furniture.

We have a few more minor touches to add to the room, but for now I'm loving our new master bedroom!


It was so fun pulling this room together. Here are all the details in case you are interested in doing something similar or saw something you liked. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

How To Organize Your Jewelry

Last when when I shared about my new "blogger room" I posted this picture on Instagram and got so many questions and comments about my jewelry board that was seen in the background. 

I decided to do an entire post dedicated to organizing jewelry and share how I keep mine organized.  Many years ago my friend L told me about a jewelry board that her husband had built for her. She told me how she was wearing her jewelry so much more because she could see it all and that resonated with me.

I had SO many really cute things, but always wore the same stuff over and over because everything else was either put away and like the old saying goes...out of sight, out of mind.

If I did go to try to find a necklace or bracelet it was most likely in a tangled mess with all of the other stuff and such a pain to have to try to deal with.  I asked the Mr. if he could build me a jewelry board and he said it would be a piece of cake. 

I kind of took inventory of all my jewelry back in the day and decided that I wanted a few rows for long necklaces, a few for shorter necklaces, and then the rest of the hooks were spaced closer together to hold bracelets and earrings.  

We already had a piece of plywood cut about the right size in our basement left over who knows what so he sanded and painted it and bought these little hooks.  Then my dad was in town so he helped finish it up and it is has lived in my closet ever since.  Mine is about 6 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide.

After getting it all organized I completely agreed with my friend. I was wearing all of my jewelry SO much more because I could see it all.

I think that no matter how you decide to organize your jewelry, being able to easily see it all is key!  

Then after you get dressed you an easily scan what you have and decide what pieces of jewelry you want to wear! 

I also have a jewelry box that I keep some special pieces in and things that I don't wear as often and don't want hanging on the board. 

I also have this jewelry stand that I bought from Michael's last year that I keep cuff bracelets on (because they don't really hang well on the jewelry board) and also my watches. 

It even has little spots where I keep my small post earrings that I wear frequently.

In my girls' rooms I have used small command hooks in their closets to hold and display their necklaces. It is a very cheap way to be able to see it all, but I feel like I'm about on the verge of needing to get them something else.  They have a lot of necklaces and they often get tangled because they have so many hanging on each hook. 

I checked Amazon to see if there was something that might work for them and actually found several great options!  

 This Jewelry Armoire with mirror is nice because it is multi-purpose. I love that it serves as a full length mirror, but open up to all of this jewelry storage.

This is a similar option that is an Over The Door Jewelry Organizer . You could hang it on the back of a closet door to save space, but still have lots of organizational options. 

This Rustic Jewelry Organizer  is a good option if you don't have a ton of pieces that you want to display/organize. Plus, it takes up a lot less space. 

I've seen these Pocket Organizers for Jewelry before and feel like they are great because you can hang it over a door or in your closet and then when you travel it is easy to wrap and take with you! 

Lastly, this Table Top Jewelry Holder  would be nice to set on your bathroom counter or on a dresser to hold pieces that you wear more frequently.  

I pinned a bunch of other DIY ideas and organizational tips for jewelry on Pinterest, so you can check that out here!  No matter how you decide to organize your jewelry, make sure you can easily see and access it all so that you can completely transform your outfits by wearing the amazing jewelry you probably already own! 

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The BEST Leggings & Other Active Wear Favorites

This time of year our style tends to lean cozy and casual. Post holidays we try to avoid jeans or any sort of pants with a button, and not having a typical day time job, necessary business attire is a thing of the past. Our schedules are hectic, and when temps are cold we just want to be comfortable and warm.

But while we love us some yoga pants, we realize we still have the occasional situation in which we are required to be more put together than our favorite pair of joggers, that oh so soft t-shirt from Spring Break 2001, and the oversized sweatshirt from college we just can't give up.

We also tend to try to sneak in workouts throughout our day if we don't get a full gym session on the schedule. We eventually want to be able to counteract all that holiday-ing we did and hopefully get the chance to button our pants by summer time.

So like most things in life, it's all about balance.

We've found a few ways to help us be HIIT ready, comfortable, warm, AND looking stylish when necessary. It was a tough task, but we were so here for the challenge.


First and foremost, let's chat about the best leggings ever! We've worn our fair share of leggings, but the pair we are about to share are the ones that have met all the requirements to give them top billing.

Jen found stumbled upon these leggings randomly. She was reading a women's magazine in her dentists office where they compared a list of leggings. These leggings got top billing. Above Lululemon, Athleta, and a few other big brands. Curious - because they are crazy inexpensive! - she ordered a pair.

