Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Little Cute Turns Two

First of all today is actually Carrie Beth's birthday! So everyone be sure to wish her the best birthday ever!!!

The birthday girls!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, and in between we snuck not one but two birthday celebrations for miss Little Cute. We usually try to do a family party and a friend party for the kids. We've learned the grandparents like to see the actual present opening etc. so we keep it pretty relaxed. The friend party we tend to concentrate on a place where they can run wild and expend as much energy as possible under the supervision of a perfectly trained party host, wrapping up just in time for nap time. Priorities people - priorities.

This year LC was all about her birthday from determining theme down to location. Mickey Mouse is a huge hit currently with her so Mickey and Minnie themed out both of the parties.

 The family one we chose to do on her actual birthday at our home.

The friend party was originally planned for her gymnastics gym, but after attending three parties in a month at good old Chuck E. Cheese and chanting "Chuck E. Cheese" at the top of her lungs everyday for weeks, we made the switch. 

In all honesty I am getting pretty tired in this pregnancy, and we kept the friend pretty low key as well, and just invited our dinner club friends. Those of you not invited can thank me later - those of you who were - sorry you are our best friends and have in your contracts to endure all life milestone activities including, but not limited to, obnoxious/loud/over stimulating party facilities.

Little Cute had an absolute blast at both and could have not have rocked two any grander! 

In case you are planning your own Mickey/Minnie party soon here are some links to the details: 

Some fun little facts about LC at two: 
- She is super sweet and seems to love pleasing people and has great manners, but also has a seriously sassy side (and will often tell you that).

-She loves having jobs (dishes, laundry, vacuuming)

- Cute is her very best friend and wants to do everything he does 
(this does not make him happy sometimes). 

- She wants to be big so bad. She even has started potty training herself. Sometimes this is not as fun as one might think. 

- She would rather have her hair bow free and wild and wear jeans everyday (if forced to actually wear clothes). But loves all things sparkly. Especially anything in mommy's jewelry drawer. 

- Her favorite toys to play with are race cars and baby dolls. 

- Is a fighter when she truly wants something, and has unfortunately perfected the art of biting her brother. (Anyone have any tips on this?? I'm running out of options.)

- Hates running on demand and will lay flat when her gymnastics coach makes them do laps.

- Loves real life babies and can't stand to not touch them if they are within her grasp. Let's just say 3.0 better be prepared for an onslaught of paci receiving,  blanket tucking in, and "gentle" head pats. 

- Is a climber, and can get on top of anything and everything. I now know how pictures of children on top of the fridge probably occur. I am also thankful that our chandeliers all seem to be mounted quite properly. 

- Loves to eat! Anything and everything.

- Loves to talk on the phone and will call daddy any chance she can.

I could go on and on but will stop there. We love our "Little Cute" and look forward to seeing how she blossoms over this next year. 

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