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Book Club: August

We hope everyone is enjoying your Labor Day and soaking up the last bit of summer.  This post is about a week late, but we wanted to make sure we shared our book club picks with all of you! We can hardly believe we've made it September, but we are here for it.  Football games, (hopefully) some cooler weather, and pumpkin spice everything has us excited for fall! 



I have been pretty absent here the past month and that hasn't been intentional, but rather because I am barely keeping my head above water.  All three of my kids started on-line school a few weeks go and it has been all consuming. I've even had a hard time getting my daily walk in which means I've had a hard time getting my daily Audible fix. I did finally finish one book in August thought and I loved it!  

Earlier this year I read The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan and really enjoyed it. You can see my full review HERE, but it is about an American girl who falls in love and marries the heir to the throne in England.  I was so excited to learn that there was a sequel and listened to it this month!

The Heir Affair is the sequel that follows the couple as they navigate being newlyweds in the public eye.  They uncover some secrets the monarchy was hiding and it makes them question everything they had ever known to be true and could change life as they know it.  If you read the first in this series and love all things royal, I definitely recommend this one!  


These days I feel like free time is less and less, but I've tried to make it a point to read at least ten minutes a day just to unwind. I'm also logging 4,538 hours a week in the car pool line since everyone is driving their kids to school this year instead of riding the bus. So...Audible for the carpool win. 

I really enjoyed all the books I read this past month. Two were from our Summer Reading List and the other two were at the suggestion of a friend via another blogger. Gotta love the internet. 

First up for the month was The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I loved the plot of this book, and it was one of those that stories that kept unraveling secrets and kept you guessing the whole time. The story takes place on a remote luxury island off the coast of Ireland. Two rising stars are getting married and it's the "it" event of the season. Each chapter follows a different point of view of someone on the island - the bride, the groom, the wedding planner, the maid of honor, the best man, etc. On the night of the wedding you learn one of the attendees is missing/possibly dead, and the book flips back and forth to the events leading up to the wedding to just as the person is found. You don't know who it is, or what happens until the very very end. And even then I didn't see it coming. I will say I didn't love any of the characters that much, but the ending got me. I couldn't believe how it tied up all together! This would be a great read for Fall! For all our mystery lovers - put it on your list! 

I lightened it up for my second read of the month with Emily Henry's Beach Read. Okay, the title of this book does not do it justice. This book was everything you want in a beach read/romantic comedy. Instantly I loved all the characters, there were tons of fun parts, and the ending was perfection. It also had a little more substance to it than the cover or the title lends to it. I was pleasantly surprised and already can't wait to read more by Emily Henry! 

So a friend of mine read The Simple Wild and told me to read it. Not only because she loved it, but because she knew I would love it. And she wanted someone who could read it quickly and talk about it with her too. Well I'm paying it forward. I read it, and devoured the sequel too. And now I want to talk about it. 

The Simple Wild follows the story of Calla Fletcher. Calla lives in Toronto with her mom and step-dad. She works a corporate job by day and at night hangs out with her bestie/Influencer partner by night. Life is going great until she loses her job, her boyfriend, and her estranged dad contacts her from Alaska. They hadn't spoken in years and now she finds out he has cancer. On a whim she decides to visit him in Alaska. The story moves from there and from page one I was instantly sucked in. The book is a romance, coming of age, and family drama all wrapped up into one. I fell in love with all of the characters, the banter, and the story so much I couldn't wait to read the second book. 

Wild at Heart picks up where The Simple Wild leaves off.  I don't want to give away too many spoilers from book one, but this book follows Calla back on a return trip to Alaska...a trip she might not come home from. (That's all I'm going to say until you read it! Or message me so we can chat about it!)

I liked The Simple Wild just a little more than Wild at Heart, but both are really really good. You cheer for Calla, her relationships, and her growth.

I also want to visit Alaska now. ;) 

Read them and you won't be disappointed.  



Sticking to the royal theme I am so excited to start Majesty by Katherine McGee.  

It is the sequel to American Royals, which I named as my VERY favorite book that I read in 2019!!!  

You can see my review HERE, but it is written as if America has a monarchy and granted George Washington a crown instead of the presidency.  It's full of pop culture, a peek into what royal life is like and it was just so clever. I have high hopes for the sequel!  


For just a little while longer I want to linger in Summer mode with a good beach read. So first up for September is Elin Hilderbrand's 28 Summers. She never does me wrong, and I've heard great things about this one. 

Now what should we read next? We need some good suggestions to get us through September! 


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