Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Project Nursery: Inspiration

Life lately has been so full and busy, that I sat down this past weekend and realized, "Wait a is due when?!?" That thought was quickly followed with, "Holy cow, we might need to start getting the baby a place to sleep...and maybe a onesie or two!"

I am still roughly three months out, but those three months are filled with holiday fun, birthday parties, and maybe a vacation or two. I know that the time is going to fly by and then boom! 3.0 will be riding home to nothing more than a blanket on the floor to sleep, the hospital onesie they give you, and - if  she's lucky - the correct sized diapers.

I'm joking. Sort of.

So this past weekend I made it my mission to sit down and plan out the nursery. Luckily it was a super low key weekend so we could really brainstorm on what we want her room to look like.

Layout wise, her room is identical to Little Cute's so we are able to get a feel for what might fit in furniture wise and where we might be able to add a little oomph to the plain boxy feel. I drew out an idea, and instantly knew that's just the layout we are going for.

You like my vision. You totally see what gloriousness is about to go down in this amazing nursery right?

Listen, out of chaos comes beauty. Or so I tell myself. Luckily, Mr. Cute knows me well enough by now (and has seen many of these awesome drawings of my "visions" in his lifetime) that he knows what he needs to do.

Beyond that I am a little at a loss. I know kind of what color scheme I want to do, but then I venture onto this handy little place on the internet called Pinterest, and I see so many adorable things I could make twenty nurseries over. Help me - it's just all too cute!

Here's what I know I want...

- Somewhat neutral in color, but not afraid of color pops. 
(L.C.'s room is Lilly Pulitzer themed, and while super adorable it is definitely bright!)

- A fun girly chandelier!!!

- A large monogram.

- Some sort of built-ins and wall trim to break up the boxy feel. 

- A comfy glider.

- A closet shelving makeover.
(Goodbye single wire shelf that builders tend to love to install. Buh-bye!)

- A theme? 

- Furniture that is functional not only as a newborn, but grows with her. 

Here are some of my favorites I found on Pinterest...

This! This is just too adorable! It's sweet, neutral and and is girly in every way...
Grey maybe...the darker tone would be a little different, but love how it's still girly. And hello - chandelier...


Ohhh, or this? Love that sweet floral wall paper and subtle pops of color...

I know I said nothing too bright, but I might have to change my mind. How cute is this? And it somewhat coordinates with L.C.'s colors. Hmm...

Wait a minute...or this?!? Color rule might definitely have to go out the window...
Oh my! Now that we've established the new color rule...This is perfection! Not only do I love the wall trim, but it would match L.C.'s room, and let's be honest - ruffles. Ruffles will always get me!

But wait...I love this too! That wall shelving. The chandelier!

Okay, now I am swooning! This room is perfection! I want this to be my room...

See! How does one choose?!?

Which nursery is your favorite? 

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