Thursday, December 19, 2019

Cute Gift Card Idea for Teachers

Today and tomorrow are my kids' class holiday parties and then they are out of school for two weeks!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to have them home over Christmas. Since I'm one of the room moms for their classes I'm helping with the teacher gifts from the class.  I know teachers love gift cards so instead of doing one large gift card I decided to put together these little gift card trees.

It's such a cute and easy gift card idea if you have a group going in together for one large gift.

I found the mini trees at Target this year (I got them from Walmart last year) and added a ribbon to the top.  Then I gathered gift cards to all of our teachers' favorite places.  We collected money from parents at the beginning of the year to help with things like class parties and teacher gifts, but you could even ask parents to donate a gift card towards the group gift. 

Some are smaller amounts ($5 to Starbucks or $10 to Chick-fil-a) and some are a larger amounts to their favorite restaurant or store.  I just try to get enough to fill up the tree!  I removed the cards from their packaging, write the value of the card on the back with a Sharpie, and tie them on the trees to be the "ornaments." 

These gift card trees are such an easy thing to put together and fun for the teachers to receive because not only are the getting gift cards to a lot of their favorite places, but they also get to keep the mini tree for their classroom or their home!

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