Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Book Club: July

We never thought we would say this about Book Club - but it's been a few months since we've chatted! We can't believe it because reading/listening to books is one of our favorite things. These last few months have offered up little free time for reading, but we've sneak it in where we can. Even if it's a few minutes here or a few minutes there. 

Honestly, we are craving a routine. Any routine. It doesn't have to be our old routine. We just need something to keep us anchored so that we know when we can have a few minutes to ourselves. To exercise, to read a book, to chat with friends - just tell us when

These last few months are full of memories with our families that we will cherish forever. But they are also severely lacking in the "mommy gets a free minute" department. 

Even our reading time has been severely limited, we've still read something. And some good somethings. So today we are popping in for Book Club to share with you what we've been reading these last few months and what you need to put on your reading lists ASAP. 


We've mentioned our love for Kristy Woodson Harvey books multiple times on this blog. She write fun, heartfelt novels that just make you smile while reading them. She sent us a copy of Feels Like Falling and I couldn't wait to read it. I brought it to the beach with me, and it was the perfect beach read! The story follows Grey, and entrepreneur who seems like she has the perfect life. Until she doesn't. Following the loss of her mother to cancer and her husband to his secretary, she turns to the North Carolina Coast to regroup. With a witty cast of friends, a sweet son, and an unlikely romance all wrapped into one - I couldn't put it down. 

Mary Kay Andrews is another one of those I look forward to reading each Summer. Hello, Summer gave me the same beachy book vibes that I love from her, but with a twist. It was beach read with a mystery twist. Conley is an unemployed journalist who returns to her beachside hometown in Florida to regroup. She runs into her old best friend/crush and somehow stumbles upon a car wreck. The wreck contains a beloved local congressman. As the story escalates lots of secrets are uncovered and the "bad guy" was one I never really figured out until the end so it kept me reading. I loved the whodunit feel and the end wrapped up everything nicely. It's a thicker read, but a perfect story to throw in your beach bag.

Oh my goodness - I remember loving the Crazy Rich Asians series! So when I saw the same author released a new book I couldn't wait to read it too. Sex and Vanity was just as fun! There are hints of past characters through this book, but the story is based on new ones. The setting goes back and forth between Capri and New York. There are a ton of over the top elaborate references to fashion, homes, and vacations like there were in the Crazy Rich Asians series. The story opens up at a wedding where Lucy meets George. At first glance they hate each other, but that quickly changes. However, it's a forbidden romance and they are forced to go their separate ways. Until they meet again in The Hamptons. I don't want to give any spoilers, but it is just what you expect with eccentric characters, lavish details, and lots of humor. I loved it and would recommend it if you like the first series and just want to read something fun. 

Big Summer was recommended to me by a friend with the preface that it wasn't the typical story line from this author. Once I got into it I realized what she meant - instead of just heartfelt romance, Jennifer Weiner threw in a murder mystery twist to this novel. The story follows the friendship of Daphne and Drue. Friends that became frenemies are thrown back together when Drue asks Daphne out of desperation to be in her wedding. Daphne is an up and coming influencer and agrees for the exposure. As she's lured back into Drue's world she realizes while her friend has changed some, somethings will never change. The wedding is an over the top lavish affair that ends with tragedy. So many things were unexpected about this book, and it was one of my favorite stories out of everything I've read the last few months (maybe even the year?). It has a beachy cover and some beach references, but I think it is one of those that you can read anywhere/anytime and still love. 

Forever Is the Worst Long Time might be one of my favorite books this year. This is one I listened to on Audible, but after discovering Camille Pag├ín a few months ago I knew I would love it just as much as reading it. I started this waaaaay back in March and only in the last few days finished it. 

How to sum up this book??

James meets what he thinks is the love of his life. Lou is seemingly the perfect girl for him in every way. The only problem: she's engaged to his best friend in the whole wide world. The story follows James over the course of his life and different choices he makes because of his love. There is tons of humor, romance, heartbreak, and tragedy all wrapped up in this story. The last few chapters had me in tears and the ending was a lovely surprise. 

So far I'm loving anything by this author and would recommend them all! 


We have a few things from our Summer Reading List in our pile to still read, but we're switching things up from our typical light, fun beach read to something a little darker. The Guest List sounded so intriguing when I read the back cover - so it's up next! 


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