Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Online Urgent Care

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I get sick around the holidays almost every.single.year. It never fails. I've had strep throat, ear infections, some crazy rash, a sinus infection, hives, and the list goes on and on.  I know it's because we are SO incredibly busy during the month of December and that I just run myself ragged until my body can't take it anymore.  

We just go, go, go with sports, school performances, holiday traditions, class parties, school performances, neighborhood gatherings and just about anything else you can think of! 

I usually wait to go to the doctor until I can't bare it any longer and by that time I feel worse than if I had just gone at the onset of the symptoms. To be honest though, I usually can't find a time to squeeze in a visit to the doctor. You'd think I would learn to slow down, but we are MOMS!!!  We don't really know how to do that and very rarely do we have the luxury of time on our side.

Amwell Urgent Care to the rescue!

If I had known about Amwell during all of those crazy holiday sicknesses before I most certainly would have used it!  Amwell is a telehealth company with a 24/7 urgent care service.  You can access doctors from your phone or computer in the comfort of your own home or when you are on the go. 

You can see a doctor, face-to-face, through the app or their website without an appointment! Through video, providers can look, listen, and engage with you diagnose health concerns and provide an effective treatment plan. Traveling for the holidays and someone gets sick?  Have a kid that can't stop vomiting in the middle of the night and need a little peace of mind? This is the perfect solution for you and your family if someone should come down with a minor illness or injury.

Common uses:
Cold and flu
Sinus Infections
Stomach bugs
Pink Eye

Obviously Amwell compliments in-person care and not for emergency situations, but having access to a service like this is a game changer for busy moms and on the go families.

What is the cost?

Each Amwell urgent care visit is only $69 which is a lot less than the national average cost for an office visit. They also accept most insurances, making the cost even less.   We have a coupon code for our readers!  Use code MAGNOLIA to get 50% off a $69 urgent care visit. We certainly hope that no one gets sick and needs this, but if you do we know you'll be happy to save a little money and a lot of time. The best part about the code is that it NEVER EXPIRES so you can use it whenever you may need it.   CLICK HERE to start your discounted doctor visit.

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