They totally live up to the hype.

Now we both own several pairs, and we can't stop singing their praises because they are just. that. good! We've shared them on social media tons of you agree!

Why we love them...
  • They are buttery soft.
  • They aren't see through. Even squatting the most squattiest of squats, all your ladies parts are covered. Front and back. You're welcome. 
  • They are high waisted and stay put. 
  • They have pockets everywhere! There are two huge pockets on both legs large enough for a smart phone. There's even a waistband pocket. 
  • They come in a ton of fun colors. 

If in-between sizes we recommend sizing down.  Carrie Beth doesn't like hers too tight so started with a medium. They fit, but slip down a bit. After washing and drying (which you really shouldn't do with leggings) the medium fits.  Ordered a second pair in navy, size small and they fit perfect!

So do your self a favor, order a pair (or five) and join in the legging party that we've all been having.

| leggings in color "pink" | Tee | Shoes |


Because Amazon didn't let us down with the leggings we decided to give something else a try and oh my goodness, it is AMAZING!!!  This tank is made with the same quality as the leggings and has super cute and just a little sassy written all over it.  It is all business in the front...

With a total party in the back!

So cute we can hardly stand it.  Like the leggings, this tank comes in a ton of colors and patterns and the price is amazing.  There is a little variation with the pricing depending on what color you pick, but this black one was only $18!!!  Hello?!?  We'll definitely be ordering this in more colors.  

Why we love it...
  • Made with really light weight and breathable fabric. 
  • It has a built in padded shelf bra that is super supportive. You could wear another sports bra with it, but it is fine just on it's own. 
  • It's long enough to cover the booty and thighs if you want or also looks cute slouched up or with a front tuck. 
  • Makes us feel cute when we are working out and everyone knows that is going to make working out more fun! 
  • Comes in a ton of fun colors and patterns. 
  • The price can't be beat and the quality is fantastic!  
After reading a bunch of reviews about sizing we realized people said that the shelf bra ran small/tight.  Carrie Beth went with a medium and it fit perfectly.

Another cute top we love is this one from Old Navy.  It's got a sheer striped panel on the back and can be worn knotted up or down.  Sizes are limited in some colors, but on sale for $15!!!

This tank from Old Navy is on sale for $7 in limited sizes.  Hard to tell from this picture, but the back also has a mesh insert and cute fun straps. 

One of our go-to looks is wearing all black and just throwing on a regular cardigan pre and post workout. Then you look put together when running errands, volunteering at the school or anywhere else you need to be that day.

Like the cardigan trick, we do the same thing with cute pullovers. Our favorite is this asymmetrical quilted one.  Jen has it in several colors and Carrie Beth got her blush pink one for Christmas this year.

Another athleisure look we love are these Spanx leggings, a comfy tee, and cardigan

This outfit could take you walking with a friend for exercise, then shopping, then just throw on some booties and you could be headed out to dinner with your fam (because I totally did that last week). 

Another inexpensive favorite is this long sleeve perforated tee. We love Walmart's Avia brand and this tee knocks it out of the park. 

The material is so light and airy, and the perforated holes are so nice for airflow especially for those heavier duty workouts.

 Love that this tee works great to pop over a tank or to wear by itself. We're also a huge sucker for anything with thumb holes. Anything to keep our hands warm on those long runs (and by long runs we mean brisk walks outside or sitting on the sidelines of that weekends soccer tournament). 

| Coat | Pullover | Leggings | Shoes |

Regardless of what is on our top or bottom, this down jacket has been a quick favorite this season. It's the jacket we grab the most no matter what the occasion. It's budget friendly price also helps. We love our Patagonia but it is a bright, fun color. We wanted a black jacket to go with everything. We also live in the South where temperatures rarely dip cold enough to justify owning a slew of expensive winter coats. 

Jen gave it a test run and then Carrie Beth purchased one after her thumbs up. It's super light, but warm. It's packable - like can fit in a small purse packable! - and it just as good as quality as its more expensive counterpart. Its the best jacket and it also comes in a longer length if you want a little more coverage. 

These leggings are the ones everyone raves about no matter where you are. The Lululemon Align Leggings are pricey, but they do live up to their coveted name. The suck everything in just right and stay put all day long. We like that they are on the thicker side too because they give us slightly more warmth than some less expensive leggings. 

