Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Pineapple Mimosa Recipe

It's official - all the kids are back in school (in some capacity)! But it still feels like Summer. Cross over the two and we feel like that deserves a little something to celebrate. 

Or at least a little something to take the edge off both the heat and re-learning algebra. 

We present to you...

...the Pineapple Mimosa! 

This is the next recipe in Summer Recipe Series and it's the perfect easy cocktail for this time of year. Baby showers, ladies brunches, Sunday mornings by the pool...it has you covered. It's also the one our friends like to recreate most whenever we break out the Mom-mosa Bar

If you've missed the other recipes over the last few weeks, here they are: 

And now for the main event. 


- 3 oz of champagne
- 1 oz of pineapple juice
- Optional garnish: pineapple slices

1: Fill champagne flutes with chilled champagne. 
2: Add pineapple juice. 
3: Serve & enjoy!

See we told you this one was easy! 

Cheers friends! 

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