Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Random Ramblings

Hi Friends!  It's been a little while since we've shared some random ramblings, but there has been so much going on lately that my mind is going in a million different directions.  We've been sharing lots of fun stuff on Instagram and if you aren't following us there, you need to be!  Some of these pictures are from Instagram, but some aren't so here is my randomness for today!

Boo-Boo is in Pre-K and he goes to school Monday through Thursday.  I just LOVE when he is home with me on Fridays.  We have so much fun hanging out and this day was no different.  It was right before Halloween and he was so excited.  We had a fun lunch date at non-other than Chick-fil-a.  I just love him so much!

I've been really trying to get organized at home.  I'm a really organized person, but because we stay so busy and I constantly feel like we are running from one activity to the other, things tend to get messy in certain places.  I worked on getting Little Mama's closet organized last week and I have finally accepted that her clothes are just too big for the children's sized hangers.  Her clothes kept falling off and it was just time to replace with adult sized hangers.  I don't know why that made me so sad, but it did!  I wish she would just stay small forever!

But, thankfully she is still willing to wear cute clothes and although she is growing she is growing into a sweet young lady that I just adore.  She's at a fun age, is so smart, loves her friends, and is a big help to me!  

Unfortunately she has a ton of homework and 3rd grade might just be the death of me. I know it is only going to get harder as the years go on, but it drives me to drinking on some nights!  Between reading, writing, math worksheets, studying for tests, memorizing multiplication facts and everything else she has to do, we certainly do get excited about the weekends and the break from it all.

Last week I shared my tutorial for the tassel necklaces and have loved wearing them.  I'm convinced every mom has a "mom uniform."  You know, the thing they wear on pretty much a daily basis.  For me, if I'm not in my workout wear, jeans and a cute tee dressed up with fun jewelry is always my go-to.  Whether I'm volunteering at school or just running errands, I feel put together, but still comfortable.  

We have been having so much bad weather lately and the rain has been out of control.  On days it hasn't rained it has been dark and gloomy.  On this day the girls got off the bus and they were so bright and colorful I told them I just had to take their picture.  They were bringing a little bit sunshine to a day that would otherwise be gray, which is not as much fun as these bright colors! 

 When the rain finally stopped the sun came out and we just love this type of fall weather.  The cool, crisp mornings with warmer, sunny afternoons are my favorite.  It's also perfect VEST weather.  We all love our VESTS!

Our yard is surrounded by lots of trees, so the leaves have been out of control.  Since the rain had stopped and the ground had finally dried up a bit the kids were thrilled to finally get to play in the leaves.  They could not have been more excited about making a big pile and jumping in it over and over.  It was such a fun afternoon for them and brought back so many memories from my own childhood.

These cool fall days are also perfect for evenings on the porch.  The Mr. and I love putting the kids to bed and then hanging out on our screened porch.  My comfy Ugg boots, a fire, cocktails and a fire make for a perfect Saturday night!

And lastly, don't forget that we are giving away GRACE, the American Girl Doll of the year.  Our winner will be announce next week so be sure to enter for a chance to win this special doll before she is gone forever at the end of this year.  Check out all the details HERE

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