The shoes are a big time favorite. The Nike Flex are our favorite running shoes, but these slip on ones are so light! Love that they pull on so fast (you do still have to tie them), but they feel like air on your feet! 

Speaking of shoes, we were both in the market for a new fun pair of running shoes and when we saw these metallic blush pink ones we were all heart eyes!!!  We decided to be twins and both ordered a pair. They are on super sale and we knew we would be the perfect pair for wearing now and into spring/summer.

We've had our eye on a few warmer weather active wear items. The perforated tee we mentioned above can take us into Spring without being too hot, but the real winner lately are these shorts

| tee | shorts | shoes | headphones | watch |

These shorts come in with a built in liner and are available in a ton of colors. They fit just like a pair of Lululemon shorts we own - but for a fraction of the price (less than $10!). They've been great to wear for indoor workouts - everything stays put so we don't have to keep adjusting, and they are super breathable. We also love how stylish they are. They come with a fun little playful side slit, and some trendy little touches. We can't wait for the weather to warm up again, because we know these will be our go to pair!

We're always on the hunt for great active wear pieces. If we add to our finds we'll be sure to share here or on our shopping pages (Amazon and LiketoKnowit) if that is easier for you.  If you have any that you love - please share! We love adding to our active wear wardrobes (because its practically our only wardrobe)! 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Our Favorite Drug Store Beauty Buys

We love a good beauty product...from hair products to make up and everything in between.  We've been known to spend a lot money on beauty products, but a the same time some of our very favorites are items that just cost a few dollars.  We don't discriminate when it comes to the type of beauty products we use, so today we are focusing on some of our favorite drug story beauty products.  These are items you can get just about anywhere...Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and Amazon.

Sheer Blonde Hair Spray - I picked up this hairspray on a total whim at the grocery store and fell in love it it. It's really light weight and holds my curls, but doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all.

Batiste Dry Shampoo - I've tried lots of brands and for the price, this is my very favorite!  It comes in a ton of different scents, but I love the bare one best. It just smells so fresh and clean!

L'Oreal Mascara - Best mascara in my opinion.  It has build-able coverage so if you just want a little on one swipe will do, but if you want more of a dramatic eye, just put on more coats.

L'Oreal eyeliner - This eyeliner goes on so easy and smooth!

Vaseline Lip Therapy - After having some serious lip allergy reactions going on with various chapsticks and lip products, this was recommended to us by a dermatologist and to this day we won't use regular chapstick.  This comes in a few varieties and we have them all!

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer - See above!  Because of the months of pain and discomfort I went through I was scared to use anything on my lips.  This is a nice mix of moisturizing and color and never dries my lips out. It is like a sheer lipstick.  It comes in a ton of colors and I have a bunch of them, but my favorite is Watermelon.

Coconut Oil - Good old fashioned coconut oil!  I buy it on the oil aisle at the grocery store.  I keep thinking I will do a post on this, but haven't gotten around to it yet. There are SO many uses for it, but I keep a jar in my bathroom and use it to take off my eye make up every single night. It is the BEST makeup remover.  It also works to get off things like eye-black (what baseball players wear under their eyes) when nothing else will work!  Sounds weird, but trust us!

Neutrogena make up wipes - When we are lazy and tired at night and don't want to wash our faces, these come in handy!

Essie Nail Polish - Our favorite nail polish because it comes in so many fun colors!  There is nothing better on a random Monday grocery shopping trip than throwing a new fun color in our buggy.

Cutex Swipe & Go Nail Polish Remover Wipes - These are the best!  It's like a gauze/felt pad soaked in nail polish remover.  One pad will take off nail polish on both hands!  They are so great for around the house, but even better for traveling when you can't bring bottles of liquid more than 3 oz. on a plane with you.

Aquaphor Advanced Healing Lotion - Good ol' Aquaphor. We use this stuff for everything!  Dry, irritated skin is the worst this time of year so we love to lather up with this.  We use it on our kids and on ourselves.

Jergen's Natural Glow Firming Lotion - We've been using this stuff for years!!!  It a moisturizing lotion that very slowly and very gradually builds color.  It is great to start using in the winter because when spring arrives, you have a nice healthy glow.

Neutrogena Tanning Spray - Reviews are mixed on this, but we love it.  It's like getting an air brush tan in the comfort and modesty of your own bathroom. The spray makes it go on evenly and the color is gradual if you follow directions and avoid ankles, elbows, and knees.  Tip - We put down an old towel before spraying ourselves and make sure it dries completely before putting on clothes.

