Monday, July 25, 2016

Atlanta Attractions: World of Coca-Cola

Last week the kids and I took a fun field trip downtown with some friends and checked out the World of Coca-Cola.  We went last summer also and had so much fun so we decided to go back again this summer, too.  

This is such a fun and interactive museum and it's really fun for all ages.  Upon entering this year we were greeted with an ice cold Coke!  That was something new this year and I loved that it set the tone of the rest of the day.

Side note...obviously I didn't get the "wear your Lilly romper memo" or I would have worn mine, too. :-)  Seriously though, don't the girls look so cute in theirs?!?!  These rompers are cute, comfortable, and keep them feeling cool on such a hot day.  

Next you are ushered into a room with a lot of Coca-Cola artifacts and hear a little history from a very entertaining gentleman.  

After hearing what he has to say you watch a short feel good movie about how Coke is involved in all sorts of happy memories and moments in life all around the world and then you are on your own to explore the other exhibits and areas of the museum.  

In the Lobby we were able to meet and get our picture taken with the famous Coca-Cola polar bear!  

Up first for our crew was The Vault.  This is where they tell you the secret recipe for Coca-Cola is stored. You go through a security clearance and then there are all sorts of interactive displays. Some have you try to create the perfect blend of ingredients to make Coke, and others are more informative.  

At the very end of this section you see the special vault door where the recipe is kept.  If you cross the line the alarm sounds and the kids though this was very real. 

The next area we toured was Milestones of Refreshment.  Here there are tons of history and artifacts.
From old Coca-Cola machines to even an old delivery truck, there is so much fun history to see.

It also shows the signature Coca-Cola logo and there are touch screens where you can try your hand and writing the same logo.  

There is also a lot of sports memorabilia in this area.  From Olympic pins, to the torches used in the Olympics from various years and even super bowl rings.  

Because Coca-Cola is such a huge sponsor of the Olympics they even had a torch that will be used in the Summer Olympics this year in Rio and you could touch it and have your picture made holding it!

Bottle Works takes you through the steps and process of bottling Coca-Cola and the boys loved this part.  Lots of machines! 

Pop Culture is set up like an art museum and showcases all sorts of artwork featuring Coke. 

There is also a place where you can design your own Coke bottle and have it displayed up above on a big screen.  The kids loved this and let their creativity flow. 

Perfect Pauses showed all sorts of Coca-Cola advertising from throughout the years and across the world. 

Then we were ready for the 4-D Theater.  I remember this being really fun from last year.  

We got 3-D glasses and were ready for the show.  The seats shake and move around, wind and a tiny bit of water is blown on you and you really feel like you are in the movie.  It's a fun experience, but could be a little scary for really young kids.  

And last, but not least we went to the Taste It room where we got to taste over 100 different types of Coca-Cola products from all over the world.  

The room is divided into different areas from around the world with self-serve dispensers so you can taste all that you want!  

One of the popular drinks, Beverly, is not popular for it's great taste, but rather for how bad most people think it is!  I was so happy to have my phone out to snap this pic of Little Mama when she tasted it!  

You exit the World of Coca-Cola though the tasting room and on your way out you get to take a glass bottle home with you. My kids loved this!  

I would definitely recommend the World of Coca-Cola to others.  It was such a fun day for us and as I mentioned before, very interactive and lots of fun for everyone!  

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  1. In my opinion this trip is amazing! I see that children were very happy to see this place of interest. I recommend you writing custom to get more writing tips. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! The place looks awesome, though I've never been. Would love to have a crack at that vault!


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