Monday, June 1, 2015

Share Your Summer: Making a Splash

Hi Friends!  It's time for another addition of our Share Your Summer series and link-up.  We hope you will join us by linking up below.  We will read through all of the links and share our favorites at the end of the week.

Today is all about Making a Splash!  In the summer, we do a lot of swimming.  Whether it be at the pool, the beach, or the lake, I feel like we live in our swimsuits pretty much all summer long so today I'm going to share some of my favorites.

Each year I usually buy 2-3 new suits and Target is almost always my go-to. I like that I can mix-and-match the tops and bottoms and usually put together different colors and patterns, too.

I like the bandeau style tops best on me and usually try to look for that style.  This year I wanted to find some with a little ruffle because I feel like that trend is super stylish right now and it also adds a little "umpf" in that area if you know what I mean. (wink, wink ;-))

Last year I bought bottoms that had a little skirt on it and I really loved it.  It covers just a tad more than a regular bikini bottom, but still is super stylish.
Before you start thinking it's all grandma looking, let me assure you, it is really cute on.  So, I knew I wanted to try to find another suit with a similar style and I ended up with THIS top and THIS bottom both in navy and love it!  The crochet material is feminine and so pretty with the ruffle details.

I'm a girly-girl and I love swimsuits with some ruffle or sparkle so the other one I got this year is this sparkle bandeau top and chevron bottoms.  The hint of sparkle is so pretty and I felt like it would be my fun suit for summer!

One last style of suit that I love is a swimdress. Yes, a swimsuit and a dress in one.  Whoever came up with this is a genius!

The Mr. doesn't quite agree and thinks this style should be reserved for older ladies, but I think it cute, stylish and totally practical.  It was perfect for when my kids were little babies and even when they were just a little younger and I was constantly be pulled on in the pool or squatting down to pick one of them up.  I just felt like this style of suit was very functional and I always got tons of compliments on it! The Juicy Couture ones were my favorite because the fabric and fit.  It was just a really great quality and looked amazing on.  Click HERE to see all all of the options.

As for the kids, my girls are kind of like me...they are all about the ruffles and sparkle.  They prefer two-piece suits and since the day they were potty trained I did, too. No one likes using the restroom and having to pull up a wet bathing suit.  I found some really cute ones for them at Target and Kohl's this year.

I'm thinking I would love to get just one more suit for this summer, so I can't wait to see what styles everyone else has to share today.  Be sure to share and link-up below!

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  1. i LOVE your suit choices. And clearly i missed the boat on the linkup! Oops! I Maybe I should link it, i just stated what we do at the beach.

  2. I totally got a black swim dress just like that at target last week and it is darling! I felt 2 suits weren't enough this year as I hope to be spending a lot more time at the pool!

  3. I have a halter swim dress from Juicy and I totally love it. It feels so retro and fun! I used to care more about a stomach tan but as I get older I care less about that and really only about my legs getting a tan! Sun, stay away from my face #nomorefrecklesplease. Loved your roundup, great suit choices!!

    1. I totally agree! those Juicy suits are the best! And I'm also with you on keeping the sun away from my face!!! I try everything I can to keep it away and prevent more wrinkles!!!


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