Do you have any favorites?  Please share because we love trying out new stuff! 

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Adding Farmhouse Inspired Touches

This post is in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops andThat!. All thoughts and opinions are our own. 

It's no secret that we love farmhouse-inspired decorating touches in our home.  Give us all the distressed wood, pops of green, mix of metals and casual, relaxed style.

When we learned that one of our favorites, andThat!, was launching an exclusive farmhouse inspired line called The Grainhouse we couldn't wait to check it out. We walked in and fell in farmhouse love!

There were so many affordable and stylish pieces!

| wood sign |

We both had a few home decorating projects in the works and we found so many great items to use in our spaces.

We had the best time shopping in store!  The Grainhouse collection has everything from furniture to textiles and all your entertaining essentials.

Carrie Beth
I was in the process of refreshing a room off of my master closet.  It's a space that was originally built as a craft/sewing room, but since then my needs have shifted a bit. I wanted to transform it into a space that could be a multifunctional room.  One that would serve as an office, dressing room and "blogger space."  I very blogger of me. ;-)

Seriously though, Jen and I started The Magnolia Mamas so that we could have a creative outlet and something that would help give us some of our identity back as we were both stay-at-home moms with very young children at the time.

Because the blog has grown, I wanted a place that was just mine.  Somewhere I could go to have some peace and quiet, somewhere I could go to focus and write when working on a blog post, and a fun spot for taking outfit pictures and displaying some items that are special to me.

There are so many things I love about this room.  Mostly though, I just love it because it feels so peaceful to me.

I love using items in unexpected ways. I feel like that is part of what makes the farmhouse inspired decorating style so much fun.  A basket full of rugs rolled up in not only going to be functional for me to have for different photoshoots, but it also fills that corner and softens the room.

I fell in love with this gorgeous galvanized metal platter and couldn't believe the price! Obviously it would usually be used for entertaining in a kitchen I used it to add another mix of materials and it is serving as a catchall for jewelry and accessories.


Also, this picture frame became a cork board when I added a cork sheet to it and it now displays some very special items!

The handkerchiefs, broaches, and beaded necklace are accessories that belonged to my grandmothers and I also added my wedding day earrings.  My grandmothers were the epitome of southern belle's and they were so very stylish.  From fancy scarfs, fun jewelry and never leaving the house without lipstick, I feel like they definitely played a part in my own style.  Because sharing style is so much of what we do now on the blog, I love that I can look at these pieces daily.

I'm so excited about Carrie Beth's new space I can't stand it! It makes me want to tell my kids they now need to share a bedroom so I can claim a room and decorate it all Magnolia dreamlike on my own!

I love that from bookshelves to baskets (and everything in between) it was purchased from one store! Shopping at andThat! Is always so fun, but shopping together was such an experience. You should have seen us strolling through there with multiple carts filled with Grainhouse products. The checkout girl didn't know what to think. She laughingly said in passing, "Y'all purchased one of everything! You will have to take pictures of all this when its put together and send it to the store."

Girlfriend had no idea of the snap-happy purchasers she was dealing with.

I was lucky to get a teeny tiny sneak peek of the Grainhouse line a few months ago when I was getting started on my bedroom makeover. I'll discuss more of the details on that next week, but when I was shopping with Carrie Beth I couldn't help but grab a few more items to add.

The Grainhouse bedding is swoon worthy and so inexpensive! I had purchased the striped bedding  a few months ago, but the minute I spotted (or really felt) the white Washed Pintuck Comforter Set I knew I had to have it. It feels like a cloud. And I don't know about you, but that's kind of what I'm going for when it comes to the whole sleep thing.  

One of my favorite parts about the Grainhouse line is all the throw pillows. As a not so recovering pillow addict, it was so hard to limit myself to just a "few". I wasn't about to leave the store without at least one ruffle pillow and one macrame pillow in my possession. Stumbling upon the railroad striped pillows were just an added bonus. 

And I didn't just stop at the bed. No my friends. I put those throw pillow everywhere I could. They just add the finishing touch to a room I think. You can never have enough. 

Cozy soft throw blankets come in a close second. 

I limited myself to just one. A girl has to show some restraint occasionally. 

I grabbed this cute round accent table and a few picture frames, topiaries and other little accessories to complete the space. 

I have a few more home projects on the horizon and already have a few more fun pieces from the Grainhouse line earmarked for purchase. 

Do you love farmhouse style decor? Learn more about the Grainhouse line from andThat and check out some of their other amazing decor pieces HERE

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