Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites: Pretending its Fall Edition

Happy Friday y'all! 

Beyond excited that this week has come to a close and that weekend is near! 

The week went smoothly, but we have a ton of fun things planned for the weekend, and I'm ready to get this party started!

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so wanted to hop in for a Friday Favorites and share some of my favorite things lately. 

Bare with me because my thoughts might be a little scattered. 

I blame all this crazy summer-like heat we've been having. It's frying my brain cells. 
Fall's out there somewhere people. Have faith. 

It's been so warm, but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying some of our favorite Fall activities. 
First up was a favorite - a trip to Mercier's Orchards

A trip to Mercier's has been on our fall "must-do" list for the last few years. It was so fun that this year we ran into Carrie Beth's family for a few minutes while on their first visit

It is by far one of my favorite adventures we go on. 

And that's not just because delicious treats are involved. 

It's just fun. And the kids absolutely love it. They think it is hilarious to eat the apples right off the tree. Even Baby Cute got in on the fun this year. 

It was quite warm this year. Don't let the boots and the winter hat fool you. Mommy picked her battles on this day, and if they wanted to sweat it out in 90 degree weather in winter gear as long as they didn't interrupt my apple cider donut consumption, I was fine with it. 


Sort of. 

After frolicking in the apple orchards (and eating our weight in apple goods), we made our way to the petting zoo on site. It had all baby animals and my kids were in heaven. 

And if L.C. ever met her match in attitude it came from this guy. After a battle of wills a time or two over snack distribution, I think he won. 

Or something like that. 

Over the course of the last few years I've either been pregnant, postpartum, or nursing in the Fall. I'm still nursing but so I've found that this Fall none of my clothes really are fitting right. I've picked up a thing or two here and there until I can make my way to an actual store without fear of one of my little people bailing under the dressing room door. 

Since it's been so hot, we are still wearing tank tops and shorts here, but wearing my neon nautical themed Lilly wear didn't seem appropriate in some situations. 
(Gasp! I can't believe I actually typed those words down.) 

I found this fun fall-ish tank, and love it!

I loved the neckline and that it has a fun Spanish inspired theme going on. 
It's pretty inexpensive and will definitely hold me over until something with sleeves is appropriate. 

Also, if you see me about town those nude flats have quickly become my favorite too. I love that they match everything! I'm not sure they will ever replace my love for my gold ones, but they are close...

Speaking of nude shoes... I've been wanting some booties, but haven't quite pulled the trigger yet. I feel like they are destined to be in my future, but I'm nervous. 

I shared this pair on Facebook this week, and like them, but am not sure I am in love with them. 

Here are some other pairs I've been looking at...

(pictures are clickable)

Thoughts? Do any of you own any of these? 
I'm leaning heeled since I am vertically unblessed, but hesitate. Because: mom life. 

One thing I do know a lot about though is yoga pants. At this point we might as well be considered experts on this topic

My sister, who knows my love runs deep for a good pair of leggings, grabbed this pair up for me. They are so comfortable! 

They have a wide waist band, which I feel like is a requirement for a good pair of leggings, and they aren't compression, which is nice especially if you plan on wearing them for more than a few hours. 

And nothing goes better with your athleisure than sparkly jewels, right? 

I meant to share this as a favorite last month when we were on our Fall Break trip, but forgot. I love wearing rose gold, especially in the fall. These earrings came in my RocksBox last month and I wore them A LOT!

So much so that I had to keep them. They also come in a variety of colors so I see adding another pair of these on my Christmas list in the near future. 

A random favorite of mine lately has been watching B.C. become a little more mobile lately. I shared earlier this week on Instagram how her little personality is coming out more and more each day.  

One of her favorite things to do is play with our dogs. Our lab, Max, absolutely loves her. He will come lay or sit near her and scoot towards her until she gives him some attention. She laughs the entire time. 

I was snapping pictures of the two of them together to send Mr. Cute and laughed when I caught this moment. B.C. has been very into everyone's eyes and mouths and trying to figure out how they work. Max just sat there let her poke him. And then...

Poor guy. He had enough, but he didn't want to move away from her. 
Such a sweet pup. 

These two will always be part of my favorites. 

Now a few times the temperate has dipped briefly below 90 degrees. Like I can remember a few hours maybe one day, and then I vaguely remember a cool-ish night. 

And I've taken full advantage of those few precious moments and parked my tushie on our new porch

It's been one of my favorite spots to grab a quick minute to read a book or one of my favorite magazines, and just relax. 

And enjoyed some chocolate and a glass of wine or a few with friends. I have loved these little moments lately. 

I'd be remiss if I am going to sit here and talk about all this fun fall stuff and not mention Halloween. We have been loving us some Halloween lately, and a large topic of toddler discussion has been what will everyone's costume be. 

I've learned to wait as long as I can for everyone to make their decision so that we don't have any last minute changes of the mind to deal with. 

L.C. was set on being a super hero (Superman) for the longest time. Then she switched to being the Little Mermaid. But when it came down to crunch time...

Frozen's favorite queen won out. 

Seeing how excited she was when her Elsa costume and wig (because you apparently can't be Elsa unless you have the braid) arrived is definitely one of my favorite moments this week. 

I'm not sure the costume will survive until Halloween, but she is beyond excited. 

The Frozen fun didn't stop at costumes. L.C. turns three (eek!) on Monday, and this weekend we are having a small little party for her. She set the Frozen theme months ago, and hasn't diverted since. Yesterday we picked up some of her party supplies and I had a good laugh when I found them later. 

Oh how I love my sweet sassy little girl. I think it is beyond adorable that while she does love her a Disney princess here and there, her ultimate heart belongs in a land of super heroes, dinosaurs, Lightning McQueen. 

I can't wait to celebrate all that makes my favorite middle child special this weekend! 

All right sweet friends - have a great weekend!

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  1. Loving these pics.. The fall top is darling.. I live in Fl so we have the same problem it gets to hot sometimes in the fall.. We have to find fun fall clothes that are not to hot Chelsea @