Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Potty Time!?!

Just a few week ago Little Cute turned two, and now we are about to head into what I feel is the most dreaded phase of parenthood - potty training! L.C. has been showing signs for months now - signs that I have promptly ignored because potty training Cute was such a disaster and those memories are still fresh in my mind. With out getting into too many of the dirty details - let's just say it was a long long process that clearly I had no control over. One day he just decided he was trained and he never looked back.

But L.C. has decided to leave me behind in that decision, and continues to attempt to go to the potty on her own as often as possible. She also has become obsessed with underwear - in particular wearing her brother's.

Any chance she can get she strips down and takes off her diaper. It doesn't matter where we are. After an unfortunate (and quite embarrassing) trip to our local grocery store - I have decided to give in and fully train her the week of Thanksgiving.

I am trying to mentally prepare myself, and get prepped for everything that I will need. I found these super cute potty training charts online, and made this sticker reward chart for her. I plan to hang this in our kitchen so no matter what bathroom she uses she can put her sticker on it.

And yes, her big prize is Chuck E. Cheese. After her birthday, her love for Chuck E. has not dissipated, so I figure it is the ultimate motivator for her. Lord, help me.

We have this little potty that we can bring with us anywhere we go just in case we need to pull over on the side of the road or are in a park. I used it a few times with Cute, and it was nice because we could just store it in the stroller, or throw it in a bag, and it didn't take up much room. It was also nice because usually it didn't require any cleaning.

I've armed myself with some little treats and a few "prizes". I've also let her pick out her favorite underwear, but haven't let her wear it yet - hoping that it helps with the potty hype come next week.

I am blissfully hoping this is a quick process, but any tips and tricks are definitely welcome!!

Do you have any advice on how to get through potty training with as little stress as possible?

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