Monday, July 11, 2016

Fashion Fix: Rocksbox

I consider myself a pretty fashionable person most days. As much as I love my go-to mom uniform of  the latest in athleisure fashion, I also love to get dressed and feel put together each day.

And yes that means beyond matching my yoga leggings to my yoga top.

With three kids five and under in tow shopping for groceries proves to be challenging, let alone shopping in a department store or boutique. Which means shopping for the latest fashion trends for mommy just isn't going to happen. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Mr. Cute is currently breaking out in hives just reading that last statement.

I've been curious for awhile about some of the mail order concierge services that are available. In theory it seems great - a private stylist, the latest trends sent straight to your doorstep, and the option to buy, borrow, or send back whatever you don't want. The ability to try on or test out products in the luxury of your own home with a glass of wine, and sans the fear of one of your little darlings escaping under the dressing room door, causing you to chase naked after him, sounds like the perfect mommy shopping trip.

Just saying. It might have happened to certain blogger you all know and love.

So when we heard about Rocksbox - an accessories service - I decided why not give it a try?

The process was super easy. I simply signed up on the Rocksbox website and filled out a quick questionnaire about my style. Then I put pieces of jewelry onto my wish list. With designers like Kendra Scott, House of Harlow, Gorjana, and more I was having serious accessory lust.

A few days after I set everything up a little Rocksbox package showed up on my doorstep.

Inside contained three pieces of jewelry with a super cute card. Everything was packaged so pretty!

I was excited to see that my first box contained the Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in magenta. The moment I opened it I was in love.

I think I wore this piece the most from my first box. I've been wanting to purchase this necklace for awhile and it let me have a good test run with it.

The fun part about this service is if you like something from your box you can purchase it. Rocksbox gives you a $10 credit each month of your subscription to use as well to apply to any purchase you make. So not only can you try out new accessories you are able to keep what you like and get a discount as well.

If you don't want to keep the items you receive, you simply repackage them in the mailer that you received them in with the given return label and a magic stylist at the Rocksbox factory will send you three new pieces from your wish list.

Seriously so easy! I didn't have to leave my home once in the entire process! I didn't even have to print a shipping label?!? The hardest part was wearing a cute outfit and walking to the mailbox - I think I can at least manage that. ;)

I've received a few more boxes since my first one, and I think the service is super fun.

I love being able to try out new jewelry, and have been surprised at how much I have actually worn some of the pieces. I've grown to look forward to see what surprises will be in my mailbox every few weeks. Sparkly jewelry in my mailbox will always be way more fun that junk mail and bills. Always.

To try out Rocksbox for free enter code MAGNOLIAMAMASXOXO.

What subscription  services have you tried? Did you love them? 
We are so curious about the other ones out there!

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